New concept, bio electrical energy to form the basis for a magical core and astral sight.

"Be water, my friend." Famous words from a modern poetical scientist studying the relationship between humans, and water. But, wait a second. Wasn't it water that kept us alive? Well as a matter of fact, you'd be correct in the assumption that we need all of the elements to work together to keep life cycling in its inevitable vibration. Such that from its depths, comes new forms of containment vessels in which spirit can inhabit.

Planets at their very core rely on leylines to push energy in grid form, to the center and out from the center to the furthest extremities of themselves, much like blood. It doesn't matter so much how this is achieved, so long as it is a constant motion of electrical energy. This energy, is the link that ties in a soul with the body of its containment field to experience itself as a stand alone consciousness. The projection of which, forms the basis for a group of vessels to form their own species or life forms as they evolve.

For one such vessel to materialize, it must first be formed through the body of another. But throughout this formation, continues this constant source of energy grid that can and does form through the element of matter itself. And this my friends, is the key to unlocking magical cores. Or as science would call it, bio electrical material manipulation as a solid subconscious mind.

Ah yes, the third eye. It all comes back to chakras doesn't it? The third eye or mind's eye, forming the basis for visualization that relies on the energy keeping you tied in to the vessel you inhabit as a soul. This eye forms the basis for the magical core to be created, but in its natural state, only creates the placeholder for the core to reside in.

You see, the psychic eye, or third mind, is your magical core. But it is the only chakra in the body that has this capability. Empaths rely on the heart chakra to form their own core with feeling, called the light core. Crown chakras form the analysis core, or sometimes referred to as the static core of things that rely on mathematical equasions and numbers to form a solid ground. Which is the reason why so many so called "geniuses" are born from the third eye and crown chakras working together to form a new understanding of how to control the environment around us.

The sacral chakra forms the vitality core, focused on healing and repair. The communication chakra forms the ability to broadcast out what all the other chakras condensely create. Also called the throat chakra, this chakra allows for objects to respond to you, which is called the attraction chakra as it is through this specific energy centre that you attract what you desire.

The Solar Plexus chakra or navel chakra focuses on creativity. IT is through this specific chakra that you are able to restructure or connect other chakras to it as it leads to all others as a connection point. The heart chakra is focused on forming the ability to sense everything around you. This chakra is also called the alignment chakra, because through it, you are able to process any other material presence and stillness around you. It often goes unnoticed, which is how many empaths find themselves being the ones going through the most scarring in life often unintentionally as this chakra is the one most likely to clog up the most. Its primary function is to shape your core to the atunement or frequency of other objects or containment fields.

The last chakra is the root chakra. It is also called the dark chakra, as its purpose is not seen, only understood by blind instinct or intuition. Although many speculate on its purpose within the body, its primary function is to link the mind, body and soul together in harmony. A non functional root chakra causes the body to become immobile and sometimes form a stasis field to protect the soul within it from further damage until the body shuts down. At other times, it controls how the other chakras regulate themselves as its the only chakra situated at the spine facing that direction. It's your own personal shadow guardian, and it also, holds the key along with the navel chakra, in being able to connect and shape your magical core.

You may be aware that all of your chakras form what's called an aura. What you don't know, is that the brighter your aura is, under any shade of the rainbow, the more you have mastered the art of auric projection which forms the basis for matter to shape itself around you. A state of being achieved through conscious focus and subconscious realignment.

Most people through astral projection or meditation, achieve what's called the still point. Which is required for minds to wander into any form of semi trance state to achieve new images. However without the chakras forming a solid network, these images end up being redirected through the subconscious mind in an effort to save the body from attack.

When the portal to magic closed after the veil around this planet was first formed after the Orion war ended, one of the primary focuses of this change was to block the ability for chakras to change their state. This is precisely how evolution kept evolving through the unaided guidance of the subconscious form. Adapting only to the environment around it for the purposes of preservation under a pyramid system of control.

The animal kingdom and plantation evolution of vegetation on this planet formed their own environments only by enlisting in the aid of the planet's core. But to do so, the race itself had to be facing exstincssion which is where Gaia would step in and correct the progression.

What this relationship relied on was for no dominant species to emerge over all of the ecosystems set out through the different environments created as Earth through Gaia shifted for different micro environments to be formed around the planet through various continents. It was generally understood that by doing so, Gaia would be known as Mother Earth, and the creatures born from her would respect this and each other through such a system. Even if the methods to achieve survival were barbaric at times, they were never the less fully abundant.

This wasn't just a way to experiment with different life forms, it was a way to try to bridge the gap between what was possible to create as a planet itself, and extending the limits of what types of life forms could and would be created under different conditions. The conditions themselves formed the requirements needed to sustain the different micro environments forming eventually, their own ecosystems.

When humans started colonizing each other on different continents, breaching the environmental control or stasis fields Gaia set up over the land via the native seals, such protections were destroyed. Once humans formed a dominant species, Gaia became subjugated under their control.

Colonization requires a sacrifice, and that is the endangerment of a species to form the survival of the remaining tribes into submission under the power structure of another tribe.

The reason this series of events forced apart Gaia's seal over the protection of the kingdoms and ecosystems within Gaia's micro environments, is because each environment was dominated by human involvement itself. Such as when Europeans came to America and made America and the systems that guarded that continent as a major leyline fall under the image and order of another.

Knowing the reason why the Gaia seals failed to prevent this from happening, due to the magical core of the planet allowing a dominant species to act as guardian. Normally this would been done through celestial means, however as visitors to this planet broke through the veil and caused humans themselves to become dominant, the bonds that held humanity in place also broke. Allowing greed, power and guidance from other planets to influence major decisions along their evolutionary path. So much so that enlightenment became a game for dominance, rather than equality to understand how the other microenvironments worked without interference.

So by refusing to accept other environments as a learning experience, humanity has single handedly caused their own inventions to be focused on supporting them first and foremost. However within the bonds that humanity broke, rests one key alignment that has allowed us our freedom in many more ways than simply restoring the natural order of Gaia and her systems of equality within the confines of her own imprisonment.

Humans broke the seal that purposefully locked the chakras of all life on the planet, and by doing so, allowed their inventions to tap into this power almost subconsciously. Through focus and vision, they have been able to create technology, discover electricity and form a power structure around electrical material energy by enlisting the aid of the leyline that controls water and fire. For systems of stable, constant motion, is how humans were able to create themselves guardians of the planet Earth and her inhabitants.

Although, this guardianship is unnatural, the chakras we possess are anything but. They are a witches first tool to creating spells and forming a visual basis for the ability to fully unlock or ascend using the mind from within.

Through dreams, meditation and hypnosis, we are all unlocking our psychic abilities, mage site, astral projection and reclaiming our power and universe back one shift at a time. These shifts or waves, are happening to everyone through our assistance.

We have always enlisted the aid of the planet through our elders and those who respect the universe at large to help us in our study and alignment towards the guidance of a new free universe. Call it what you want. The reason why this is a new concept? Is because we now understand the link between us and the leylines that hold us here. It is through this alignment we can truly free the confines of magical core expression and release the bonds that hold our elder focus prisoner.

To be clear. It is elemental manipulation that has caused so much damage to Gaia over the last several years. Human activity has caused leylines to be out of sync by having to control more than one element or focus at a time. The leylines are the blueprints for elements to exist. A similar effect would be and has been observed if blood cells changed their purpose or got blocked from completing what they already know what they must do. Balance is the key to enlightenment once you have desired something to cycle in its own way.

So have we taken our oath seriously to align ourselves with each other, and not against the capabilities of the positions we each in turn possess. So shall it stand, so mote it be, we are the catalyst for brighter days ahead.

Blessed be.

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