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Breathing fresh air is a much better life style choice than its alternative. Proactively poisoning the very foundation of your life is an insane behaviour. Cigarette smoking is silly. 

Cigarettes are debilitating and deadly, expensive and distasteful and they’re not cool in the least. In spite of all this they’re dreadfully popular and once taken up, their hold seems difficult to dislodge.

It’s often said that cigarettes and their active ingredient nicotine are physically addictive. That’s true but this hardly begins to tell the full story. Physical discomfort happens when you abstain after a significant exposure but this is brief and in itself has hardly any hold.

The real reason cigarettes enslave their victims is that they provide a very strong and immediate effect upon your mind and mood. The nicotine in tobacco products medicates anxiety powerfully. Instead of being oppressed by worry nicotine washes your mind with an artificial ease.

The addictive factor comes about because smokers don’t answer their anxiety. Instead a smoker finds an illusory short term solution to their worry by hiding their upsets behind a smoke screen.

Unfortunately anxiety is the very last thing that expires from cigarette abuse. Indeed it’s as though anxiety becomes annoyed by the smoke and actively increases its agitation.

The result for a smoker is that each time they push their distress down with a cigarette it bounces back with an ever increasing intensity. The more you choke fear back with smoke the greater its force does fight forth.

Each cigarette reduces the worry for a moment. Immediately after that moment it comes back with increasingly greater force. The smoker then pushes it down with another cigarette in a hopelessly dysfunctional cycle of addiction.

The best way to stop this hateful perpetration again your lovely self is simply stop smoking. Smoking doesn’t work and in fact just makes things incrementally worse.  The energy in your breath is a much more sustainable and potent antidote to the fear you’ve been ineffectively trying to medicate away.

Facing your challenges head on is a much better way to live than running and hiding behind cigarettes. When you stop smoking in favour of fresh air your life will instantly improve.


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Totally Agree with you Sir
Check out recent forum post about smokers @

interesting read

but i dont share the sentiment expressed in your post that said

 "goodby you Bastards as you have no respect for others".

that seems a bit harsh :)
i see the challenge more as an opportunity for smokers to face their fears and overcome them

cigarettes are just one way to hide your feelings and your delay your acension. there is many ways to do that


I agree, but you say...... 'Breathing fresh air is a much better life style choice than its alternative'

If you come across some fresh air, can you send me some?

The Geo engineering has eliminated any fresh air on this planet, kind of a forced smoking you could say, many similar toxins to cigarettes.

yeah...i remember the preternatural taste of the air before the destruction inna past life vision presence

the air was food !

that said .im moving to the south coast of nsw australia near the ocean for that very thing ..fresh air and water...hallealujah :)  and the rememberance of perfect air is the reclaimation of it in fact of 3d and 5d simultaneously

fine resurrection soon come /still present / present in vision is present past future now



Good luck finding some there, they are our neighbors, I am in New Zealand. Both us and Aust are getting hit hard. So many are having flu and hay fever type symptoms... I call it 'spray fever' !!

Look forward to when the crimes are exposed.


spray fever not funny


manifest :)..freedom is available beyond my distress...acension is a dream to become one with is "reality"


I hear you Two in Florida they are chem trailing all night, you can hear them overhead, and when I get up at sunrise the sky above already looks like a giant tic tac toe game in the sky, and I worry about sitting outside all the time even though the weather here is usually devine, it is safer in my house where the AC is going and filtering the indoor air....

Needed to read this today thank you Hunter, your my angel for today sent to give this timely reminder of how stupid smoking is:)

loved :)

nice read :) .

what about coffee?


coffee messes with me ... i like it more than it likes me

and it balances horrifically well with tobacoe

i prefer life aside from either product


   I agree that cigarette smoking is a nasty habit.  There are hundreds of chemical additives in both the cigarette tobacco and paper used.  The Native Americans used tobacco either as a wrap (cigar shape) or in ceremonial pipe.  Indeed, today, either pipe smoking or cigar smoking is preferential to cigarettes.  Studies have shown, for example, that smoking up to 5 cigars a day (as long as one doesn't inhale the smoke directly) doesn't affect longevity.  Granted that one should be considerate of others and only smoke alone or only in the company of another cigar or pipe smoker.  The electronic cigarettes also seem to be relatively benign to folks health. 



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