Dark Skinned Light Beings


“Greetings, Helen. We want to answer your call. We know you have been asking why have you only met Aryans up until now and why do most people only channel Aryan races. We want to tell you that this is an honour to speak with you as not many ask your question and not many feel an interest in meeting with non Aryans. We are also very excited to have this chance to spread in your world our message to humanity which we know you will find to be very important. Mainly we want to talk about ourselves.

My name is Kalen. My tribe and I were on Earth originally under the name you know to be the Saracens. We come from the planet Vervack and though it is a small planet we are a nation of big hearted beings and we are also members of the Universal Council of Light. We are also helping humanity to free themselves and their planet of their injustice.

Can we ask you a favour? We want many to read this because of the title itself because we know there are many who would be interesting in reading this and learning about us. So can we name the title of your channeling? Thank you. We would like it to be titled: “Dark Skinned Light Beings”. Very simple, we know, but very affective.

Now I want to speak to you as Kalen only, not as a collective thought because I feel this way I can form a better relationship with you and I hope that I make a good representative of my people and make a positive impression on you and all that read this channeling.

I just want to share my thoughts right now. I find it so sad that so many people who call themselves ‘Light Workers’ on your planet seem to only want to connect with Aryan races. Some may argue that this is not the case, that they do not only want to connect with Aryan races but this is the way things go. This is not true at all. Humans are contacted because of frequencies they send out into the universe and attract what they expect to attract subconsciously. You see, this is what is so problematic about humanity; they cannot see themselves as being ONE, connected force, regardless of colour or culture or even financial statuses.

Now, if colour does not matter so much, then why am I talking about it? I am talking about it because we are the core star family of the original dark skinned humans on Earth and we want them to know that they have star ancestors in the universe. You know, Helen, that those who are classed as white in this life time have also incarnated on our planet and have had dark skin. They have also incarnated on Earth and had dark skin. There is no purpose of having dark or white skin in particular but it seems to be a big deal on your planet. We, those who you call light beings, are all in love with each other and we accept each other as beings creations of the mighty Mahala who is to you the Creator of all that is.

Now please Helen, if you will, explain to me what you see when you look at me because I want everyone on Earth to know what we look like.

Helen: Ok, Kalen. I would be delighted to. You are taller than the average tall human being. You have beautiful, mocha coloured skin with flecks of gold which I find amazing. You have blue eyes with blue pupils and your eyes are full of love and wisdom. You have no hair on your head. As far as I can see you have no hair on your body at all. And as for your clothes, you are wearing white robes and golden sandals.

Kalen: Wonderful, thank you very much, Helen. I want to tell you that like many other beings in the universe we practice what you call ‘martial arts’, not only for the defense techniques but also for the spiritual connection to the force or the way. We follow the teachings of the Siriuns and many of them have taught my tribe so much in the past as well as other beings on different planets. We are also great sports men and take part in space running. We are able to run so fast that our feet never touch the floor. We are teaching this method to the Andromedans because as you already know, their movements are rapid and swift and they want to improve on these skills.

We are also what you call master magicians but we prefer the word mages. We are also healers and we visit different planets from time to time to plant new species of vegetation that heals, to bring balance and power boosts to the existing vegetation and also to leave messages within the minds of the natives of that planet regarding which plants can help bring healing.

I want to tell you how we are aiding all the other light being tribes in bringing freedom to Earth. But you know, we can only do so much. A lot depends on humanity itself. The way you think depends upon your freedom and how you think as this is something that imprisons you individually. You need to expand your consciousness and understand what the force or the way is. Like I said before, you see people as colours or statuses and as long as you continue to do this, as a COLLECTIVE consciousness, you are dividing yourselves and therefore you are weak and your defenses are frail.

It is not hard for a group of beings to take you over because your beliefs and judgments are running like ants in all different directions so it is easy for the majority of you to be manipulated. So today, I bring the you gift of a word and this word is ‘one-ness’. Now compare this word with all that I have said and you can understand how this word takes on a whole new and deeper meaning. You all do want a savior and you want this savior to save you from yourselves because you are so lost in trying to be different and unique, you subconsciously know that you are not united enough to be stronger than any minority which wants to and does control you all.

We are also known as being mind controllers but we only use this in training. What do I mean? We help beings to control their chaotic thoughts in order to hear their true selves and teach them to harness these thoughts without letting ego thoughts interfere. We help beings to keep ego thoughts at bay so that they can hear the voice of Mahala. If you learn to still your thoughts you can also hear Mahala and every voice in the universe in an ordered and recognizable consciousness. This is the force. This is the way.

I also want to tell you that we also use these mind control techniques on the Reptilians. They are frequencies that try to counteract the Reptilian mind control frequencies. Please also know that we do not use techniques unless we have been asked to by the Universal Council.

We as a collective consciousness want you to know that we are so happy to have connected with you and we admire the work of Esophoria. Please tell Theophilos to continue being the architect. He may not know it, but he is an excellent carpenter. He will understand what we mean. And you, Helen, continue being the Queen of wisdom. We love you both so much and we are so proud to be part of this project. Continue opening stargates; it is allowing more of us to communicate with not only you but many humans. Know that you did this, you are making it possible for our frequencies and the frequencies of other light beings to enter into Earth consciousness because of the stargates you have opened.

We are with you, and we are your allies. We are members of the Great White Brotherhood and we bless you. Do not stop what you are doing no matter how hard it becomes at times. This is a road that Theophilos has built for you and you are the life that makes it live. People love you both and this is a gift. Cherish it. Goodbye for now.”


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