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The bull men of the Illuminati have chosen their big bully.

The name Donald means World Ruler. "Gaelic Dumhnall, World-Might ruler of the world. Trump card, or Trumpet. Triumph, to deceive and cheat. "Trionfi" fabricate, devise. The Joker, Trickster, the Wild Card  ranked above all the cards.

You can even tell by the hair. He's the got the same thing going on as the other donalds, Ronald Mc Donald, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, etc. He's the angry, crazy, joker.

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~Unfortunately, not taking the shite that pours out of these half baked morons mouths seriously, is exactly how a reality TV cartoon / demagogue / narcissist / misogynist / racist / Iluminati pawn, is walking into the 'role' of President. As far as I can tell, the Teabuplican / Neocon / Authoritarion / War Lords, are all frothing at the mouth like Pavlovian dog's because they're about to cash in from the biggest shell game ever perpetrated in human history. & ALL the flag waving, brainwashed sheeple who cosigned this madness with their willful ignorance & their 'vote'?... They're laughing too. But for all the wrong reasons. 

It´s obvious to see how allied you are with the corrupt media Luke ;)

Ridicules and daft statement to make, Andronover, you have no clue what you are even talking about. What's obvious are your pathetic attemps to muster up a valid reply because you simply can't, that you won't even accept the truth even when it's shoved right under your nose says it all really, truth which has been provided by Stick, Michael and myself and yet you brush it off because, as clichéd as it sounds, you can't handle the truth, therefore you settle for illusions. The best you can do to combat the truth, is search your pockets for a scarcastic one liner that dosen't hold any weight. Here, click the video, open your eyes and ears, and watch as it undeniably comes straight from the horses mouth. Watch Donald Trumps newly appointed Secratary of Defence, the psychopathic baffoon that is General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, openly boasting that he likes to shoot people because he thinks it fun to do so. Get real, Andronover, your replies thus far are hollow and vacuous. I already posted this video but you didn't bother to watch it the first time, no surprises there, as always, glossing over the evidence because you are in such deep denial. It's so obvious to the rest of us in here, that you ignore the fact's even when they're piled up in front of your face. Of course, you hold Trump as the savior of America, some sort of "messiah", because you're basically deluded. Like so many other deluded Trump devotees, you actually think Ronald McDonald is the chosen one, chosen by God to lead America, indeed, you deem him a "fully Christed being", even though you can't explain your ridicules claim, because you can't find the words to support it, because there are no words to support it. I dare you to try to explain just exacty what you mean by what a "full Christed being" is, because so far, you haven't expanded on that one.

You don't look deeply enough into the rabbit [email protected] because you're simply not ready to go there, you're too busy blindly hailing your dictator from the surface, just like millions of people did when they fell under the spell of Hitlers facist regime in the 1930s, which provided a powerful seduction to the equally docile masses, built upon illusary political propaganda and led by psychopathic madman with delusions of grandeur who somehow managed to cast a spell over his herd by spouting a rhetoric of deceit, a bit like Donald Trump, dont you think? Welcome the the 21st century equivalent, only this time the dictator in question has a blonde quiff and likes to "grab em by the p****". Climb down from cloud cuckoo land and dig deeper into your conciousness. You won't study the material provided by Stick on the wetiko virus because its obviously too complicated for you to grasp, you don't understand the Archon infection that Donald Trump and all of the goons that surround him are riddled with because you are tainted by it yourself. Go back to square one, brother, you have a lot to unlearn.

it seems ike Dnald Duck is getting him self souranded by wall street boys , he spoke so against in his such great election speaches. there are more conservative goons in line to be approved by senate , since Lindon Johnson silly trump supporters yur due is coming..............

SoftBank Pledges to Invest $50 Billion in U.S. After Meeting With Trump

There is roughly 3 TRILLION(which should TRIPLE as businesses grow ) in off shore accounts and those rsponsible are getting ready to invest it in the US-I know it's not what the left corner wants to hear-depopulation through creating poverty and this will help the environment etc but people want to do things and have a life-



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