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Dawrinian evolution says that over time, the mutations that increases the likelyhood that an organism leave to reproduce for the next generation will eventually be preserved (selected for). This mere tautology is said to create all the marvel we see as life. Here is a ridle however, how about the mutations that increases the likelyhood of an animal of another species to leave? How will they be selected for? My short opinion is that altruism is beyond naive Dawrinism.

First, let me simplify it with an example: human beings are concerned with the welfare of dolphines. This leads to increase in chances for survival of dolphines but not necesarily the humans who thus cared for the dolphines. So how did this caring trait got selected for the dawrinian way? A 'Dawrinistic enviroment' seems to be a selfish breeding place that is at odd with the altruistic animals of our world!

As a mere tautology it just describe what obviously happens to an already existent, better gene. How that gene comes about in the first place is still a coffee time in Dawrinism. It requires wonders in every stage.

Lets see a plausible mechanism. we have different situations:

a)Animal A develops agresive behaviour towards both those that are agresive to A as well as to those altruistic to A
b)Animal B developes agresive behaviour to those agresive to itself but develops altruism to those altruistic to itself.
c)Animal C develops aggresiveness to those altruistic to itself and developes altruism to those aggresive to itself.
d)Animal D developes indiscriminate altruism.

According to Dawrinism, animal B is the only case where the selection is at least feasible but it still appears very thin to me. First it requires unbeleivable double coincidence. Every time a species develops altruism to a certain species, that other species must simultaneously develope a reciprocating altruism to the first species! Think about this having in mind that to develope the trait in the first place, it requires zillions of 'rewirings' in the brain, heart, guts etc being down all at once before the trait can function such that Dawrinian selection is possible!

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No, I am just poor in English and spellings and at times my browser...
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Nor trail comments with long msgs.

...Roars...Can I Just Say...Considering This Is Not Your First Language....As You Have Said To Me Before...I Find....You Put Yourself Across Really Well....+ People Get The Jist....Of What You Are Saying.....That To Me.....Is More Important Than.....Mis-Spelt Words.....Sorry To Go Off....The Subject Matter.....Just Saying How I Feel.....<3 .....

Yes, like consciousness itself, I tend to see altruism as a fundamental property of the universe itself. Not explicable by chemistry, let alone being possible to figure out its origin. In some sense, altruism is eternal.
Dawrinism has a lot of problems. It is mostly in the following form:

Lets consider the chicken developing the skills of uttering 'krrrr' to warn others of the comming eagel. Here is the truely jarring part:

a)If the 'krrr' comes without the existence of the eagle, it would be a worthless trait.
b)If the ability to shout 'krrr' comes prior the ability of the chicken's brains to interprate the sound as a warning of the eagle, it would be worthless.
c)If the ability of the chicken to interprate the sound as a warning came prio to the ability to make the sound, it would be a worthless change.

So the only conclution is that every time any animal accidentaly developed the ability to warn, it also accidentaly developed the ability to interprate the signal. This is damply dubious!

You look like you need some help. This website explains evolution very well. If I recall correctly, you can ask questions and get answers in a timely manner.

No! I have gone beyond hand-waving explanations of evolution. I understand Dawrinian Evolution very well and I know what it cannot explain at least yet. I am looking not for an hand-waving explanation but to the luxury of details, of which there are non! Scientists trivialize the insanely complex leaving things which we donnot even understand it yet.

Scientists donnot yet understand how cells work or what exactly they are. So what are they going to explain to me regarding their origins? How can you explain the origin of what you donnot even understand what it is??

Yes! You are very much in need of strong understanding of the concept. By the way, your refusal to read the site and ask the scientists questions only says you're running from truth. Sad.

Stargazing, to get a grip of what I mean by 'explanation', read my blog titled 'evolution of nano machines? You must be kidding'

Dawrinian Evolution is not a fact but a preconceived idea on the must in which interpratations be made. It is just the same as cognitive neuroscience or the idea that DNA stores all the information about a cell. No one can proof such. Scientists begine from THEORY and then they go hunting for evidence and arguments that supports it. But when we do that, we will always find every reason to beleive the theory.

No one observed or have even observed evolution take place. Dawrin used his pure reasoning. But this is dangerous; interprating experiments to fit the futile reasoning of a human being instead of being open to many posibilities!

How biologists has already prefixed that anything you experience is explicable by cognitive neuroscience. However, no one did experiments to prove this. It is a prefixed criteria on how to select 'science' theories. For instance, scientist won't consider the possibility of SOUL to explain the near-death experience. They will say 'we are looking for neurological underpinnings of NDE'. In otherwords, they have already concluded that it is all about neurones before anyone can explain it using neurones or find any evidence of neurones involved!!! This is same thing for Dawrinian Evolution and also Astrophysics. In astrophysics, we cannot even begine considering ELECTRICITY! Everything must be explained by GRAVITY and bigbang. So when data doesn't fit, invent such stuffs as dark matter etc.

When we begine by theory and then work hard to force everything to match the theory, we will find far fetched explanations to save the theory. This is essentially what mainstream science is all about. From quantum field theory, string theory, inflation, general relativity, special relativity, dawrinism, is just like a religion. Our scientists have proven not to be immune to confirmational bias.

So don't come and tell me to go and ask a dawrinian fanatic questions. I might as well go to a Jehovah witness and ask questions. All priests always have answers to all questions!!

Yeah, you so don't know what you're talking about. All the evidence you need is on the Berkeley site. But yeah, you just keep running from truth. Obviously it's what you prefer.

"By the way, your refusal to read the site and ask the scientists questions only says your running from truth"

First of all science is not about truths. Scientists donnot offere truths. Science is tentative and always open to falsification. If truths are in that site, then that is just another denomination.

But that is not the serious part of Dawrinisn. The most serious part is failure to understand a scientific explanation with the hand-waving simplifications offered to ley person. THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION OF EVOLUTION! Donnot confuse a wishy woshy woshie with an EXPLANATION.

Adaliz, you don't understand altruism do you? You don't!!! Do you comprehend the bewildering complexity involved in neurones when you move your hand to pick a bird? You don't! Yet you presuppose that there is someone who can correctly explain how this mechanism came about blind chances!! Is this any better than having faith in any other priest. You see this is the problem with Dawrinism. I will next illustrate to you the big problem.



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