Can A Crystal Clean and Energize A Bottle Of Water?

Yes I believe so, because crystals are like "containers" of higher   8110144882?profile=original
dimensional frequencies and Healing which is easily transmitted through water. What a wonderful gift to give your body.
Pure "Sun- Energy-Crystal-Water

So I thought, why not put a Beautiful crystal in my bottle of water. It is just pure intuitive knowledge that im sharing here. It feels so right. The Sun is like a Giant LOVING heart that beams unconditional love to everyone on this planet. It has a lot of unknown powers.

I think this has alot of benefits, because the crystal will actually re-program and clean the water structure. When you drink the water it will effect your Cells in a "positive" way. (rejuvenating) 

I see the "crystal" as an advanced energy battery that can
charge and energize your body through water. The Sun+crystal+water is a synchronized partnership.

1. Buy a (mountain) crystal and let it rest in the sun for a few hours. I believe its good to put your suncrystalwater.jpg?width=216crystal in the sun because its a direct contact with higher dimensional energies. The Crystal will also keep this information as on a "digital harddrive".

Send your love and heart energy into the Stone and program it to clean and "energize your water". This is to put an intent into the stone, much like a "data program" which will activate the "energies".

Put it in a Glass bottle of your choice, maybe with a symbol, ive choosed to have a "Sri Yantra" on my bottle.

Enjoy the Water.



PS! Read more tips from members in the discussion below .

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    • Hello, interested in hearing your perspective in further detail.

      Can you elaborate on what you know about crystals and energy and all that

      Love and light,


  •  Spot on Ben. Might I add that you purchase a Fuschia Lime and Acqua Bottle ie one of each

     and do the same thing. These are the higher three primaries that you see all through the fashion

     industry. You will inthis way as well program the next dimension for transition.

     Thanks for your info. Dr Edwin Babbitt 1880's Professor wrote the Principles of Light and Colour which if

     you look up you will find a foundation for all you say. He had different coloured bottles he placed in the sun full

     of water. He also made a special bottle with concave lens engraved on it. He focused the suns rays through

     it onto organs of the body. It worked and was non invasive. Blessings Light and Love, Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • I have been doing this as well for a long time now , i felt to do it intuitively also , and yes your rite it shore makes a difference as part of living well and filling me with more vibration of love because of the programing, water is also a great conduit , no wonder the crystal works so well with water and sun, I have a great book about water , The Hidden Messages in Water, By Masaru Emoto , i recommend reading , it will add to the knowledge your sharing here, thank you for sharing, Namaste
  • That's a great idea, though recently I also read that at this point in the ascension process we could help the Earth by throwing any crystals that we own into the waters around us - so that they can purify all the water in the lake or river, and through the water cycle process, purified/blessed water will then move up into the sky then back down to Earth again, nourishing all the plants as well as us, with this newly energized water. :D I'm going to keep one for personal use, and send the rest home to mother Earth. :D
    • Yes indeed. There was an activation recently where we did just that.. Sooooo...better late than never!!

      I believe the Earth has "paid it forward" to us for a very long time & I for one am delighted to "pay it forward" to her expecially during these energy shifts that not only effect the landmass/waters & all within & upon, but the dormant crystal that have been waiting for this time of Ascention to be actived & regenerated.



  • Hey Ben-Arion !

    Tips: If you go the Iliuka-Net, and then punch Visdomsord, you can read and find what this energy iliuka say about how to programming water, with crystals or without..

    I use to put 6 glass of water in the window frame each evening, with Crystals between the glass.. Iliuka says that blue glass is to prefer. Water shall then rest in the frame over night.. Next day he suggest that we send water Love and other positive thaughts..Now water is programmed. then drink holy water..


    • Yeah, i have! Water in blue transparent glass are little more fresh, but Norwegian blue glass are not so strong. All my blue glass cracking.. Drinks 3l of this water every day.. Iliuka say that espesially 2 thing is important: Drinking high quality programmed water, and breathing the light !.. but also bee in Love and Joy, and to bless the food before eating. All this is fysical things ww can do to make the ascension-prosess easier, i believe!
  • Thank You,dear BEN-ARION for this tip,I´II follow it.I sense Your precious Love to All.TY.Many Blessings.         United in Love and Light
  • Too add to this discussion here's an interesting link on diamant water and it's free.

  • thanks for this
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