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Dawrinian evolution says that over time, the mutations that increases the likelyhood that an organism leave to reproduce for the next generation will eventually be preserved (selected for). This mere tautology is said to create all the marvel we see as life. Here is a ridle however, how about the mutations that increases the likelyhood of an animal of another species to leave? How will they be selected for? My short opinion is that altruism is beyond naive Dawrinism.

First, let me simplify it with an example: human beings are concerned with the welfare of dolphines. This leads to increase in chances for survival of dolphines but not necesarily the humans who thus cared for the dolphines. So how did this caring trait got selected for the dawrinian way? A 'Dawrinistic enviroment' seems to be a selfish breeding place that is at odd with the altruistic animals of our world!

As a mere tautology it just describe what obviously happens to an already existent, better gene. How that gene comes about in the first place is still a coffee time in Dawrinism. It requires wonders in every stage.

Lets see a plausible mechanism. we have different situations:

a)Animal A develops agresive behaviour towards both those that are agresive to A as well as to those altruistic to A
b)Animal B developes agresive behaviour to those agresive to itself but develops altruism to those altruistic to itself.
c)Animal C develops aggresiveness to those altruistic to itself and developes altruism to those aggresive to itself.
d)Animal D developes indiscriminate altruism.

According to Dawrinism, animal B is the only case where the selection is at least feasible but it still appears very thin to me. First it requires unbeleivable double coincidence. Every time a species develops altruism to a certain species, that other species must simultaneously develope a reciprocating altruism to the first species! Think about this having in mind that to develope the trait in the first place, it requires zillions of 'rewirings' in the brain, heart, guts etc being down all at once before the trait can function such that Dawrinian selection is possible!

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This May help with the meditation process going into oneself even deeper, like in the movie "Contact" when we meet the real being that lives within us.. with out labels ,, is life. We are yet another (A Simulated) race of humans restarted on earth.

Over Millions of years Man has labeling advanced (beings) or ufo's threw the ages as GOD's.. When the h*** time our minds have been shaped by our own kind > the elite, off world on Venus. That never go threw the rebirth of man on earth when its wiped out threw ice age, wars, or the elite instructed order to reboot human again, and again, and yet again. Starting with a clean slate each time , archaeology evidence abound millions of years destruction here, but the tech of elite untouched world Venus and the (God's) remain intact to this day. We only know what we have been allowed to know, from this (god hood) controller of men is man not some alien, mind injected plant of thinking. 
With out this premer in place none will be the wiser or suspect the awakening taking place, here and now.. those who do , wind up dead or erased from history, and God the elite us live on from above on Venus.. laugh all you want, as this to is the mind set in place to keep the world flat for another million years. the evidance is every were if you have the premer to see it.

My dear friend, just a reminder, that Venus was once a vibrant and living world, that served a function, much as our dear Earth does now....She is beautiful still....Her wonderful humans now live inside her surface...Inner Venus.....BUT, they are fellows to be respected and admired....I know that the dark human elites have adopted her rituals as their own.........BUT, our dear Venusians serve the LIGHT, not the dark......They are routing for us, bro...along with the Pleiadians and Sirians, everybody knows about...Our LOGOS comes from the Venus chain of spiritual evolution, YET, we are COMRADES....He is now the LOGOS of Earth.....what experience he has...Bless our earthly benefactor....Thanks dear JOHN-ARTIST, Drekx Omega



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