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  • We've been programmed with a lot of fear since we born on this planet.

  • During the 1950s there was a lot of fear because of the cold war area back then in public school children had to practice safety measures by going under their desks in case a bomb hit the school.

  • I always like David Icke's teachings . Letting go of fear is not an easy thing to do for most people. I seen what David Icke had to go through in the early 90s he was a brave soul much like the ancient ascended masters including Jesus who was tortured by the Roman soldiers. As a child I remember living in small towns there was a  lot of gossip and the pervasive scandels within those communities. It every much like the movie ''Payton Place'' so it wasn't always easy to be yourself around people.

  • Actually the extraterrestrials... the Pleiadians

    have recommended David Icke as a genuine person fighting for freedom and righteousness on Planet Earth and exposing the evil corrupt beings on planet earth 

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"Thank you Joanna,
most simple things are hard to do, or even notice that's why they are true, - like breathing properly seems simple, but most don't even know how to do that."
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"Good news?And Pentagon officials would' nt let biden team in for briefing on current operations!"
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Whats going on, can't post & can't comment. Is it this site that has changed R is it the Nano-bot that follows me.but I don't see other
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