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I N T R O D U C T I O N  


As the moon wanes, continuing its descent into absolute darkness, we are undergoing yet another intense initiation as the Cosmic Solar Fire continues to bathe our entire planet.

This initiation can be characterized as a very unique "dark night of the soul". It is a phase of some of the deepest core purging as the reconfiguration continues, fusing and synthesizing our entire multi-body energy system. It is catalyzing a complete and instantaneous upgrade of the electrically wired genetic blueprint, quickly shifting us into the magnetic multi-dimensional body of light.

The re-wirings and constant re-booting of our systems is lighting up and revealing the master cell of the unconscious self, releasing us instantly from our bondage to the ego's control and the limiting human perception.

This grand revealing leaves no aspect of our being unturned. The fire of Divine Truth blazes through us, leaving us stripped of self and thrown naked in the tar pit of remaining egoic resistance. It is in this pit of fear, found within the intricately webbed recesses of our lower self, that we valiantly and willingly place our human self upon the altar of the Sacred Fire.

It is from this extraordinary act of final surrender, that we are breaking free from the masquerade as the ultimate death of the ego's hold releases us through the veil. It is the final extinction of our identification to the self as a body limited by the physical senses.

The Light of God ensures that there is nowhere to hide while simultaneously providing those with the eyes to see with the opportunity to expand their perceptions beyond the physical realm. The more that we let go of what we think we know (the mask of the ego), the greater levels of illumination we are receiving.

As we surrender our human, we are absorbed by the light and our greater, multi-dimensional aspect of Self completely over-rides our human operating system.


clock spiral

Our Advancement
into Multi-Dimensionality
Bending Reality

All that is occurring, both within and without, is a staged orchestration created through the laws of initiation for our evolutionary return into multi-dimensional mastery. It is vital that we know and accept that everything happening in our life is in absolute Divine Order. We are merely the one observing as we take this cosmic plunge.
Many of us are learning to use the rules of our expanding awareness to bend the reality of the third dimension, opening the door into a whole new level of energy mastery.

Following are some of the actualizations currently being self realized by members of our Group Avatar.
The Final Unmasking of the Ego

If we are to experience the absolute oneness that is our collective destiny, we must completely unmask, allowing for the ultimate extinction of the ego's control of our human experience.

mask offThere are still weavings lingering in our unconscious that continue to control our life, manifesting excuses and distractions. It is this tenacious wall of resistance... the final stronghold of our clever ego that is the blinding barrier to our full return to the Greater Self.

The initiating Cosmic Light pouring on to the planet is providing us with the opportunity to journey deep into the subconscious and to pull up and out every thread of fearful thought, emotion, memory and behavior that impedes our reconnection.

Our greatest challenge yet is to release ALL control of our physical life to Divine Will, to place ourselves entirely in the hands of our Greater Self. We must COMPLETELY LET GO in order to accomplish the dimensional shift!

Transcending the Concept of Free Will

We are releasing our human operating system including the idea of having personal free will. This is the illusion that keeps the ego masked in its controlling dance of mind controlled manipulation! Free will is clearly a very outdated concept to where we are evolving as a planet and a race.

The Sacred Fire of the Violet Transmuting Flames can greatly assist in bringing forth the required transmutations and is especially amplified when invoked in tandem with the Platinum Cosmic Light of fusion. The majority of us cannot advance WITHOUT the support of the Sacred Fire.

Non-Identification to the Self as only a Human
Liberation into multi-dimensionality is actualized through non-identification to the self as only a human. We are exercising and expanding our vision to see beyond the form, beyond the self. Our new realities are being instantaneously created through a multi-dimensional lens of perception.
It is human nature to validate our existence through the physical means of our body and it's five senses. The current construct of the physical reality is designed to stimulate (and over stimulate) the senses, keeping us locked in our bodies and the third dimensional matrix. With our attention constantly placed upon the needs, wants and desires of the physical body, we are distracted from the true Divine Reality and we compromise our ability to move through the veil.
More of us are currently transcending the limitations of the third dimension by bending the reality, merely through our thoughts alone.  This is being achieved by the focus of our attention upon the Greater and through a switch of held perception in the mind-heart functioning.

blind-manThis includes such abilities as... to instantly heal, to manipulate the time construct,transcending the need to eat food, to be at the affect of temperatures, to experience any type of suffering, to travel the timelines, to precipitate all need in any given moment.

It is very challenging to make this perceptual shift alone and is why the Foundation is constantly encouraging everyone to remain glued in the group formation so that those who are advancing can greatly assist those who are in lesser stages of realization.
Moving Outside of the Time-Space Boundary
We all know that the illusion of time is a man-made construct. We constantly hear people saying, "I don't have enough time". Affirmations such as this solidify the prison bars of "time" that currently surround the majority of humanity and societal systems.
Once we are free from the limitations created by time and space, we can fully actualize our skills of multi-dimensionality. Our ability to see beyond the physical realm is the key to this actualization.
As we exercise only the present moment...PURE PRESENCE... we free the mind from the trappings of any conjuring reality that there is a past and a future. Worry, stress and anxiety drops away and we become not only the flow, but the energy behind the flow, and simply, the one observing.
When we are liberated from time-space boundaries, there is no identification to the self... there is no desire, no separation, there is no fear of death. Fear itself becomes non existent. Lower frequency thoughts and patterns cannot move into the higher worlds.
Dare to go beyond your senses! You are a vast and infinite being that is part of an even more and incredibly vast whole. There are no limits aside from those which we create. It is our ego that holds us hostage in the time-space illusion!
Bending Reality by Re-writing our Scripts
We are constantly weaving our chosen patterns of life. As Creator-Beings, we can accept or decline any reflection that is being made in our revealing reality.
spider webThrough our expanding perceptions,  we can manipulate our thinking in order to construct the life we wish to live. As the spider in the forest weaves her expanding web, so can we weave and re-weave our realities to reflect that which we wish to experience.

Through the power of our attention, we can direct our thoughts to re-script the reality that is bound by time-space into the infinite multi-dimensional landscape that it truly lives.
Each of us must first ascend beyond our own habit of third dimensional thinking to completely embrace the new Multidimensional Operating System. We will then remember how to think, feel and perceive all reality through a multi-dimensional lens.
The Divine Reality exists within us and around us at all times. We have only to drop our preconceived notions of linear reality to allow the expansiveness of eternity to reveal the guidance from Divine Grace, present in every moment.

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  • For those unknown with the terms violet and platinum ray as named in the article can view the background of my profile; gaze there in the rainbow and at the end near the violet color is a platinum ray. - full spectrum :)

  • I think we do have to give up a part of who we are to gain something greater in the long run ~ We never really lose anything, we just keep gaining experience, and embracing a greater spectrum of who we will become :)  

    Thanks for sharing this Drome :)



  • thanks for sharing Drome.
    i.m.h.o. many parts of the article was of divine truth, far beyond our d.n.a. wiring to survive thinking manifestations; fear, trust, hope, and us planning our moves to avolve harm of which is hard wired responses in all living creations. i feel we as a whole ( the herd) is really getting smart to our wiring to survive. it is not easy for me, but i know we are not alone anymore.
    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • I agree with most of this stuff.

    Ive just been working for the last 3 years to break out of "formation" and move at a much faster pace than everyone else. Because its incredibly damaging to me and has actually been causing me to move backwards in some ways, because my growth has been stunted for so long.

  • I figured out what this means. It was a momentary red flag for me too.


    What it means is that enough Darkness and Limitation is being removed that our designation of Free Will as something we use to fend off darkness no longer really applies.

    So its true but only in terms of thinking from a certain mindset.


    The Law of Free Will shall always remain in operation, if you have any form of limitation whatsoever, if you have not Become God and all of Creation then you are still experiencing a tiny little bit of limitation, which is a form of darkness.

    ...and the Law of Free Will has always been defined as the Choice of how much darkness (limitation) we choose to incorporate. So basically its always going to be around.


    Though our definition of it is basically going away - as a form of defense against the dark. We are universally making the decision to leave the dynamic of Domination behind us forever.

  • Cool post Drome was dreaming of taking a few friends into a huge cave that had warm salt water in the cave you could freely swim in and I was encouraging them to swim with me (cleansing I guess). Then at the end we could write discs of the experience and when I looked at the discs they were not discs but actually vinyl and I was amazed (could be re-writing the old as vinyl is now classed as old). Then I was shown just a blank vinyl before anything had been written onto it. How symbolic.

    • That's a very cool dream Louise :)

      • Thanks Delilah it was a good one hope your well :)

  • Aaaahhh, this explains so much!!!!  Thank you, Drome, this is great.  The ego gives us the illusion we are separate, we have our own identity but we are like musicians in an orchestra without a maestro because we're all playing our own way ignoring each other, out of tune, out of sync with each other.  What is happening is we are going to play the cosmic symphony as ONE, we'll still be unique versions of the rays and tones that we are, but we will be in tune with all creation, by allowing, we allow ourselves to be in tune with all. 

    •  Yes I agree Kelly, Well said. Unity consciousness. And the fact of the release of the ego is allowing to be within the alignment of the will of Source.  When you are in a christed nature you your love merges with Source will. At least that's the way I see it and understand that's what this is saying. This is a good article.

This reply was deleted.

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