Celibacy is about Self Love

Celibacy is about living in awareness and with care.  Celibacy is something that should be chosen as a positive affirmation; not because one wishes to deny, avoid, escape.

As per, namely, the Catholic Church--it is not about believing that there is something wrong or bad within you which must be defeated or suppressed.

Celibacy is about Love.  It is about that deeply spiritual, unconditional love and living connected with it, being in tune with the Universe.

Peace and much love to all. =)


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  • i thought that abstaining from sex was kind of a "magical" practice for lack of a better word, and practiced by the druids and other orders, religions, ect.  as a way to keep your vital force, the kundalini force or chi.          

          admittedly, i had'nt read the entire post and someone for sure has mentioned this!



    • I think that's exactly right Curt, that's how it works for me at least. I know when I orgasm, I always feel drained of energy, of vitality, of life force and creativity. That's why I don't like doing it. You get a moment of pleasure, followed by like 2 days of lack of energy lol It's not worth it.

      And this whole idea of sex being so important...it's only important if you make it important to you. And I really think it's used for many people, for the same reason they would take a drug. It's a way to glimpse the higher realms, glimpse oneness, glimpse orgasmic bliss. But it's just a physical act, and like most acts, it's just an impersonation, acting a part...it's like a copy, a fake, a substitute.

      I read somewhere once that our drive for sex is really our drive to be ALIVE and feel the spirit of God within us. Our sexual libido is really our creative potential screaming to be unleashed, and if we give our sexual creative energy to true creative pursuits, imagine what we can create. But instead we use it for a sex act, that depletes our creativity, depletes our life force, our vitality, our ALIVENESS, and ultimately leaves us unfulfilled, walking around half dead, using half our creative potential. It limits Gods expression through us. It really does.

      So think about that one people, and ask yourself why we are constantly bombarded with sexual innuendos via the dark side controlled media all the time.

      • Really? when I orgasm I actually feel the entire opposite, in fact I orgasm right before my daily workout, I feel it enhances my physical perfomance.

        I guess the human body just resonds different to many different things, and sex is not the exception.

        And we are bombarder with sexual innuendos by the media because it's the most effective (and most mediocre in my opinion) way to get the audience attention... I work in marketing.

        • Well you know....somehow....I doubt that lol And I can just see it in both your eyes, this lifelessness...and that's what happens when you orgasm all the time, you get depleted of life force energy. You want to feel alive and dynamic, you want to feel passionate and motivated, you wanted to feel inspired and creative...easy, just stop having so much sex! lol

          • When did I said I have sex? I'm a graphic designer (creative by nature) and I'm the best in what I do, I don't want to feel dynamic, motivated, inspired or passionate.... I AM.

            Like I said before, even if you knew what my life is on a daily basis, why would you want to judge it? Whoever judges you I hope they see the light and let you be, maybe that way you could do the same.

            Bless you.

          • That shows though, that everyone feels differently after they have had Sex. Not everyone feels the same way as you do Jancar. You are controlling how ppl should feel after they have Sex, and that isn't fair to do. 

            That shows that your words on here are pointing people into the wrong direction of there Paths, there own Paths. I mean if you were to tell me that you don't like Sex, and that you don't like having it, and you leave it alone, because of how you feel afterwards. I wouldn't even say anything on it, I would say good for you for not having Sex, because it can be a burden for some. You though aren't leaving Sex alone, for how you feel afterwards

            If it is that lifeless for you afterwards, then you shouldn't be having it, that was what I was trying to tell you. Do like what some people do when they feel that way about Sex, and just stop having it period, so you don't have to bitch to other people on here about there own Sex Life that they are enjoying with there partners at nite 

            There are some on here who don't like Sex, but you don't see them running around telling them that they shouldn't be having it with the partner they are with 

            It isn't your place to tell ppl how they should feel after having something like that

            Some men do feel more alive afterwards, actually no most men do, there are some that maybe don't, but I have seen cases where Men that don't drop the sex out of there period, so they don't have to deal with it. 

            I mean why make your partner suffer with the whole Sex thing, when you feel so bad after having Sex. I don't get that part

            You don't like how you feel afterwards, then why are you still having it for when u don't like it? 

            Bless the Nite,


            • Well I don't buy that for a minute, it's the same principal for everyone. When you orgasm, that depletes your chi energy, your life force, your creativity. I don't understand how it can be any other way.

              Again it's just your mind saying this, because you probably don't recognize it, because you have sex every night....so you're so used to feeling like that, you don't even realize it. And it's not that you feel totally lifeless, you feel more lifeless, and the more you have it, the more dead you're gonna feel, and look. Because cumming depletes your life force energy. And I can just see it in you, so that says more than your words ever will.

              And I never told people to not do it, if they want to do it, that's their choice, I can't control whether people do it or not lol I'm just saying if you do it all the time.....expect this and this and this....but if they want to do it, let them do it. And if you really want to recognize it, try this, try not having sex for a month....and see how you feel....you'll see, you'll feel more inspired, more creative, more alive....you'll feel lighter....I mean just try it lol

              And April lol Just because you would suffer if you go without sex for a bit, doesn't mean every girl is like that lol Not everyone is addicted to sex. It's just like a junkie, they don't get their fix and they suffer.

              Me and my girlfriend didn't have sex until long after we started dating....there was no pressure.....and we don't have sex all the time. Like maybe twice a month. And she's okay with that, I already told you, she's not a very sexual type of girl, she's very pure and innocent and sweet. Sex just isn't that important. And it shouldn't be, only to impure dirty people who have developed a huge craving and a need for it...those are the people who find sex so important lol

              • I will ask Gordon tonite, how he feels after he orgasm's and I can bet that his answer won't be the same as your answer is. I can almost put money on that. I can ask my sister as well, and see what she says about her husband. Not everyone feels this way, I'm certain of that, and this is just one Site, when there is the rest of world out there who don't feel this way. You and Darlok among the other men on here, are just one in a million to the rest of word who would disagree with this 

                Seriously, calling me things that you have no right to do, and saying how low I feel afterwards, goes to show you know nothing about how I feel afterwards, and how my husband feels either. That was a dirty low blow, and not real Heart Centered answer either. Yes Jancar stay within your Heart Center, and tell the rest of the world how they aren't in the Heart Center, while you tell wives of husbands that they are dirty for having sex with there partner at nite. What is wrong with this picture>

                You are connected to God, but you speak little of females who have that kind of relationship with there husbands, and dammit it is something that is normal when a man is married to a female in the  3D. They have sex at nite, get over it 

                I know if you were to come to Wisconsin and say shit like this to men who love there wives, and love being with them at nite, you wouldn't get away with it. I dare you to go out in public, and tell that to the wives who are sitting next to there husbands, wearing plaid shirts, and working jobs around the clock. Tell them shit like this, and see what happens. You wouldn't like the response you get, because the men would think that there was something wrong with you, because you think little of the wives they are sleeping with at nite 

                Get over yourself Jancar

                Bless the Nite,


                • I mean, you saying that, oh I would suffer if I don't have sex every night, and I'm glad I have a husband who can do that for me, that to me is just like a junkie saying, well I'm glad my dealer lives with me, so I can get my fix and not have to suffer! It's not exactly the same, but it's similar!

                  And again....here is a test for how real and pure your love is for each other.....how long would your relationship survive, if you eliminated sex from the relationship.

                  I mean it's as clear as day, clearly you are addicted to sex. You can't even go without it. Part of advancing on the spiritual path means releasing all attachments...attachment to sex being one of them.

                  And there's nothing wrong with sex itself, it's the attachment, the needing it, the lusting, the thinking that it's oh so important.....that's when it becomes impure. And THAT is why I said what you're doing is impure. You can take that as a judgment if you want, so be it.

                  • John.. U don't want April to take physical sex outta the equation.. Trust me! Because if that happend u would find her hubby Gordon wacking off to interracial porn in one room, while she would be rubbing one out to HEMAN in the other.

                    J/k Apz :0

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