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Can You Guess What McDonald’s Food Item This Is? also The Worlds First Bionic Burger...Think twice before you decide to go to McDonald's

By Bruce Hampton
You have been served…………with mechanically separated chicken! Over a billion sold!
This is what fast-food chicken nuggets, processed frozen chicken meat, and patties are made of. BARF!!!!!
Here’s the creation process. What they do is take parts of a chicken and put it through this machine that mechanically separate the meat from the bone. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. What it does instead is smash EVERYTHING including the bones, eyes and guts making it come out looking like the picture above.
Since this meat is infested with bacteria, it will be soaked in ammonia in order to kill those little critters. But who wants ammonia nuggets? Not I and I’m sure you don’t want any either. So in order to mask the ammonia taste, they season it with a s*** load of artificial flavors. [Yup, that will do it]
Right about now, I know what you’re gonna ask. “Hey Bruce? How do they get rid of the freakish pink color?”
Dude? That’s what dye is for. So in order to get people to devour this crap, they dye it with artificial colors in order to give it that white texture.

Mmmmm! Mmmm! Taste like chicken. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Here’s the deal with mechanically separated meat. [I’m going to call it MSM for short because I don’t have that much time on my hands.] MSM is a paste like substance that is created by forcing part of an animal carcass into the sleeve of a machine called “Meat Deboner”.
HA! Meat De-B****!

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Nice to hear from you Ascended Master Valana Ashtar Thor and i hope Cmdr Valiant Thor is keeping busy with assisting humanity in Ascension. I read once that he takes up abandoned children in his Ship to Venus so that they have a better life and i hope he helps a lot more.

McDonalds ..Beefeaters..are loaded with heavy karma ...All those who are involved face heavy Karma and in 2012 this year their Karma is going to ripen and reaction will follow. Those who turn to love and light will be saved but the others will have to pay heavy with their Karmas

First of all, I do not mean to anger what feels like an already 'touchy' group of people. That is not my intent. Truth in what we put here though is. The article, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, but it's headlines are simply not true. Call it synchronisity. Yesterday I stumbled on a video showing that pink 'gunk' while floating around Youtube. McDonald's is not part of that. They used to be, but do not any longer is what this link that I will share with you says. Please notice the date on it too. October 6th 2010!!!

I think that we have a certain measure of responsibility when we take something that has been viral for a couple years and post it. Am I a supporter of McDonalds? No on so many levels! It is, to me, one of the most disgusting places one can eat. Garbage in, Garbage out right? But, reading through these comments, I found a few of them disturbing. How can we justify saying they need to die, be shot, or be bombed with their employee's inside? Really?

Just as we chose to wake up, we choose what we eat. There are bad choices all around us and we make choices all the time to do, or not do something. What? Should we go around and blow up all the bars? Where will you see that end?

Honestly, I think a lot of this is just 'knee jerk' reaction to seeing this vile stuff and maybe for the first time, and some lack of self restraint in our expression of it. But its a fact that our food industry is, and has been for a very long time, an absolute mess. Take the time to educate yourself. The information is out there. Even the 'organic' side of it is having issues. Should we go shoot all the farmers because children and old people died from eating contaminated vegetables? How messed up is that! Or how about GMO plants? I could go on and I am sure you could too.

Think. Part of being 'awake' is making better choices, taking the higher path--- In all things. Wishing others dead who are just doing their job, or maybe their second jobs, working in these places, trying to make ends meet, trying to provide for their families. They need our love, not our anger. These are tough times we live in. Not everyone has the luxury of choosing where they will work, but only are thankful that they could get a job! We need tolerance for each other. Those that you want to 'blow up'? They are your sisters and brothers. Remember that. Those you hate, are part of us, you, me.... right? We have to be careful, aware, and awake. I think we are going to see a lot more of this type of behavior from well intentioned people. We have to strive to do better.

I imagine I angered a lot of you. For that I am truly sorry, but it is right I feel, that this is said. We cannot act in this 'knee jerk' fashion and get work done!

Peace and serentity to those of you who are deeply upset at discovering our food industry putrescent modes of operation. Strive to make better choices, educate yourself, trust your higher self, but do not cause harm for harm. We need to make this a better place right? I am sorry if I caused harm with my words, but I was suprised when I logged on and saw this right up front.

My love and Light to you all,

Ok, I am not going into the discussion about our children's health (if they are eating crap, don't blame Mc Donald's, blame the parents), or the fact that many think that only vegetarians/vegan are true lightworkers (feeling a bit superior?). But really what bothers me to no end, is the condoning of violence. Ravinder, wtf? No really, WTF??? I have been a member for quite a while, and at first I thought your posts were kinda interesting/entertaining...and than I realized that they were kinda scary, more like paranoid-obsessive-fear mongering and full of hate. You made it clear that not only you have not idea what you are talking about, but you forgot to take your meds. You are more likely to be seen as a person full of hate and violence. Perhaps you need to change your diet. Did you know that a lot of vegetarians/vegans (not all of them, ok?) lack so many nutrients that their brain starts to turn them into paranoid beings, with obsessive compulsive thoughts (i.e. the rants you have posted, the violence, the self-rightfulness) . So my suggestion, just go have a nice steak, medium rare, with a nice butter sauce. I promise you will feel better, (it will probably make you a bit horny too, so go get laid already!) and will be a changed man, that doesn't believe that any "god" is going to kill people because of a secret plan, or that we should bomb any institution we don't like...really, if that is the stuff you believe, well...I really feel sorry for you. Hope you see the "light", the real one, no the one on your ceiling hanging from an electrical wire...

Wow! Quite a rant haha nice :) there's nothing quite like a good slap round the face to ground you back in reality. :D 

2012 the year joints like McDonalds, Beef Eaters, Kentucky Fried Chicken and meat restaurants will CLOSE DOWN

It was predicted 2/3 of the population of the World will die from eating meat



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