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Cancer cure Doctor An interview with Natural Doctor Janine Vogt and your chance to ask her a question

Dear Ashtar Command crew readers I need your contribution to this :

I have a pending Interview here in the Caribbean with A Doctor Janine Vogt who has been curing Cancer as a practitioner in Germany for years now.

She called me today to ask me to make sure the questions are specifically structured So that we can then get that information to the people.

So I have sent this message to as many journalists that I know and would like you to do the same.

A good for instance is indianinthmachine (Dieter Braun ) asked me to ask her if cancer is a reaction based on the light missing form someone spirituality? and he is an indiginous spitualist and Chemicals engineer.

She says that cancer is spiritual and a brilliant form of life and is a trauma based cure for the human body.

Once we acknowledge and our in tune with our cancer 's vibrational frequency we can then reduce the exponential growth that the cancer has as a natural attribute.

She will go on to say what are preventatives and cures which I have many on my table here right now to discuss with her.

Here is YOUR opportunity to ask her any question you like by posting in the comments section so that I can go through them and add them to the videos and Powerpoint doc as we go.

If some of you are unaware that cancer can be cured then first go to my first meeting with her ,,,and It was than my mind was blown ,,but have since found many things that can offer cures to varying forms of cancer HIV AIDS and all manner of illnesses here :

She has all of her Lung cancer patients Cured and yet not  one of them smoked.

Use the comments section below and I will have this open during the interview and you will then get a transcript of her direct answers to you.

I really look forward to your contributions.

Your question will feed the cog of the wheel of love that is steamrollering over the cabal as we speak

Namaste Dave 

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I'm at a loss for what to ask but I'd like to see this developed if it is a legitimate cure, so I bump this thread.



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