• another new reading on this crop circle I found!

    Interpretation of the 1st crop circle of 2010 -- A brand new world is born

    Waiting For Image

    This crop circle depicts a brand new civilization has started and a new world is born after year 2110—when all disasters have ended.

    This is a big event which is worthy of a celebration with a sea of flowers. I think this must be the deliberation of the circle makers. When the oil seed rape is in full bloom, the imprint will be clearer and more beautiful. The coming of a new world must be baptized by disasters. For the few remaining human beings, it is like being reborn.
    Therefore, this formation is showing that there will be two groups of people remaining after the disasters. Regardless of color, wealth or age, one group is called the Wisdom and the other is Kindness.

    The Wisdom group will be named as No-A tribe, which is Noah that we all know. The eye in the circle is symbolizing No-A tribe. But why using eye as the symbol? At the final stage before last civilization is destroyed, they get rid of feelings and desires. Therefore, they are able to open the celestial eye of wisdom during this civilization and become the celestial beings of Wisdom. In the bottom of the circle, there is a double circle with a pair of protecting wings meaning Kindness group. The Kindness group will be named as Ou-K tribe, which is raven that we know in this story. But why the crop creators use wings to mean this? It is because they scarify themselves with benevolent love at the final stage of last civilization. Such behavior is like a hen protecting its chickens, which is very warm-hearted. Therefore, they extend their family love to great love for all humans and become the celestial beings of Kindness. These two parts are the information from this circle which is easier to understand. The 7 small circles lying in an arc above the eye are more difficult to understand. But it is relevant to the above explanation. Those 7 circles refer to the 7 feelings aroused by the vision; however, they are kept in a frame. It symbolizes that those 7 feelings are like locks, locking human beings tightly.

    After the disasters, two are released from the lock and become Wisdom group and Kindness group. The other five are not so fortunate and they are still being locked in the frame. This is why the 1st and the 7th circles have gaps.

    There are 3 more formations of this series and they have direct connections to each other.
  • A couple of interesting thoughts of the crop circle that I found on the web

    May 10, 2010 — If you see it for what it is! A solar pendulum the largest circle in the formation is when you stare at it ! The Sun
    12 months are symbolized by rays or waves
    6 months either side with June at bottom left Dec bottom right (you notice its the month of Dec bottom right the pendulum needs to swing, to the right to align symmetrical with the landmark tracks and enter the = = markings or l l depending which way you look at the pendulum. its too cute isnt it ? in short it represents the 12 months of the 4 solar seasons or cycle spring summer autumn winter which completes 21.12 for millennia. I now conclude that each small earth represents one 12 month period 1 cycle.

    The formation set eye soaringly out of place in relation to the man mad markings of tracks.. !! as if its was in wrong place for a reason. So Hypothetically shove the formation so that it becomes symmetrical with the man made markings (landscape) .. you then get perfect alignment of the pendulum symmetrical to the man made land marks this is key to why its offset , you could say earthy and cosmic artistic integration lololol

    A reference is giving to position of earth on this 6th month June2010 defined by the 1st small circle (earth) we have 2 futher full cycles represented by 2 full earths then a half sphere representing 2 an 1/2 yrs or 30 month
    june 2010 that takes us to Dec 2012
    30 months Mayan symbol is = = = they only go to 10 or =
    we see heavily laced in the formation 3 lines
    = = = =======
    = = = =======
    = = = =======

    ll earth surrounded by ll ll

    These things work on so many levels of perception
    from the side they look like ll ll and u notice the symbol of earth is surround by = 0 = on central alignment main line

    Earth position at june 2010 is the 1st small sphere to left... we already concluded the pendulum represents to sollar year 12 months or cycles, an we see 2 and 1 half cycles left. before the pendulum aligns .

    Even if im wrong saying the equatorial line passes through May when it was created when you run ur finger alone estimated equatorial Horizontal line,, you see below ur finger the single eye of Horus the all seeing eye or When one
    sees through 1 eye then ones body will be full of light, a quote from Jesus

    their still just to much here to be chance


    I believe that this circle represents a star gate to other dimensions. Allow the big circle with the six wings around it to rise up in your mind’s eye and the seven smaller circles to lower themselves. Then you can see a three dimensional ring.
    Now Picture in your mind that you are placing the ring on your finger. This will help you visualize the ring. Now enlarge the ring to allow your whole body and spirit to go through the ring and come out in another dimension. The seven small circles
    can represent the Pleiades star system in the sign of Taurus while the two larger circles may be the stars Sirius A and Sirius B.
  • It reminds me of a bird soaring through the universe so free and easy.
  • Has anyone been able to see a message in this crop circle,the one's we were getting in 2009 had very clear meanings to them.Any ideas
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