Chemtrails in SC

As I was doing my morning sun gazing today at 06:30 am I noticed that planes were already spraying  chemtrails (as usual). They spray most days in the Charleston, SC area. I can't speak for other areas. Anyways, I decided to count and to study them before I started my practice. There were 14 planes spraying within a 30 minute period of time. There were a few planes that had the "normal" contrails that evaporated within a minute or so. These were not counted as they were not spraying. I noted that all of the aircraft were at about the same altitude, from what my binoculars and I could tell. All the planes that I witnessed appeared to be about the size of a standard commercial airliner. All the planes were spraying as they flew from north to south or from south to north. I thought this interesting, as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  Maybe something to do with the direction that the air currents were blowing? 

The chemtrails that were sprayed pretty quickly dispersed and joined together in what looked like your standard cirrus cloud grouping. I would estimate that the sun's rays lost about 30% of its brightness when it rose to the level of the chemtrail cloud mass. This was at about 07:20 am. Usually these chemtrails stick together a little longer before dispersing into a cirrus type of cloud, from what I've witnessed in the past. These looked like a cirrus cloud in a matter of 30 minutes or so. There was no noticeable wind on the ground, but there was obviously wind currents at their altitude, as the chemtrails joined together pretty quickly.

I find it interesting that there is no reports of chemtrails in China. They must not be a part of this operation. They are reported just about everywhere else where there are large population areas. These chemtrails have been proven to contain Barium, which is hazardous to our health. There is a lot of info on it on the web. I attached a link on Barium at the bottom of the post. Some sources say that they only use this when performing weather modifications...if you want to believe this. Others say it's used in conjunction with HAARP. That's another story in itself. Barium in the air, when mixed with moisture actually makes it hotter. Talk about global warming. (eyes roll)

There are many ideas out there about chemtrails. Everything from those that think they are normal (chemtrails really are "contrails" and are 100% harmless) to us, that know that they are dangerous to our health. I believe that certain parts of our government know about what is going to happen and are trying to stop/slow it down. I am thinking that they are trying to block as much of the sun's rays as possible. They know about all of the energies that are coming into the Earth and know that these energies are going to change humanity and will do whatever they can to stop it. Because they would loose their power over us. Lets say that I am wrong and this is not the case. Okay, then these are still dangerous to us and our health. This has been proven. Our military has supposedly used barium in the past to spray on the "bad guys" to make them sick. Barium 140 can be used in the construction of nuclear weapons, and we know that nothing "good" goes into the making of them.

There have been all kinds of reports of strange illnesses that have been caused by Barium, or was suspected to be linked to increased levels of Barium. It is even in our drinking water now! Here is a short list of what Barium causes.

difficulties in breathing

changes in heart rhythm

increased blood pressure

stomach irritation

brain swelling

muscle weakness

skin lesions

These are my thoughts on the Chemtrails. Some of this information I got from doing research and the rest from my own observation. Bottom line, and at a minimum, we are being sprayed with a toxic substance and this has got to stop. There is nothing good that can come of it....Unless it accelerates the timeline for our Star Family's to visit us, because they know that we are being poisoned by these Chemtrails.

BTW...I wrote Lindsey Graham (a SC Senator) complaining about Chemtrails earlier this year and got back the standard BS. "Thank you for your concerns, together we can make our great state"...blah, blah, blah...never once mentioning the chemtrails. But it would not hurt if "We All" wrote someone.

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  • Barium is also a descant which keeps your pills dry in the bottles with the little bag.  When sprayed wholesale into the air as they do in NM it drys us out the already dry desert and makes the clouds that do appear evaporate.  WE are living in 10-30 percent humidity most of the time now which is why they whole SW mountain area is on fire.  We also have many smaller fires that would not be put onto the MSM.  The RIO Grande which used to be a rushing torrent in the old days is now a muddy stream up here in northern NM (as opposed to the walk over area down along the Texas border, which has been that way for years.)  About China; NATO is not able to fly their planes over China so you will not hear of any of this type of air borne chem spraying there.  They have other ways to keep the Agenda 21 going.

  • I read a post on a forum which I believe to be true, it was a chemist who used to work for a company that sold the chemicals they spray with. He said they would have him create specific chemicals to alter people's moods and the weather..

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