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Churches Reborn...Firstly Remove All Signs Of Crosses In The Churches ... Secondly Start Mega Vegan Food Kitchens To Feed Thousands Daily...Thirdly See The Difference

Jesus was not crusified On A Cross So It's Totally Pointless Having The Sigh Of The Crosses In Churches Or Wearing As A Pendent As It Ain't Going To Do You Any Good.

Serving Vegan Food Daily To Thousands Will Bring The People Back To Churches In Doves. See How Mega Kitchens In Hare Krishna Temples And Sikh Temples Bring In Thousands Of People Daily And Also Donations Of Food Items Come In Daily So The Mega Kitchens Never Run Out Of Food

The churches can do the same as ..see video below


Now Although The Hare Krishna And Sikh Temples Serve Vegetarian Food Daily I Would Recommend Vegan Food In Churches For The Following Reasons Explained @

To Make It Even Better Cut Out Onions, Garlic And Mushrooms As Explained @

Vedic Vegan Food is The Best Unless You Are Fruitarian Or Breathrian.

Food And Hygiene Standard Must Be High And The Food Must Be Cooked  With Love And Served With Love.

Vedic Vegan Food Served After Reciting The Lords Prayer Will Put Healing Energy In The Food And Cure Thousands of Peoples Bad Addictions. Also The Sharing And Careing Vibes Will Be Reborn. 

Then See Daily People Coming Back To Churches...Christians Reborn And Strengthened All Around The World.

Firstly we need to go to zero point forgetting the past and coming to NOW....ask yourselves why churches are very empty and most closing down and the answer is mostly greed and corruption of those running the churches now how to bring back the crowds and being back Christ consciousness back and strengthen the Christians ...the answer is getting volunteers who start up mega kitchens feeding thousands daily with good nutritious vegan food offered by the lord's prayer so it's blessed food. Most Sikh temples and some Hindu temples serve food daily and thousands come...stop serving food and there will be a lot less people coming. Eating together blessed food is a healing therapy by itself so why not start this in churches ...

Then Celebrate...Rejoice ...Be Merry 

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Serving Vedic Vegan Food Will Cure Thousands Of People That Have Addictions Like Taking Pills, Alcohol And Smoking 

No kk-what non Christians don't understand is that the cross signifies suffering for a persons misbehavior -the bible has been messed with so re incarnation is not included but Christianity is a system of paying neg karma and trying not to make the same mistakes and move on- -unseen forces are at work within the Judaeo /Christian network that arrange the trials that we all go through but through the church/cross of redemption-we move on to other astral planes, I know this because I'm living it!

These pics were taken from another astral plane close to this one we call 'the stage' where this spiritual amnesia that we have helps to heighten the trials that we are supposed to learn from -sorry to go preacher on you but this is my reality.

Crosses are not a pretty sight and since Jesus was not crusified on the cross it's pointless having the crosses in churches and wearing cross pendents.

The whole point is to take away the gloomy, creepy and saddening signs of crosses ...out of sight out of mind ...then starting fresh with may be full bodied picture of Jesus Christ maybe looking after animals showing how compassionate he was 

People should be happy to go to church and come out happy crosses no sadness.

The Hare Krishna Temples, The Sikh Temples and other Hindu Mandirs serve Vegetarian food ...most Sikh temple 

serve daily...And that is one of the main reasons why people are going to these temples...example a lot of people mainly westerners become devotees after after eating prashadam ( Vegetarian Food blessed by offering ) so using the same principle in churches ( serving vegan food daily ) will bring the people in and they will give up bad addictions and become Christ conscious good devotees of Jesus Christ 

Try it in a few churches and see the crowd comming in besides it's more better to eat together then alone ...thus will cure also people who are cut off and lonely will bring the rich the poor the old and the young people together and create a happy atmosphere

Actually in London the Hare Krishna serve prashadam ( vegetarian food in one or two churches on certain day of the week in the evening and lots of people started coming in 

1st initiation - the Birth [Calgary]

2nd initiation - the Baptism [river Jordan]

3rd initiation - the Transfiguration [mountain top]

4th initiation - the Renunciation [crucifixion upon the cross]

5th initiation - the Ascension [to Heaven]

Jesus brought the LOVE of God in his teachings, as Gautema brought the WISDOM of God in his teachings

Avatars who brought back spiritual truths for ALL PEOPLE to learn from and apply, IN EACH LIFE

Having mastered body [excess appetites,] emotions [fogs of glamour,] mind [illusions of limiting thoughtforms,] ; the initiate, in one life, or another, must SUFFER GREAT LOSS, to demonstrate detachment from the material lower nature, by renouncing ALL ATTACHMENTS that drag/anchor spiritual selflessness, in life...Renouncing those selfish attachments in a given, not literal crucifixion for each, but demonstrated RENUNCIATION of the selfish desire nature, thus allowing more control by the true spiritual self........time for you to ponder hidden meanings of cross symbolism....;-]


The whole idea is to strengthen the Christians...bring people back to the nearly empty churches ...get people to eat good fresh food together .. make them give up their addictions ...mainly junk food , alcohol, smoking and eating alone at home watching television .. eating together good nutritious food in a church will put good vibes, energy and make them healthy. 

Sikh temples were blessed by Guru Nanak that the food supplies will never run out .. 550 years on the Sikh Temples are still serving vegetarian food daily all coming from donations.

Jala Ram Hindu temples are serving vegetarian food daily and their food supplies are never ending .  Jala Ram used to feed the poor and  Lord Ram appeared to him and blessed him with his vision ...hugged him and said food supplies will never run out in your temples since so much food donations have been coming through daily never ending.

Similarly the churches should start mega kitchens serving thousands daily blessed vegan food by reciting the lord's prayer ...holy food ..holy people ..holy churches full.

Now the food supplies should come from donations by people, by stores who give away fruits and veggies that are nearly running out of date ...some billionaires and millionaires should also pledge in money so as this project goes ahead and never ends ...serving food to millions daily ...once started it will pick up and thousands will start coming and like the hindu and Sikh temples food supplies will never end ..just go on and on and on 

I do not defend any church and am NOT SURPRISED by lower attendance in London. Where I live though; Suffolk East Anglia, ['God's country,'] two nearby Anglican & Catholic churches, the congregations are full and for many Sunday prayers, the 'flock' are so numerous, it can be impossible to obtain car parking space, on my road. When the service is completed I will see the plentiful multitude chatting happily to friends and family and the robed Vicar, some wearing the cross, young healthy couples and their young children, laughing.....All appear well-nourished, dapper, happy and peaceful.....I do not need to attend any church myself, but believe in the sacred freewill of those who do...and likewise, their right to adopt the crucifix, or cross, as a sign of their chosen faith.........Drekx

Some of the churches that closed down were bought by Hindus and Sikhs and converted into temples. Once opened they started free kitchen meaning free food for all who come and soon daily hundreds started coming and the once empty churches taken over have now so many people coming daily .... Krishna said I am in the holy books ...  I am in the prashadam ( food ) so blessed are they who eat together in temples no reason why churches can't do the same. Hare Krishna's started serving meals in a couple of churches in London...they served one or two evenings a week and at that time the churches became full thus proving my point Churches Reborn 

This mega feasts will bring back sharing and caring instead of greed and corruption 



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