quote-anger-makes-you-smaller-while-forgiveness-forces-you-to-grow-beyond-what-you-are.jpg?width=597Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness


The planetary elite have been on their last legs for some time now, and when they’re exposed and brought to divine justice, humanity will be tasked with forgiving the very people who’ve oppressed us for centuries.


I believe in justice, because I recognize that it’s an essential catalyst to the establishment of peace and unity. The cabal has devastated the rest of the world for centuries, and they deserve to be exposed and brought to justice for their crimes.


However, I think we’re meant to see beyond our deeply rooted ways of division-fueled vengeance, and this can only happen if we make the collective decision to forgive the cabal for what they’ve done. Learning forgiveness in the greatest sense by forgiving the evilest force on the planet will accelerate our growth and see us able to forgive each other much easier.


Thanks to channeled messages, we’re blessed with a lot of material about this subject. Here, I’d like to examine what’s been said about forgiving the cabal and using that forgiveness as a tool to advance our evolutionary growth.


I accept that some seekers don’t resonate with channeled material, but I think genuine channels carry more value than they’re given credit for. We’re encouraged to use our discernment and take only what resonates with us (like anything else), but for me, a genuine and positive channeled entity is a helpful source of information and energy.


Some channeled sources speak about the cabal routinely – exposing them and encouraging forgiveness at the same time. Our guides are here to help us become aware that our reality has been carefully crafted to keep us from a greater perception, but they’re also here to remind us about the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness.


Can you imagine what forgiving the cabal will do for humanity? I don’t think our feelings will ever be hurt again, and if they were, we might instantly forgive the other person. We’re going to learn how to master our emotions, and even though it isn’t their goal, the cabal will inevitably teach us how.


The ‘Great Divine Director’ through channel Elizabeth Ayres Escher tells us about the role the powers that were subconsciously agreed to play in our evolution, starting with the statement that we’re all masters who are practicing our abilities.


“You are ALL Masters. Every one of you, both those who play the dark roles and those who play the light ones; all of you are masters extraordinaire. There are many who would condemn us and our scribe for saying this, but sometimes those who act as villains in your life … are your greatest teachers.” (1)

Whether we realize it or not, we have a lot to learn from the cabal’s tyranny. They’re providing a mirror of what could happen to humanity if we give in to darkness by succumbing to the worst qualities to ever ravage the soul, and having witnessed the results of their descent, most seekers make it a point to root themselves in the light.


We’re then told that we chose the roles we’re currently playing before we made our way to the earth.


“In the higher dimensions, each of you chose the roles that you would play and how you would come together, if only for a short time, to play out those roles, offering opportunities for growth as a result. There are no ‘enemies’ that exist in this world, only teachers, only You, the great collective of humanity, as one entity.” (2)

We’re one consciousness that’s split itself into individualized Godsparks, and we’re meant to teach one another as our awareness grows. Our growth is based on our actions and what we learn from those around us, and in this case, the cabal’s providing a mirror of our collective negativity and, again, showing us what happens when it’s taken too far.


As we’re told below, losing the need to judge or condemn others is an inevitable result of our evolution.


“As each of you, especially the light workers, those who are more self-aware than the populace in general, as each of you opens to this self-awareness and begin to reconnect to the Source of your being, you will let go of the need to condemn self, whether that self takes on your own image or that of another human being.” (3)

It’s very easy to judge ourselves and others, but this tendency will fade as the ego loses the control it’s had over us for millennia. Certain aspects of the lower, survival-driven mind were necessary for our lower-dimensional sojourn, but now, we’re ready to incorporate a new way of life that the ego will inhibit.


Judgment will be a thing of the past when we learn to love and accept each other, but presently, it’s still a big part of our existence. We can change this by changing our own deeply rooted ways, and when we do, we’ll enable the rest of the world to open up to the things we’ve discovered.


Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.




(1) “The Great Divine Director: Be True to One’s Self,” channeled through Elizabeth Ayres Escher (Tazjima), 1 June, 2013 at bluedragonjournal.com.


(2) Loc. cit.


(3) Loc. cit.


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  • This is a tremendous post of awareness. I have a video I made not too long ago that will show them and how they work and operate. I have photo evidence of dark entities and light beings who are around me and the effort being shown from each. I describe how the Law of Attraction is used in the darkness's favor and not the Light by the influences and manipulations they have developed over the existence of creation. Remember if there is any gaps or holes in our awareness levels, that is the invitation for darkness to come and influence us to keep thinking and feeling negative in order to keep creating the world and also your feelings and thoughts as the darkness desires, with wars and pain and hurt and suffering, ect.to keep them alive by feeding off the negative energy's we emit.

    I try my best to make it as obvious as I could so that everyone can see the truth and become aware of what we really want to choose to be around us and within us at all times. I hope my video will help clarify some of this Truth. Blessings of Wisdom to all of you Dear Friends. I know I may not be 100% correct on somethings in the video, but I am working on learning the absolute Truth of this Existence and that is part of my mission here and to share my experience with anyone who wishes for it. Thank you for reading and thank you if you decide to watch.

    • Thanks for sharing this video, Brandon. Any effort to expose the cabal and the lower energy that keeps them in place is appreciated!

      Much Love :)

  • Thank you for your comment, Hellen. :)

  • If there was some evidence that supported this need possible. But I'm not sure there is concern over the acts committed. That being said their removal to someplace where they can harm only themselves is my preference. I'm not saying change isn't possible. But quite honestly I don't not see it happening,the are quite aware of their actions and the consequences they have brought. In conjunction with the sheer ignorance that the sheep of planet earth have let these wolves tear up this world. Rehabilitation is quaint but I don't see it working. Best answer forgive them for yourself and remove them so they can do no more harm.

    • I sort of agree with you.

    • I understand, Bob. With everything, forgiveness and love will show us the way - even if it takes some people like the cabal far, far longer to embrace the light.

      Much Love :)

  • Human emotions aside, in spiritual terms (the only real,) we must forgive the dark cabal and demonstrate the divine skill of renunciation of the lower nature's desire to exact revenge...thus breaking the cycle of karma...It's the only sure way forward...

    Interestingly for me, and maybe you too, even.....my experiences with the cabal are beginning to make me feel truly sorry for them, in their desperation and frenzied fearful attempts to cling on...They are pulling out the stops, yet still cannot free themselves enough from the inevitable...The more I learn about their SICKNESS and HATRED FOR HUMANITY...the more I am finding myself compassionate....They are power addicts on a trip...Very sad to watch....I forgive them...

    • It is sad, Drekx. Compassion is okay, even for the cabal, because they're descending into a tailspin and it can be a little hard to watch. At the same time, they have committed awful atrocities against humanity, so we should certainly be vigilant.

      When the time comes, I think we'll be able to show them the mercy they've never shown.

      Much Love! :)

  • Yes I had a perspective on this I'd like to share as well:

    Loving the Dark Ones of the Cabal

    And also:

    Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light

    Maybe they don't need to be "rounded up" Maybe they simply need to have the opportunity to KNOW the FEELING of LOVE and to express and share and take part in more of a GOLDEN setting from within. I believe that we can share you hearts to all souls alike, simply by gifting them some love, they may wonder where it comes from but it is a gift of learning and it allows them to start walking a new path of enlightenment; not simply an "Illuminated" one, but one illuminated with love as well. hehe

    Blessings to all! Jacob

    Oh I So Love You "Dark Souls" Of The Cabal...
    The dark ones have an agenda. It has nothing to do with the many horrors they have and continue to inflict upon us and everything to do with lowering…
    • Thanks for sharing these posts, Jacob. Indeed, the illumination of the heart is most important!

This reply was deleted.

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