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Cmdr Ashian: This is the final purge; you are but a hair's breath away

Jennifer: What news have you for us today?

Ashian: There is much happening in the background, and we would suggest that you prepare yourselves for what is the background and the shadows to come forward. That which has been most deeply hidden is about to become visible, front and centre. 

There are many shocking truths that are about to be revealed and it is possible that even the strongest among you will wonder what is happening. It is a final purge. 

The end of this stage, this chapter, the paragraph, depending on how you are reading the book Ascension on Gaia, is upon you. This is to be a tumultuous ride and we would ask you to remember that you are safe, though you may feel as though life as you know it is under attack.

Life as you know it, those of you who work for the light, is not under attack. It is the life of darkness that is being brought into the light. Here is the agony, for those who chose to follow the darker paths, for now they will see their shames exhibited in public, they will lose the power over others they craved and they will begin the long process of rehabilitation to the light.

Those of you who are of the light, the warriors of light and love holders, you will see what is happening and you will recognise it as the final sentence in a chapter of life on Gaia that is never to be repeated. The horrors are over. The new is almost upon you. It is but a hair’s breath away.

As much as you can, hold your centre of love and compassion. As much as you can, offer comfort to others who are confused, without falling into their spirals of fear and unconsciousness. 

It is not that you reveal all that you know, you measure your disclosure to the person’s ability to comprehend. Less is nearly always better than more information. 

Just share breadcrumbs, that will be enough to help them stop their downwards spiral of fear, in their lucid moments. It will serve as a beacon back to the light, when they are ready to consider that a new life is being birthed right in front of them, on Gaia, through Gaia, right now.

You are so nearly there. All is about to change; yes, we know you have heard this so often before, but even by your definition of ‘soon’, the moment of momentous change is almost here.

We are so grateful for all your assistance, for your endurance and dedication to the light, to building a future, a present of love, for all upon Gaia, including Gaia herself.

J: Thank you Ashian. Do you have anything further to add?

A: Not at this point. We send our love and we are always available for you to converse with us yourselves. The Channel obliges by sharing our message, but we are not ‘hers’; we serve the highest good and the Divine Mother, so you may call upon us as and when you feel that we may be of service to you.

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