Hello Friends,


I am in need of some guidance. For a long time now I have been doing a lot of research into New Age topics. Ever since I was intinally fascinated at a young age by my encounters with the Paranormal. After all my research, meditation and experiences with the Astral, Psychic and Spritual; I feel like I know alot, but I also feel like I know nothing at all.


As I begin to scratch the surface of the new coming age, and learn about Extraterrestrials, 4th dimensional beings,  Elementals, Angels, Lightworking, Ascend Masters, Hollow Earth, The Great White Lodge, Illuminati, NWO,  etc etc etc; I have noticed a riff between believers. There are those who believe in Love, Light and spreading awareness to help 'awaken a sleeping world' , and then there seem to be others who believe, but doubt the sources of the information and believe in self actualization as more of a means to ascending to the 4D. I have become very confused as I read Channelings and messages from both view points. I don't know what to belive.


I don't think I am the first person to be confused by this, in a world full of conflicting viewpoints its hard to believe anything. I know that I should belive what truly resinates with me, but I worry that I am being mislead. I really would like to get into Channeling, but if I do how do I know I'm not being mislead by a lower vibration energy or someone working for the negative side of our earthly duality? I would also like to travel in the Astral, but how do I know who I meet or what I experience along the way isn't trying to mislead me? I know these fears are negative and very 3D, but its a struggle that we all face.


If anyone could share with me how they found the right path to follow, or how they found clarity through the cloud of uncertainty, I would appreciate your wisdom. Any other comments or thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Love and Light,



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  • You bring up a good point, Friend.  One that many think of I am sure.  Personally, I use the esoteric teachings of Master DK who is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great White Lodge as a lens with which to view the world.  It has helped immeasurably in helping me to understand what is happening and to feel no fear about the future. 

    He advises that most channels operate from their lower chakras (he calls them centers of force) and while that can gift people with abilities it is not possible to use them without the application of EGO which taints the messages.  As our chakras bloom and open up (the Well of Dreams in the back of your skull... have you felt it yet?) we will have telepathy and attendant abilities but it will be of a higher vibration and closer to Source/God thus untainted by our human ego. 

    I have never felt unsure about Master Djwal Khul but I don't care for his new channels and only follow the teachings from the old days before he got trendy and people started "talking" to him.  If you feel like checking him out I would look into the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Path of Initiation- those titles really encapsulate what is happening to us right now. 

    This is what works for me, but I follow everything that is said on all levels - so called reality based news, the channels, and the galactics- but I do practise discernment- nothing that makes me fearful is allowed.  I hope this helps, you just need some point of reference to make sense of it all.  I wish you luck and love on your journey.

  • When one begins to unlock the assemblage point, that person who sticks to the normal mind mechanics of 3rd dimensional understanding begins to become very confused.What i mean by "normal mind mechanics" i am reffering to the mechanisms of "logic". Look at this perspective.. The 4th dimension, seen through the 3rd dimensional eye and all its perspective would appear as masses of chaotic flows of incalculable forms of energy,rushing like water here and there. As one ascends through  the fourth [in this perception refer to the 4th dimension as being more like a door or bridge into 5th.]one must abandon all old earthly matters including what one thinks one is, as well as what one thinks one is to become.The Personal "Quantum field" of this person must change and change profusely, as this occurs one becomes intensely aware and comes to a first truth outside of normal rational thinking, a silent knowledge, one that would take a great deal of effort to explain.Which leads this ascending creature to the understanding that one has been dreaming all along and that without the routine of rational thinking one can atune to a greater knowledge that has always been known and forgotten.Scientifically speaking you could say that the dna of the individual has been unlocked, it is now converting the universes natural harmonious phonon sounds into photon light,brightening the aura hence bringing light to a dark place.



    I too have been confused for many many years, but recently have realized that this 50\50 on everything in my life is the most stable ground i have ever had in my entire existence here.Remember The serpent [One of great knowledge] coiled around the Tree of knowledge.Knowledge is only possibilities or at best probabilities, dont forget that this is important to remember.knowledge can help find truth yes but knowledge can also cloud the mind.


    just be calm and stop listening to yourself my freind just breath and make your reality your dream and ascend through the fourth {Enjoy a Lucid Reality}

  • there are beliefs out there that conflict and contradict with each other, some believe that they and they alone have err...discovered the only path, the true path...bollocks to that, the human ability of the mind to discern these matters are limited.

    the only way for you personally to begin your own journey that is unique to you, designed for you and you alone, is to begin your own quest for Awakening. It is a path to Soul, and once on that path, there is little there that will deceive, indeed Soul never ever lies. the deception will lie within yourself, as ego tries to hold on...

    it is a difficult journey for some, indeed you must have read a great deal on the ways this can manifest itself, all are true, it simply depends on what you are guided to, what you are shown.  Hold to that, it might be completely different from someone else's, but that is not your path, that is theirs, just as yours will be for you. 

    Trust it.

    be well on your journey



    • i agree everyone has their own path.  i disagree with deception lies only within self.  there is an entire lower astral plane filled with those who mislead and deceive, all out of mischief.  as a parasite that needs to feed upon fear, or emotional turmoil.  the universe is friendly and alway working for our good, i believe also.  it is working for good to learn discernment.  trust your higher self for sure.  most all channelings come through a human filter,  which leaves room for much contradiction and conflict.  trust your true self, letting the ego be transcended, being a soul infused personality.  either it is peace and love, or fear, negativity, etc when deciding or knowing what is real and what is deception of any sort.  stirred up emotions filled with anger and fear would be a definite clue to misleading.  love and peace, minus any fear equals sincerity and love from the non physical entity the channeling is coming from.  blessings and peace.

      • Reedemer,


        All your thoughts are true, all your fears are true, the first step is to realise that all you feel, all you see is true, there is no imaganation.


        we live in a predatory energy based universe and we are far from the top, but it neednt be a bad experience.


        Have you ever read about Carlos Castenda and seperate forms of realality, its a good place to start.


        There are many energies with perception ready to use and trap you, they are not there with your best interests at heart. 


        Start by not forming any opinion of any thing and follow your instinct, do not judge and do not except anything you do not wish, or else you make it yours, trust me.


        98% of people are controlled by dark energy and they do not know, the ones that think they are contacting enlightened beings of this percentage  consider that they are greater beings, they are not, do not channel, you do not need to as most contact is dark. learn to crawl first.


        A good test, if the energy is light and cool it is high, if it is heavy and thick it is low and dark, start taking notice of whats around you, use all your senses, look beyond what you see, feel and hear, we are taught from birth to not notice, start taking notice, everything you feel is real, even when you feel a slight wind, you think its a wind because wind is all you know, but it is much more. Good luck. 


  • i have read the book channeling by sanaya roman--www.orindaben.com.  i learned and agreed with the writing that any channeling or advice or anything that leaves you with a feeling of fear, dread, or anything negative like that,  means you have been in contact with a low level non physical.  one will feel love, bliss, peace on a consistent basis when a high level has interacted with us.  low levels lie, mislead.  high levels do not.  ask, are you from the light?  that is something that is not lied about, from my experience.  once asked, you will sense the truthness or the misleading factor. low leves like to flatter also, in a way that is not in alignment with our true selves.  in a nutshell, do you feel fear, or love?  for the longest time, i had low level liars around me.  get ones hopes up, and then down, and over and over again.  high levels will not lie, or even interfere in how to run the affairs of your life.  they love, support, guide--not demand, leaving room for our free will to choose.  i hope this helps.
  • Hi Redeemer,:)


    Most of the channelings (90%+) out there are not completely accurate. This is because channeling is only as pure as the channeler. Everyone channels all the time, and channeling itself has very little to do with spiritual integrity. It is an ability that can work for dark or light. There are some really well meaning people that are filtering through the channeled information they are receiving and just contaminating the information with their subconscious mind. There's a book on Channeling by Dr. Joshua Stone that really helps with this topic.


    When you are on the path of light, if you empty out your subconscious mind of as much negativity as possible and pursue unconditional love with all your mind, heart and soul youwill attract the highest possible beings and guidance into your life based on what your specific mission is. This is very important.There are some really humble people out there with greater spiritual integrity than some of the most famous channelers. This is the truth.


    Part of the journey is enjoying and appreciating each subsequent activation from the Light. Just raising this type of question in a forum with us proves that you are getting there.


    God bless you and let's all keep encouraging one another :)

  • Since no one has acutually ascended yet at this time even in the AGC it is extreemly hard to get any accurate verification.

    So I suggest you not worry about all the false prophets and rely on your innermost feelings of the heart.


    God Bless you.




  • Hi dear Redeemer,


    Personally I have had a lot of help by the book or guidance called "A Course in Miracles". This material proclaims pure non-duality and asks you to seek continues guidance of the Holy Spirit (who has the total picture on how to "Redeem his Son" :)). The message comes directly from Jesus Christ and I totally believe this is true. Now, whatever you do with this is up to you of course :D


    I for example also like the teachings by Eckhart Tolle, which basically states to stay with your breath (and let everything unfold. Not that you don't do anything, but to allow Consciousness to move you.) In this sense, you can only find the truth in you and I really hope you can connect with your heart and find out where you passion lies to share your beautiful being upon this earth!


    Best (Christmas) wishes and lots of love!


  • Hi,


    Thank you for posting your thoughts and being so transparent.  I sometimes feel the same way.  Could it be that the things that confuse us are ideas that come from outside of ourselves?  If the Source is within us, why do we look outside of ourselves?  What has helped to guide me, is having a strong sense of self and my own inner knowing, it always guides me to others who speak the same truth and it gives me comfort and confirmation.


    On the other hand, when I come across new truths, that I have never heard....I take it with a grain of salt ;)


    Hope this helps.  If it agrees with your spirit, then it is also your truth.


    Before my shift, I had to take stock of all my beliefs and decide which ones I absolutely knew were true, like love, peace and joy and which ones were merely beliefs, like the name of God, life after death, etc.  I went from being a believer to one who walked in knowledge, love and light.  Blessings to you.

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