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just went to go check out David Wilcock's info and I'm met with statement


This Account Has Been Suspended

very strange indeed....


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Agreed.... :)  

People talk alot of BS, that's for sure!  

I see two things happening to people

  • Some people are becoming more and more disconnected from themselves.... (very disturbing)
  • Some people are embracing themselves and become more connected with their spirit.

It's like the people who are "disconnecting" are creating their own mental disability.  

I remember back when i first started question reality; reading about edgar cayce and the resonation i felt way back when i was only like 14 or so... And the resonation i feel with Wilcocks message... Whether some info is a distortion or not is irrelevant to me for everything is a distortion of the One. Blessings to all

Hello, Kevin!

I went to check on the link you had and found that taking off all the extension after the / and using only this link

you will find a message that says: We are ok

Our site was hacked a couple of days ago.

We are in the process of restoring our site from backups. 
Please be patient and come back later.
As soon as possible, the site will be back up working fully.


Peace. Love and Service


umm. I wish they fix this fast. I can't wait to read the latest updates.


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