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Concluded from Part 3

Sigwart, an artist who died in World War one, tells us about the beautiful and peaceful nature of the death he experienced.

“My death was beautiful. Everything became still. It changed to a quiet, calm sea after a blustering storm. The final experiences as a man were part of this storm. Then came the smooth waters of liberation. … It was a blessing to have been freed without illness, without extended pining away.” (1)

You’ll notice that a lot of people who’ve passed over mention the silliness of trying to prolong physical life when the etheric realms are so liberating. Sigwart mentions that he experienced a “blustering storm” in his final moments of earthly life, but that afterwards, he was bathed in pure, calming bliss and freed from the limiting shackles of physicality.

In our final quote, a woman named Barbara tells us about the infinite peace she felt when she crossed over.

“[Dying] was infinite peace. No more efforts to keep back my tears, no more agonizing planning for my children and no more having to face their disappointment when I ceased to play my part in the family. No, the cards had all been played and I was outside the game, and so happy. It was worth it all to have that wonderful feeling, that I had finished.” (2)

Knowing that you did your best on Earth and that you’re finally able to rest after the “cards are all played” has to be great for the recently transitioned. Can you imagine the infinite peace and bliss that comes with knowing you’ve done your part and simply resting and enjoying yourself?

After this life, I plan to enjoy what comes next knowing that I did my best to help inform and awaken people. There’s so much for us to learn regarding spirituality and crossing over, and if I could help quell the fear of dying in some of you, then I’ve done my job for today.

I offer this report in hopes that it reaches even one person who’s become spiritually aware but still fears death.

I used to think I’d stopped fearing death until I had a dream or two about it that reaffirmed my nervousness about actually departing the physical body, but from what we’ve read here, death seems to be a painless and peaceful process that reintroduces us to spiritual reality.

Too many people are lost in a materialistic paradigm, and we’ve forgotten about the reality of spirit. We’ve forgotten, and some of us never knew in the first place, that we’ve come from and will return to heavenly realms wherein we’re infinite in what we can do and be.

We’ve forgotten about the realms beyond Earth that can’t be examined or “proven” as easily with our mainstream science. A lot of scientists and researchers work diligently to merge our understanding of science and spirit, however, and in doing so, they’re helping the world understand the reality of life after death.

If everyone can grasp this reality, the fear of death can be replaced with a drive to do as much as we possibly can while we’re here. We’ll only exist on this planet for a short amount of time before we depart for greener pastures, whether our departure is caused by death or evolution, and there’s only so much time for us to do great things.

How do you feel about the idea of doing as much as possible for the betterment of humanity while you’re here? Can you grasp the idea that we don’t actually close our eyes for good, but that our physical eyes close and our etheric senses open up like never before?

Personally, I’m excited to offer as much of myself as possible to the planetary awakening and the building of a new paradigm rooted in peace and harmony, and when this mission is over, I’ll delightfully seek another way to be of service.

The intent of this report is to affirm the reality of life after death and the existence of spiritual realms beyond our conscious understanding, and you’re encouraged not to fear or avoid death, but to see it as a peaceful and inevitable aspect of life. Like some of our discarnate sources have said, “Without death, there cannot be life”.

Wes Annac – Sharing the idea that consciousness isn’t defined by the vessel in which we experience it.


(1)- Joseph Wetzl, trans., The Bridge Over the River. Communications from the Life After Death of a Young Artist Who Died in World War one. Spring Valley: Anthroposophic Press, 1974.

(2)- Cynthia Sandys and Rosamund Lehmann, The Awakening Letters. Jersey: Neville Spearman, 1978.

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