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this is funny I started to read this five minutes ago . Than i was gonna check this web site. well only the first page was posted in his blog. So I came here thanks for the link to the whole read. Their are no coincendences.
DAVID WILLCOCK MY FRIENDS CANOT BE TRUSTED, listen to your hearts, he is not good and works or is being manipulated by evil energy. and wants to really confuse people.
Just my inner and humble opinion.
WATCH 777ALAJES latest video , video #9 ... he explains evrything.
well personally I like his reads and they do resignate with my higher self. so thanks for your op. theirs mine. thank well and selamat JA
Not sure about David Wilcock he comes across like a charlatan. I've seen a few interviews he's done with Project Camelot and there is a part of me that thinks he has no idea what he is talking about. Granted he has a positive message, and maybe that's enough for some, but he misses out on a lot of vital information that makes me doubt his supposed authority on a lot of his subject matter. His part in the Dr Pete Peterson Project Camelot interview was particularly telling.

I think it was daft of him to give a time frame. His initial claim was government disclosure would be in November, then it was either before or just after Xmas, and now it is in 6 months or less. There is a pattern here that fits someone who is BS'ing or just plain guessing. The link kindly provided to his blurb is a face-saving and damage control exercise, and nothing more. Even the language he uses is becoming vaguer.

I do think disclosure will happen at some point, but when it does he and the vast majority of people will be surprised (including me). Such an event, by it's very nature cannot be predicted with any accuracy, however the number of egos that want to be the first to get the date right are many (I exempt Blossom from this, as I believe she was being sincere even if her information was wrong). Probably someone will call it right in the end (if only by luck because of the frequency by which it is done), but by that time everyone will be tired of predictions, and no doubt that will be the signal the time is near. And the time must be near, as I'm pretty weary of all this already:)

Hi Pan,

On page 2 of his Disclosure Update, Wilcock says that he never did give a date (which is true to my knowledge). Ryan gave the dates.

Having read a large amount of what Wilcock’s written and watched his videos, I’ve developed a great deal of respect and admiration for him. I believe he’s a genuinely honest person. I don’t agree with all of his ideas and he does tend toward self-promotion, but I can’t blame him for that – he’s making a living for himself and rightly so. With that said, I think he has a highly balanced outer ego.
My respect and admiration for Wilcock are based on the facts that he’s positive and promotes positive thinking and he has a good understanding of Seth’s material and lives it (I am a Seth fan). Wilcock is what Seth refers to as a “dream artist.” It takes a great deal of study over many years to understand your own dream symbols and dream environments and then put it all together to comprehend what the inner self is communicating. Eventually you learn from accurate interpretation and see from experience that your dreams always tell you the truth, your truth of course. Since your own truths are what you have to work with, it can be no other way. Time does not exist for the inner self, and so dreams don’t appear in any sort of timeframe and usually will not provide any kind of date. If you understand your own dream environments though, you’ll recognize whether they involve your past or your future probabilities.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to implicitly trust your dreams. Wilcock does, and that’s why he’s convinced that “first contact” and disclosure will happen. Since his dreams of this have gotten more and more frequent and intense, he bravely claims that there’s a high probability that it will happen soon.

I believe him. But my belief is not based solely on his dreams. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had 4 dream projections of skies that are filled with UFO’s. (For simplicity’s sake, dream projections are a step beyond lucid dreams – WAY out of body, sts.) I’ve also had dream projections about mass celebrations and parties. So like Wilcock, I trust my dreams and KNOW that “first” contact and disclosure will happen. But no physical or non-physical personality can predict when. We create in every moment and so future probabilities change in every moment. Our intuitions and dreams are the best predictors of what will happen, but with things like this, we won’t know for sure until it happens.

I was stunned when Blossom came out with a date – how could evolved beings make such bold and daring statements but never mention anything about probabilities? Nevertheless, trusting my dreams, I embraced the idea. It was a thrilling experience followed by a deep disappointment. So now, as I recently said in a discussion that was deleted, I choose to focus my energy on the transition to a new reality of loving each other, having fun and expanding experience and knowledge. Still, I admit that it’s not always easy to hold that vision. Sometimes “Apocalypse Now” comes to mind, the scene where Martin Sheen is in the hotel room going absolutely mad waiting for his assignment. Lol!

Btw, I read many of your posts before Oct. 14 and was impressed with the beautiful logic you expressed. I never thanked you, so thank you.

Hi Lola,

Thanks for shining your divine light on me:)

David does have a positive message, but he should know better than to get involved in the predicting game (Coast to Coast interview : ). Also he should know that if he was ever actually given a date for the disclosure paradigm by his "government contacts", then telling everyone about it would automatically scupper such a disclosure from happening. Such a public leak would have derailed any carefully laid plans made by the government to control the flow of information (rightly or wrongly). Waiting would have been the wisest thing to do, whereby announcing a date / time period is pretty self defeating - unless that was the plan. David's willingness to potentially sacrifice a globally consciousness-shifting event (if there was any truth to it) for immortal fame means he is probably not going to be the one chosen for this specific mission. When your primary sources are shadowy clandestine men, then you have to ask yourself "am I pawn or am I a knight..either way who's playing who".

However, I was surprised that he got a mention in "Matthew' s Messages" - which makes for a nice read:

I feel much the way you do Lola. My mission seems intricately associated with the paradigm shift, and I do feel it is close at hand...whose hand I have no idea :)

By the way, thank you for your kind words, I was very touched by them. I'm glad someone found it of some use.

Love and Light to you,

Hey Pan,

Well, quite a few of us got caught up in the predicting game a couple of October’s ago -- easy enough to see how it happens. At this point, I don’t see what’s to sacrifice or scupper (cool word). Let the info flow freely, put the ideas out to the wind. The more energy/ thought/emotion that gather around the idea of disclosure, the better. Even resistance adds energy.

Enjoying the warmth of your light too, my friend. Sweet dreams ;)





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