Celibacy is about Self Love

Celibacy is about living in awareness and with care.  Celibacy is something that should be chosen as a positive affirmation; not because one wishes to deny, avoid, escape.

As per, namely, the Catholic Church--it is not about believing that there is something wrong or bad within you which must be defeated or suppressed.

Celibacy is about Love.  It is about that deeply spiritual, unconditional love and living connected with it, being in tune with the Universe.

Peace and much love to all. =)


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      • Celibacy is usually a difficult choice to make;  one which a person makes with alot of thought and consideration, because it is after all a denial of human nature....  However Pikachu, take me for instance... I am pure & undefiled not because the church or anyone else told me to be, but because I hate the fact that women are so f*ckin cheap and degrade themselves so easily!  This I say from personal experience!

        Women have little self worth and show it by spreading their legs for every retard that shows em an ounce of attention...  Like F*CK!!  I find that disgusting!  And to add to this, Men are even f*ckin worse!!!  This is why many people *including myself* don't like the human race very much, because instant gratification of the body has poisoned mens/womens souls!! 


        As for u  Pikachu. Based on what u said I can only tell u that u will never experience a union of the body/mind/heart at the same time... At least not in this lifetime and that's pretty pathetic.  :\

        • I see were you're coming from, I don't always have the best thoughts on the civilization we live in. I have met people who have little self respect, along the way they learn, even if it takes decades.

          Yes, I'm taking you for instance, you has know nothing about me and yet you call me "pathetic", I can only tell you one thing...

          I love you, whether you understand it or not, I love you and I hope all the hather you were expresing finds a way out for you to live in peace, I love you, whatever you call me, I love you and I'll keep loving you.

          • The Goddess needs to rise within every female.  Maybe then they'd stop spreading their legs so much.  Chivalry is dead and women killed it!

          • *Throws a bucket of cold holy water at Pikachu*  ENOUGH! & Begone SheDemon!!   hah j/k

            But ty for those kinds and loving words Pikachu :)  And i suppose u are right.. People do learn eventually and I know u only based on what u said.  Thnx for knowing where i'm comin from :0

  • I like this post............finally something I can relate with............I , just recently practiced celibacy for past 9 yrs, I still would like to practice semi~that energy with partner who understands it that it is unhealthy to just "romp" all the time for the sake of tantric love making. I can sure provide that for my partner if I don't get harassed about it every other day.................................

    But I like not doing it all the time.............and I would prefer a woman who likes me for who I am and not how I can perform in bed alone........it's a touchy topic and many new agers will advertise free loving in the name of new age tantra, and have no control over their bodily needs. rather I would like self control, and a need to be loved as person not as a tool to provide relief in ............

    Love is not sex and by all means sex does not mean love..8113966456?profile=original...............................

    • essaya, thank you for sharing with us!  Sex, and your sex partner for that matter, are sacred!

      I've found that I like what Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God and Gary Zukav in Seat of the Soul have had to say about the subject of sex and relationships.

      Peace and much love. =)

  • Celibacy is liberation.


    Yes agree can be about protecting one self.


    I'd also say it's a choice.  No one is better than anyone else if they choose celibacy, nor is anyone less if they choose to have sex (including casual sex).



    • Butterfly have u been sniffing Elmer's glue by the gallons, or are u just a very naive person?

      Yes ppl who refuse to have sex with others are better than those who do not.  I will tell u how because u seem to be confused.  

      Physical sex is an exchange of energies... Everytime u have sex with someone, not only do u defile the temple of God but u also incur negative karma which later turns into mental, emotional, and all too often nowadays, physical baggage...  All these things destroy a human being, within and without! mentally/emotionally by making them unstable, physically by an unwanted child.  Believe u me!! U will be reminded and haunted by this and it will not go away because all this garbage, whether u like it or not causes DRAMA

      Do u see now butterfly or are u still ignorant?

      • As if I'd listen to a negative entity like you Darlok!  You are so anti-sex, everytime there's a discussion about it - you present your negative, hateful, spiteful views!  You haven't an ounce of love in you as far as your replies go.  You're incredibly judgemental and hateful!


        good luck in your 'spiritual' journey.  I wonder what you're doing on a forum like this.


        Oh - care to contribute financially to supporting this website?  Or you 'struggling'?  Maybe not working?


        • Also Butterfly.. To answer your accusations because u seem to be blinded to the truth and not like what i have to say... Here's what a very wise philosopher LAO TZU has to say to ppl like u:

          Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.

          LAO TZU

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