Could someone help me?

Hi, i would like to talk about Ascension. I had been reading about this for a few days but i don't understand at all. Last night i was reading a Channelled message from Prince Michael saying about Ascension, he said that Ascension is going to start on June, and he said that who didn't choose the world where we want to go yet, after 3 months is going to be late for that. So we have to choose the worlds now. I don't understand this, what really is going to happen? Some of you may be reading this for a long time so you know everything, i just started now and feel confused, i want to be part of it but i don't know how. How do i choose this worlds? and what worlds to choose? or worlds mean "dimensions"? don't know =S feel so confused. I am feeling so strange in this days, i can't watch the news anymore, i feel bad about all those things that is happening to the world, sometimes i cry alot, but sometimes i feel so good around nature, i am feeling so much hungry for spirituality, and sometimes i feel that i don't want to be here anymore and think about suicide but sometimes i feel so much alive and happy with my life, i am experiences uppers and downs everyday. I am having desires that i didn't have before like going outside to see the stars, talking to a tree, feeling sorry for bugs, and having desires about ufos and now i want to be part of this ascension. What do i need to do? What is happening to me? sometimes i feel that i am going crazy, being so depressed and 2 hours later so happy. And about my old relationship, sometimes i feel alot of pain but sometimes i feel ok with it. I read about the changes of energies that is happening on our planet, but all this things that is happening to me is because of this? I am buying the book Urantia book, what do you think about this book? and if you have some text so i can read and fully understand what is going on here and what should i do to be part of it and to be useful, i will be happy. Thanks, and sorry for the text lol

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  • well i asked for opinions haha thanks for all the answers.... but i'm still so confused lol but i guess i have to find the answers by my own right? thanks...
  • Hello Brothers and Sisters... Thanks for all the answers. I'm not scared, i want this, i want to get to a higher dimension. When i read that channelled message i felt good and happy but confused. I want to go to the 5th dimension or higher, but i don't know how to do it. I was reading this Ascension Symtoms and i feel alot of things that are mentioned there. What do i have to do to be part of it? to get to a higher dimension? Thanks again.
    • Integrate the 5th dimension in your heart, here and now. You will not Suddenly ascend to the 5th dimension, you will integrate that dimension within yourself, through your heart. A part of you is here on earth and another part within the "higher" dimensions. Always one with you. My suggestion, from MY perspective, is that you get to know yourself and your feelings and embrace them, what you are looking for is already here. Feel your Connectedness with the Perfection of Creation in this moment. The higher dimension you want to go to is within you, and you cannot "GO TOWARDS IT" You have to BE IT.

      I already see you as a fifth dimensional being, playing within this density....

      The highest dimension and expression is HERE AND NOW!


      PS, You will be guided and get all the inspiration and information you need.
      You are the master and you decide how it should be!


  • Ascension symptoms are those strange inner feelings beyond what you normally feel beforehand. Some are pleasant and others not too comfortable. The main things is to enjoy the ride, knowing it is all good in the sight of God or our Lord Jesus Christ. Also know you are not alone in this spiritual evolution as many, many others including lightworkers are experiencing similar things. If you would like to join the Ascension discussion group, please feel free to join in.

    Meanwhile have a look at this site to clarify things perhaps:

    God Bless you.

    love and light

    Ascension Symptoms
    Know that although our evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating, along with the New higher energies, we are all experiencing these changes in our…
  • well, I dont know how much help Ill be, but it sure sounds like you have the "symptoms of ascension all ready going on with you. I would also say that just for the simple reason you "want" to be a "part" of it, you all ready are, so dont feel like youll miss the boat as they say.Rest assured, a lot of us are going through a lot of what you have mentioned, so you arent nuts!

    I dont know of the book you have mentioned, so I can't comment on that. I can comment on a thought you could ponder though...
    Be true to your heart... I know a lot of us go through people throwing in our face the ol "you only think of yourself" bit. Oddly, if you join any help program, thats exactly what they tell you to do, Put yourself first. I think that really means just be honest. For example, people want you to go somewhere when you perfectly happy being where you are at the moment, and you don't really want to go. Dont go to appease them, stay where your're happy because that is the most important. Maybe, just maybe, they dont want to go either, and maybe someone might like your place of peace as well and stay with you. Either way, you were true to your own peace. For some reason this is very hard for folks to do, being true to themselves, but once you get the hang of it a tad, it becomes easier and people do eventually respect you for it.
    Just stay in the love, smile at a stranger as you never know, they could possibly be a very good friend from a past life or whatever, and it would be a shame to miss the oppertunity of meeting up again, even if it is for a fleeting moment!

    Sounds like your mind and heart are on the right track, so just relax, you'll get your answers.
    If you are going to read all the different channelings, just remember to go with what "feels" right to you and let the rest pass... your soul will know whats right for you!
    Hope that helped a wee bit for you at least... Im sure others will chime in as well!
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