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H's Dem VP Pick Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up! T Supporters Line Up For 12 Hours-Standing Room Only!!!


WOW! Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine Held a Rally today AND NOBODY CAME!

There were literally like 30 people there — in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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Who is Tim Kaine, and why should he be comparable to Trump?

Are you saying that Tim Kaine and Trump are similar in some way?

he is H's vp pick-T's vp packs em in;

'Within the large crowd of people attending the Pence rally Monday'...

Thank you :)

If hitlery steals this election the 2 amendment will be in acted , that b**** will not run this country ever......

I predict an upcoming invasion into europe by up to 100 million americans that will not be interested in living in the type of war zone a Hilarious Hillary-victory would provoke. Most of them will be denied asylum and immediately shipped back to the hell they have created for themselves and should never have left in the first place. ;)

It would be an interesting lesson in "on the other side of the fence", for everyone who're complaining about immigration today. ;)

ao-when the US became a two party system corruption was inevitable-the people did not create this open border nwo nightmare akin to Europe now and you can't deny that

ACUTE OBSERVER: Europe is overrun with rapists from the Middle East and north Africa, so U.S. citizens will not go there as you predict.

some good news John-hope it lasts;

T up in battle ground states of FLA OH and PA

I find it incredible that there were a few Muslims and gays reported to be at Trump's Orlando rally AND they were supporting him!!

Oh, my!

Trump's Orlando rally had 20,000 people (with 10,000 people were turned away). AND THERE WERE EVEN MUSLIMS AND GAYS  THERE!! !If Hillary wins by fraud, prepare for massive civil unrest.

yeah-muslims tend to be conservatives - Christians like T want to keep the 2nd amandment, Christians don't throw gays off of tall buildings or slaughter them in night clubs-weird though. Sickening how the saudis/arabs have purchased the fed gov-so much so that they influence the our immigration dept  and we have been fighting for them since the 80's in Afghanistan with bin laden etc.then into Croatia via nato then into Iraq and back to Afghanistan and now supporting muslim rebels against Christian Assad and his Christian ally Putin-this is a religious war and our media has duped the American public  into accepting fighting for the muslim aggressors who want to lord it over Christians and others world wide as a good thing-FUBAR 

Her's a side note related to illegal immigration/sanctuary cities;

Sanctuary city illegal immigrant sparks $61M fire in national forest



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