calling upon you for prayers

This has been a very hard month for me.  I had to fly from my home in Florida to Maine because I got a call that both of my elderly parents were dying.  My dad was in intensive care and my Mom was in a nonresponsive coma.  It was a really trying time to say the least.  My mom came out of her coma the day I arrived in Maine and I had plans to go up to the town she was in the next day, as I was two and half hours away from her and did not have a car to get there (I am legally blind and do not drive).  The next morning I got a call that she had died in her sleep that night, and I never did get to see her before she passed.  My Dad was also in intensive care dying of Liver/colon cancer and I still was unable to get up there to see him either.  He is still living though, is in a nursing home and hanging by a thread.  I am asking that prayers be said for my 92 year old Dad that he will have a passing soon so as not to suffer any more.  He wants to be with my Mom, his wife of 72 years.....I am asking that prayers for his quick and merciful passing so he can stop suffering and go home with my Mom.  We can use all the prayers we can get.  I know you are all carrying some light or you would not be here, so please pray for my Dad ok?  I am beside myself with grief right now but am glad my Mom passed because she was at end stage of Alzeimers and it was a blessing that she was freed from her sick body and mind.  I know she is in a better place.  I just want my Dad to be with her, and  not have to suffer anymore.


Thank you for letting me turn to you.  I need all the light and strength I can get about now.


Love you all.

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  •  How beautiful you are . Iwill say a prayer for your DAD. Yvonne

  • Marique, I had noticed your absence here at ACC. My Love and comforting energy is sent your way. You are a really cool, sweet, funny and genuine gal and I look forward to your safe return home soon. 



    • Thank you so much Gooty.  Thank you everyone.  I may not have answered everything here individually as I am so emotional now and prone to going on and on (my dear friends here know how longwinded I can be, lol, but I appreciate so very much all the love and support that is being sent to me.  It has really been a blessing for me knowing I have so many loving friends here.  It keeps me going.  Love you all.
  • You are right about grief changing in time Anthony.  I too lost a son, I lost my middle son Markie in January of this year.  It really really gutted me out when he was murdered, but I am now just glad that I had him in my life for 31 years He was such a joy and loved me so much, and I am thankful that I had the gift of him in my life for as long as I did..  He is in a better place, he had all very difficult sorts of challenges and life was very difficult for him, and I have to just be thankful that he is suffering no more.....and same with my parents, I know they have lived long and wonderful lives filled with joy and love.  I know intellectually that Dad is going to a far better place and that my Mom will be waiting for him, but it still hurts so much, this I will not deny.  I have to look at it that my family is going ahead of me and will be greeting me when I get to the light where they are. 


    My brain is cooperating and thinking the right thoughts but my heart is not listening just yet.  This year has been so hard....I live in fear of who will depart next that I will have to deal with.  If I am lucky it will be my turn, but in the mean time I will muddle through this like I always do... I am going to concentrate on love and peace, all I can do.


    Thank you for the link too.  I will check it out.

  • Sending you healing energy Marique ~

    Death is a transformation, and you will see them again, I know that doesn't make it easier but I really do believe there is something amazing beyond this life.

    So sorry you didn't get to see your mother, I never got to see mine either, before she died.  

    Life is strange, we learn what lessons we can and move on and going through these things is hard but we do some out stronger in the long run, we just need the support of our friends.

  • 8113936680?profile=originalLove u sis, will pray for you dad and send love and light. Right now.
  • Thank you so much everyone for your support and prayers.  I feel uplifted that I have so many loving arms to catch me when I fear I am going to fall.  I can feel all your prayers from here in Maine and it means the world to me.  I know I will get through this and that my parents will be together soon, I think I just have shell shock at this point and feel so helpless because there is nothing I can do for my Dad, and it hurts so bad seeing my dad's 110 pound emaciated body and watch him shake and gasp of breath.  I know he is praying for release and I am too.  I know he will be with Mom soon, then I can mourn but will also rejoice their happiness in their shedding the shackles of the body and returning to the soul's joyful home. 


    I know it is cowardly but I feel like just crying "take me with you Dad", but know that my mission here has not been fulfilled yet.  I hope soon to find out what I am supposed to do here on the prison earth.  Guess part of my mission is to love and live, so please know I love you all very much.  If ever I can help you in a time of need also, just ask and I will help you any way I can, in the mean time I can be a loving friend and will shine light and try to uplift, that is all I can do just now.


    Thank you all so much for being here for me.  This is why Ashtar is my home and I will never leave.

  • Dear Marique. My thoughts and blessings are with you. I know what you are going through. I went through this with my mother  who passed away 4 years ago. I shall pray for your mom's passing and certainly for your dad too. Death is God's hands though but i will pray for him. You are a strong and special person to be enduring this. My thoughts are with you and be assured your mother is in the light. I found myself seeking psychics and found that mother went to the light shortly after her death and she is with her mother and is happy. One time i was told she was placing daffodils at my feet. Know that your mom is always with you and just talk to her and this will make you feel close to her. It really helped and i found i was dreaming of her every night as well too. This will bring you peace within yourself. Sending you love and a BIG hug. Nikki x 

  • you got my prayers~!~

    Wish to be the best one can do ~!~

    Peace, Love and Light might do the trick ~!~

  • Hey Marique, Sounds like your dad had a long life, I hope that things workout for you. It is hard to lose those we care about. Know they will be around you though in Spirit and probably will visit you lots in your Dreams and Visions as well.

    I will send my Blessings

    Bless the Nite,


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