• I agree with lukeskywalker

      I believe the answer to why nothing bad has happened to him is that  Icke is divinely protected.  He doesn't push anything on to his audience . He is a truth seeker.  I think he is tring to shed some light upon us.  Get us to look at the whole picture.

    When he shares the info. he gives the audience his sources for them to look at and learn about on their own. 


    It may sound naive, but does anyone ever get a "feeling" about someone's energy?  I am not 100% dead on all the time,  but for the majority of the time, when I get a feeling about someone I am usually right. I never got a "bad feeling" when I've listened to Icke.  I just get the feeling he is passionate about getting us all to wake-up to what is going on around us. Shed some light upon  our experience.

    Use your own intuition      if Icke doen't feel right don't listen to him  

  • Whistleblowers and radio wave orators are no longer the target. The scum the runs our government and society has now evolved, and the new targets are individuals with true genius energy from ones spirit that affects society in a certain way, and this particular way unfortunately doesn't offer these money-addicted sociophobes complete control over the voting population.

    The people who dared to discuss the aspect of individual freedom include John F. Kennedy, Martin L. King, John Lennon, Mahatma Ghandi, Robert Kennedy, Benazhier Bhutto (HOW DARE SHE SAY BIN LADEN IS DEAD BEFORE WE COULD!), and too many others to name.

    I hope you get the picture.

    Best, Malcolm


  • So…..EVERYTHING …. Jones and Icke talk about governments bringing this agenda forward prior to the actual event happening.    IS… what Jones and Icke are doing unimpeded ? ?? ?  Everything the illuminati want out in the public in the most effective way possible is the news media, not main stream but this alterative media that feed the people that are awake and awakening to control the awakened ????

    When on the opposite hand, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King, John lemon, are killed for bringing truth and freedom forward.  Yet Icke and Jones seem untouchable why????     thanks for the thread Luke,  I'm just uneasy about these two.

    Something is Very, Very wrong with this information being feed to us with no resistance what’s so ever.  I don’t know about everybody else has felt this, but I have for years wondered how these two get away with all this so called awake info. Unimpeded and have become I-con so unbelievably big NO one questioning what there handing us???? It sounds like there on our side,    ---- BUT---???????    

    If its to good to believe ??? 

    • Hi John .. 

      it appears to me that any of the information David Icke presents is not prevented.. or slowed or anything, I think he is kind of relentless and hes on a mission or a crusade to get a truth out there.. the question has been presented to him before why he hasn't been taken out as it were.. and his answer has always been that there are other forces at work here .. so whether that means hes being guided and will be kept safe by unseen beings or a certain level of energy, I don't know..  others suggest that he is Illuminati and that is the reason he is still standing .. 

      I like David Icke.. I think what he presents is pretty clear and he appears to have done his research .. I actually agree with him about the stuff he talks about .. it makes sense to me.. he has also said many times to take what he says and make of it what you will.. to believe him or not and that its no skin off his nose what anyone thinks..  remember he was ridiculed big time in England in the 1980s.. 

      I think the info being fed to us is a matter of our own choosing.. we can listen to it or choose not to .. its up to ourselves... but to my mind, I don't think anyone can control the awakened.. I think its just Ickes own personal insights and research that he feels passionate about sharing with the world .. 

      He goes into great detail about mind control techniques and how the Cabal use symbolism to further manipulate humanity etc .. some of his ideas and insights may seem way out there.. such as the Archonic influence or a race of reptilian lizard beings manipulating humanity from just outside of five sense perception etc.. but I can well believe that .. 

      Alex Jones is another crusader and will not stop in his efforts to get the truth out there .. so its a perfect locking of each others energies .. 

      I think they actually ARE on our side John .. and perhaps they have looked deeper than many or even, as the old saying goes, where angels fear to tread.. in Ickes case, I guess so.. especially when he publicly talks about and names many top Illuminati people as child molesters and blood drinking satanists .. its strange because people like Michael Jackson and John Lennon were fairly vocal about bringing truth forward but there roles were not as concentrated as someone like Icke.. they were musicians and performers.. Icke lives and breaths this stuff.. its his livelihood .. either he is very brave or he docent need to be brave because once a person is in the love vibration, there is no need to be brave. they just open their mouths and let the creator do the talking.

    • .

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