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Conference on Extraterrestrials in the Vatican – This is what happened

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Thank you for posting this, Agarthar, I had not read it.  Perhaps the full truth will really

be revealed in my time.

The question was asked in the article, why would the Pope be involved?

I'd like to answer that question.  Why would they not? We are not talking of

Hollywood fiction of the biological ETs but real Aliens from other worlds

similar to Planet Earth.   

The first contacts that began the Ufology community, which was with Ashtar

by Van Tassel then Tuella made him known world wide by her books and the

other contacts that were included in her books all mentioned Jesus Sananda.

.Strangely they contacted ministers, Tuella was Rev Thelma of Texas and I was a minister,

so was Rev Frank Stranges.  Val Tassel stated that Ashtar was sent by Jesus Christ.

Strangely the new age community has left Jesus out of the piture.

There is a scripture in the Bible that confirms channeling and ofrf world contact with Spirits

and it says if that Spirit does NOT confirm Jesus Christ came to earth in the flesh have

nothing to do with them yet some say if they do they are not real, which report shall we believe3?

Isaidah said that.... the bible or some man that claims the Aliens do not know who jesus Sananda is?

I believe Pope Fancis and President Trump are going to make real history and we will have the truth of

the real disclosure very very soon.  And I'm sorry to say to some but Jesus Sananda will be included in the


Cmdr Thor wants me to add here that they do not back any particular religion or 

non-religion on the planet however because they are under direct command of 

Jesus Sananda they feel that those that are also in contact will accept their message.

Jesus Sananda is infinitely greater than any one religion and upon their advice, 

Pope John allowed his people to go to the Charismatic healing meetings without it being\q

considered a sin by the church.  They want to see all people come together in one

brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind on the planet and Universal peace prevail.

They have no purpose in taking over, taking charge, or taking free will away from any

people of any planet, it is the duty and orders from Jesus Sananda to make sure no Alien power

takes over any planet that is colonized but that the planet govern itself by the will of

the people.



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