Celibacy is about Self Love

Celibacy is about living in awareness and with care.  Celibacy is something that should be chosen as a positive affirmation; not because one wishes to deny, avoid, escape.

As per, namely, the Catholic Church--it is not about believing that there is something wrong or bad within you which must be defeated or suppressed.

Celibacy is about Love.  It is about that deeply spiritual, unconditional love and living connected with it, being in tune with the Universe.

Peace and much love to all. =)


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  • Grrr Darlok, there is something you should know about the Male an Female energies. They say that just because we carry out Male and Female bodies on this Earth Plane. Some of them actually carry out more female and male energies from within. The Male body can look like a Man on Earth, but within his physical body he can carry out Female Energies. Jancar here has admitted before that he carries out the Female energy from within himself. Hey, I don't fault him though for that, because that means he could be real sensitive then most Males out there in this world 

    I mean it does happen. However though, that isn't the reason I don't understand Jancar

    He does have a sharp mind when it comes to things, and for that I respect, and I think that he does think a lot with his mind.

    I won't get into though, just to let you know that in some area's not everything is all black and white. I think that Jancar though has a personal agenda for some things that he talks about on here, and it isn't very positive at times

    That part I do have a problem with, but hey that is just my take on things 

    I don't think that we have to be out of our minds, in order to be within the Heart Center. I think that we can do both, with moderation 

    Even though i don't agree with Jancar on this one, there might come a time where i do agree with him on something

    Like lets say something on Politics. 

    The Mind thing though nay for that one lol

    Bless the Nite,


    • April.. I get it.. I'm the same way as him then.. because I too have more feminine than masculine energies within me.  Hard to believe huh? 

      And April.. I don't really know how far the disagreements between u and John go.. But it's cool to watch u guys argue :)

      • After the last response Darlok, I'm done with it. Jancar can have the floor on here, and go around telling females that they shouldn't have sex at nite with there husband, because it is low and dirty to do things like that. If that is what he wants to do, then more power to him. I for one don't like that kind of preaching, because that isn't any better then what the Christians do with there preaching 

        I'm seriously offended by the last response, because i know that most men don't feel this way about the females they are with, some maybe not all of them are like that. I married a good one out there, and I'm lucky, because men like Jancar don't run my life, and I get to do what I want to do.

        Most females aren't that lucky, because they allow someone to rule them like that, and say whatever they want to say to them. I'm just lucky enough that Gordon doesn't feel this way about me. 

        That isn't to say though that some females aren't lucky either.

        The last response though not worth my time anymore.

        You and him can have a ball with telling ladies on here not to have sex with there partners because it is dirty and low 

        Bless the Nite,


        • Well look April, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, or make you think that I'm judging you or something like that. You know I care for you and I think you're a great person.....and I never said that sex itself was some kind of dirty thing. It's this preoccupation with sex, this lusting...this need to have it every night or else you feel bad and you suffer....that to me, is when it becomes impure.

          And I know too much sex isn't good for you. Too much sex drive usually is a result of out of control root chakra....and I think you need to tone it down a bit. I mean having sex every night....every night! lol That's a bit out of control. And I know it's an impurity....and I'm talking from a spiritual perspective here, which I guess I look at spirituality in a different way than most people.

          To me, spirituality is about...the heart...about purity, and innocence, and love...and divinity....and magic and wonderment....it's very child like. It's about connecting with God, and the divine....and I just don't see how sex fits into that. Sex is like a worldly thing, it's a physical thing.

          I guess sex can be divine, but I don't sense that from you, I think for you...sex is very much a worldly thing. I don't sense much divinity coming out of it, from you. I could be wrong....but that's my sense. And I mean, do what you like...it's your life...and I'm not trying to tell you what to do....I just...I don't know....

          Maybe I'm too child like....but...I have experienced already....Gods presence..and the type of pure love that he has for us, and the pure way that he looks at us....and...it's just so far removed from sex. And that's the level I'm trying to get to, that level of purity...and innocence...sweetness...and love....real love, divine love...and there's just very little sexuality involved with that.

          I know people are going to say different, and talk about orgasmic bliss and tantric sex and all that stuff....but they don't know....I've experienced Gods presence already...and Gods presence just transcends all of that...it's just heavenly, it's divine...it's pure...it's sweet...there's no real sexuality at all. That was my experience at least...maybe there's more to it than that, I don't know.

          Can you mix divine love with sexuality, sure I can feel that....I don't think it's the purest realest type of love, though. I mean you love your mother, or your kids...but you wouldn't have sex with them lol See that's real love. That's the type of love God has for us. And that's the type of love I'm trying to get to, and I'm sure it has very little if not nothing to do with sex.

          • John.. what experience have u had?  Do tell if u don't mind sharing!

            • Well I wrote one, but it was so long lol And it has to be, to really understand the scope of it. So I put in its own post, you can go read it there and share your thoughts and experiences as well!

              • alright.. Link it!

        • April.. I dont really know what he told u to do or not to do, but judging by few of his other posts I think he's right on the ball with what he's saying..   Most people will not agree because they have not yet reached that state of spiritual evolution.  I don't know why some ppl lag behind while others are ahead in terms of the evolution of the soul, but I guess that's just how it is.

          April.. people that have attained to a higher state of mind, even if for just a few seconds, like to critique others who have not...  So that's what it is :0

    • Yea Darlok, I don't think that's cool. It seems the male-female duality is still something you need to work on lol

      And yea April, I am very androgynous...I've very masculine but I'm also very feminine....and both sides can go to their extreme. And that's how I like it, I want to be able to not just have them balanced, but to be able to go into either extreme, at will.

      And yea, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty smart lol My mind is one my greatest strengths. But I'm smart enough to know, when to get out of the mind lol I'm smart enough to know that being in the mind all the time, isn't really good. For reasons I've been over with you, 100 times lol I'm smart enough to understand the value of being heart centered. And to be heart centered, you have to disconnect from the mind. Not entirely, but enough so that the heart can lead, and the mind can be the servant of the heart, which I think is its real place, its real purpose.

  • Celibacy may be a another view of Love by our Creator, but I do not think it is for most of us to choose.  If that is what you feel is right, then follow your call.  If not, try to find your Partner in Love, and live Together a Good Life.

This reply was deleted.

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