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I received a "serious" Copyright infringement notice today that a member had uploaded
a Copyrighted PDF file, which was immediately removed. Report any
"suspected" copyright issues to me here , include the link to the posts.

How To Post Articles on Ashtar Command? 

Limit your copy / paste of copyrighted material to the relevant portions of the article you wish to discuss and no more than 30-50% of the source materialprovide a link back to the original article and provide your original comments in your post with the article. More

Copyright Policy: You may not post copyrighted material belonging to others without permission from the owner. If you believe something has been posted on AC without permission, please Contact Us

 If you dont know the original source of the content, dont post it.

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Thank you for posting this. I was under the assumption that if you include the Author of the material and the link from the website it is from then it is fine. Does the individual need to contact the author? I have wondered about this for awhile.

Thank you, tentinyturtles

Some messages clearly state that its ok to "spread the messages" if you include a www address and author name. It should always be stated at the bottom of the text, if youre unsure, post maybe 50% of the text and then include the original www.

thanks for the "heads~up" info.........................

keep it right and clean................

Hi Ben,

Thanks ...

But each of us must be careful not to do such mistakes as it may spoil the name and the noble purpose of this site.

I will surely be.

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL ..................

Thanks Ben,

This is common sense really......If an author is quoted by someone, or his/her material should be given...

There is something called the "Fair Use Rationale" or "Free Use Rationale".  

This is straight from Wikipedia:

When non-free media are used on Wikipedia, a justification for their usage, called a non-free use rationale (or use rationale or fair use rationale), must be presented in the image description page, explaining how the image is used in a way consistent with Wikipedia's non-free content criteria. This justification will help other users determine if the claim of fair use could apply to a wide variety of uses or a narrow range of uses. It will also help determine if the given claim of fair use is appropriate for Wikipedia in the first place.

If you are using non-free images or other media, you must include two things on the image description page:

  1. An appropriate copyright tag explaining the basic claim of fair use. See Wikipedia:Image copyright tags/Non-free for a list.
  2. A detailed fair use rationale. A separate, specific rationale must be provided each time the image is used in an article. The name of the article the image is used in must be included in the rationale.

Be sure to examine the guidelines on non-free content before uploading the file. Wikipedia's policies are more restrictive than United States fair use law, in terms of what is and is not allowed.

Of coarse with SOPA floating around, these issues are becoming more relevant, and new laws or guidelines will be created to allow some type of credit or even monetary value to be sent back to the artist.  

This is in regard to video and graphical images.

I am going to do more research, but having respect for the artist, and putting up a legal disclaimer is the respectful thing to do when using material.  If the artist requests that the images or video be taken down, you must adhere to the artists request.



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