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work in health care, published author - written novels for teens, and adults, fictional and channeled material, love outdoors and camp;ing and boating, have studied piano and organ, enjoy art, and have taught art to young people.

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Divine Source, Dr Jamieson (channeled guidance), the wisdom of Gene Roddenberry through Star Trek series, numerous life experiences, Casey Combden, Jim Rohn

William Edwin Riley replied to beelzeeled's discussion is being gay normal in outer space communities?
"Beelzeeled: Our purpose on Earth today is to let go of duality, and embrase Unity. The way to do this is to let the male and female energies become equal in each person. This creates perfect balance with the energies of the Creator. In my research…"
Feb 2, 2011
William Edwin Riley replied to Reedemer's discussion Conflicting Messages and Information, What to Belive?
"Hello Reedemer:
I truly empathize with you. It is difficult finding clarity amidst all this darkness and uncertainty and FEAR. Eliminate the fear as best you can for a start, by commanding the 'Pillar of Light' to descend upon you and protect you…"
Dec 23, 2010
William Edwin Riley replied to Gab1159's discussion Some clarification needed...
"Ascension is a process we will all experience in some manner. It means becoming a more loving peson, letting the body take on more light [become a light Being], and acknowledging that God is THE essence of each one of us. Planet earth is a total…"
Nov 23, 2010
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Apr 22, 2009

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Davy809 replied to Nora's discussion Not a dream...
"Hello Nora. I am so glad you shared this dream. It is very interesting. I could see what you saw, just from your description. As our awakening continues to expand, we realize that pictures such as the one you described, become lasting lesson which…"
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"Alt Rumor Mill has claimed Justice Roberts has been compromised /blackmailed because of pedophilia pics-
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