Most meat eaters may be unaware that more than 70% of all beef and chicken in the United States, Canada and other countries is being treated with poisonous carbon monoxide gas. It can make seriously decayed meat look fresh for weeks. The meat industry continues to allow this toxic gas injection into many of the meat products people consume on a daily basis. The question is, how many people have become ill by this chemically altered meat that is being sold to families all over the world?Carbon monoxide (often referred to as CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, one measly oxygen molecule away from the carbon dioxide we all exhale. But that one molecule makes a big difference in that it does very, very bad things to the human body at very, very low concentrations.CO is toxic because it sticks to hemoglobin, a molecule in blood that usually carries oxygen, even better than oxygen can. When people are exposed to higher levels of CO, the gas takes the place of oxygen in the bloodstream and wreaks havoc. Milder exposures mean headaches, confusion, and tiredness. Higher exposures mean unconsciousness and death, and even those who survive CO poisoning can suffer serious long-term neurological consequences.Full Article @

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  • Also flesh eaters you may be eating Meat from animals living in stressful, confined conditions, fed genetically modified foods, or injected with artificial growth this what you want on your Plate
  • We want more demonstrations like this in every country ...till all the slaughterhouse are closed down.
    The biggest day to look forward to is when everyone on this Planet becomes Vegan
  • I am the beast but with compassion for my animal kin...............................8114664101?profile=original

  • collectively we are saving 1.000's and milions.............................

  • Glad I developed an intolerance to meat while battling a liver dysfunction due to RA. This post makes me ill to just think about it. I pass no judgement on those that do eat meat, it is a personal decision, but glad I can't eat liver knew best!
  • If a man has no compassion in his heart then he is a beast.
  • sick shit, isn't it ?

    I gave up this poisonous crap yrs ago..........................

  • oooo thats disgusting! thank goodness i gave up the meats ages ago, eeek! lol

  • By eating decayed continamated meat you will find humans ascending ..yes to the state of Zombies .. This for some is what ascension means
  • Burger King's 'cover-up' over horse meat scandal: As chain dumps millions of 'unaffected' patties, Labour warns of cancer-causing drug found in UK abattoirs
    Horses slaughtered in UK last year tested positive for phenylbutazone
    Anti-inflammatory drug is banned from human food chain
    Burger King has ended its deal with Irish firm ABP's Silvercrest plant
    Managers told to mark boxes of burgers from firm with an 'X'
    But staff instructed not to remove the meat until replacements arrive
    Some products on its menu may be unavailable until new supplier is found
    Full Article @

    Do not be surprised if you see humans walking like horses.
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