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Last night I read a disturbing post from a person claiming to be a pilot who was in the US Space Navy and had reached Elenin.

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It was a disturbing post saying that the GFL had abandoned us, etc, etc.


Last night I asked my GFL contacts to let me know what is going on. I really made a bit of a pest of myself.


I was allowed to see a room, it was dim and had a huge portal on one side. There was a man with long blond hair. He seemed a bit peeved at me for insisting that I be given some information on the status of the GFL and what was going on.


I could see Earth through the huge portal in the wall. There was a storm below us.


The man, I think I felt the name Hatonn, said that they were fighting with the forces of the dark. That they would make a move, and the GFL would make a counter move to lessen the impact of whatever disaster the dark forces were causing at the time. I could feel that he was referring to the storms that were being sent against the US by the dark forces using weather control technology, and other darker things that were not so public.


And so he patiently, and with a bit of irritation, explained to me that they were VERY busy fighting the good fight, had not abandoned Earth, and could I please check back when they weren't so busy?


The GFL is still with us, but they are very busy right now. They are fighting a war, and that is why there has been so little contact with them.


See you in the Astral.


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    • Ihave enough fighting ~ for one life time................

      and me too, I am tired of all this stuff..............

      I want answers now, I want change now, I want~want~want this mess to end............

    • Ditto Kel ditto xxx
  • thanks Ann im glad u said that lol. I totally agree about being cautious until we know for ourselves and yes just because i walk the love and light path, am loving, compassionate and wish for peace with all my heart and soul, anything that wished or tried to cause harm to me or mine or anyone vulnerable and i could help i would protect till the end!
  • To be fair there may well be and being warrior like in my personality I would fight if I had to against what ever I had to, but am still wishing and praying and visualising a far better outcome than being a tea time meal for some soulless hostile being lol...
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