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"Day before the Big Event" - MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights 11-25-19 -

MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Q: Is this the day before the big event?

MZ: That’s what I am still hearing… was a very quiet weekend as was expected……..It looks like the crosshairs are fixed on tomorrow ……many, many appointments are scheduled for Tuesday

MZ: Contacts in Iraq are also expecting a “Tuesday Event” …they are looking at a 10-11 AM release

MZ: Also contacts in Zurich and Europe were also told to watch for Tuesday…..I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that everyone is being told the same thing…..guess we will know soon enough

MZ: If they keep to this schedule for appointments to be liquid tomorrow , I would expect 800 numbers to be out today or overnight at the latest

MZ: The 3 redemption centers that I have contacts in are staffed today…..they were not staffed over the weekend

Q: Will there be redemption centers at military bases?

MZ: I hear there will be……many investors are in the military……

Member: VP Pence was in Iraq this weekend.

MZ: and I hear that he got a lot done while he was over there. He gave the kurds permission to sell oil directly without having to go through Bagdad……this is big news

MZ: Okie is continuing to improve….Please keep him in your prayers so he can go home soon …hopefully by Thanksgiving .

Member: the sun will come out “tomorrow”, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, is OUR Day. Tomorrow, Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow its only a day away

Member: If it does’nt happen….. they probably put fake or misinformation deadline on not ONE person know the whole truth...safely and security I'm

MZ: Noone knows exactly when its going to go……we only speculate from what we hear from many, many worldwide sources…..They do want it to be a surprise.

MZ: This reset will not be fast…..I am looking for it to make 2020 a crazy year……we who own foreign currency will be in a good place…..but it may be rocky for many others.

MZ: Watch the world news and all the economists have been calling for the world’s economies to crash at anytime….These people make a living tracking the economy and financial system…..they all agree it is on its last legs.

Q: How long will it be from when we exchange to the public knowing?

MZ: My guess is the reset happens…we exchange, and 10 days or so later it is public and the world finds out…..I have heard they want us done before the reset news goes public.

Member: I expect to see a lot of arrests after Dec. 9 when the IG report comes out.

MZ: I am expecting December to be a full month of arrests and disclosure………


Q: Is it true Deutshe bank has already filed for bankruptcy?

MZ: I am told they absolutely have filed for bankruptcy……I have amazing sources worldwide….and they say they are in the restructuring phase……

Member: 11 or 13 is the Restructuring Chapter

Member: IRS is not dead until the FED is dead. This has not been done yet. Put aside Tax money - just in case.

Member: IRS dead January per Trump EO

Member: Flat Sales Tax & Abolished IRS = Automatic TRUMP 2020 Landslide!!

Member: Standing in line at a deli, yesterday. Guy next to me was in town working on trailers in trailers parks across the southeastern United States. Said the group were Christians preparing for Marshall Law. Said a number of law enforcement officials were involved. Kind of weird, to me....but you never know

MZ: There are many preparing for martial law…..if you can ……keep extra groceries on hand.

Member: Alert Alert Alert when checking your currency with black light be sure to take off clear cover on blacklight. I thought half mine was fake, took cover off to reveal they are all good.

MZ: There will be no stream on Thursday Thanksgiving….I want everyone to be thankful for what we are about to receive.


MZ: I will be doing a special stream on CMKX this week unless the reset is released……..

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