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Curing Cancer naturally learn how toxins, diet, chemicals, parasites, pharmaceuticals are ruining our health

Heres the link...sorry iam posting this from my mobile, accidentally posted it before i could add the url lol. This is very good info regarding curing cancer naturally. It also explains how cancer and other diseases are effected by environmental chemicals and how different chemicals can effect different organs also how the chemicals and toxins in the body influence parasites to damage certain areas of the body.

I have lost family and friends to cancer in the past, i feel like its my mission to heal people thru nature, plants, herbs, lifestyle changes and give them the tools to take their health into their own hands again its very empowering to heal and restore balance, u learn to communicate with your subtle body more closely. My Mom beat her cancer this year using traditional treatment combined with a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement routine i made for her, she looked good and was positive and upbeat, positive outlook and humour are big factors in healing and medical treatments. Now she has a clean bill of health again,she just has to live a little more balanced and take her herbs and vitamins as maintenance.

I am quite knowledgeable in hebal medicine and how to recreate balance and cleanse the body, i have used many herbal treatments and cures myself, i healed a half inch deep cut on my palm in 5 days without getting stitches, i used one herb was back to work in 5 days, my co workers were baffled by how fast it healed, and how i closed it without stitches or any help from a doctor lol, it felt awesome to heal a pretty serious wound in record time with no visible scar,and no infection or inflamation that stitches often cause, stitches take 2 weeks and scar pretty bad. Using one herb and following my intuition, using positive energy and believing that i can and will heal or cure myself as an example to heal others with a little research regarding herbs, and a desire and need to avoid disease ridden hospitals or taking damaging pharmaceuticals which address symptoms instead of healing the imbalance itself, all ailments stem from imbalances which lead to disease or disharmony within, so go within, take every chance to be a selfsufficient being who creates a life of independance from any governing group which doesnt serve your best intrests or well being.

if anyone needs advice or help regarding their health i would be honoured to help or at least point you in the right direction to find the help u need to heal and restore balance and energy. Healing herbs and alternative medicine works very well due to the fact that all these methods heal and harmonize our etheric, energy and subltle body to heal the physical bodys imbalances and disease. We live in these bodies so we are responsible for maintaining them, and restoring balance thru our acceptance of unconditionally loving and forgiving ourselves, going within and releasing emotional and physical blockages or trauma that hold so many of us back, and make us doubt our own power to heal and manifest our lives.

Lots of love, healing energies and self empowerement to all

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I am not a certified herbologist or doctor, although i learned much of what i know from very wise and professional people who are herbologists and natural healers with a lot of experience in the field. I know how to naturally cure a lot of ailments, imbalances and diseases using various herbs, teas tinctures, poultices etc. Please ask me if u are seeking a natural cure to an ailment i can help u find a herb, vitamin or supplement for almost anything that ails you . . However each individual must do researching and deciding if its something that is safe and if its right for your situation or beliefs about healing and medicine. I can only recommend and verify the effectiveness of the many herbs and supplements i have used personally in my experiences healing myself and those close to me, herbs are much safer than other treatments, herbs and vitamins rarely have negative interactions when taken together, unlike pharmaceuticals which often dont mix well. I am not expecting anyone to take my advice or use any herbs without knowing your medical history, and doing research specific to your personal health, its best to see a natural doctor or herbologist, they will access you medical files, making a plan specific to your body and health situation...the rest is up to life with ease and yourself from....disease and unhealthy living
Awesome pic feather winger thanks..hugs..

........we already know from countless 1.000's if not millions of examples by now, that only way to cure any desease is to eliminate junk food, animal diet, stopping taking any medicine, switching your personal care products from commercial to organic and eco friendly, drinking clean or filtered water. But the best way is to change your diet to either fruitarian or raw vegan, plant based diet regime. Eating animal products and practicing herb remedies will not work , stuffing our selves with junk food but practicing love and peace  visualization will not work. having stresfull job and life style but taking homeopatic medicine and/or practicing yoga will not work...................................

secret lies in healthy life style, healthy home environment, healthy mind set and practicing vegan plant based diet..........................

There is so much positives from maintaining this life style. 

What is the general guidelines you are following?  Do you have your own routine or follow book information?  This is great information to share.

Thanks Tamara. I dont really have a set routine, i try to eat as healthy as possible, i take supplements that cover all the vitamin and mineral requirements needed, i try to take a greens supplement and a vegan protein supplement that includes the recomended daily intake of vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics and oils, i take lots of other supplements herbs and vitamins as well as making my own herbal infusions and tea. One of the main things to keep in mind is to keep your body in an alkaline state by eating alkalizing foods and supplements. Cancer and most other ailments need an acidic environment to develope in the body. There are many good books out there, my knowledge is a hodge podge of what i have researched myself or learned from people who work in the natural health field, check out a good health food store, the people who work there should be able to get you on the right track.



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