There is a movement happening, there is a shift and we all know it, but we must do our part to help this shift come about, we must begin the revolution by standing up in anyway for our believes. I think this is definitely a good start. It is part of the Carnivalesque Rebellion happening on Nov 22-28th. The message is simple; If you disagree with the current false economic system that doesn't take our environment into the cost of things, or the humane treatment of workers & humans as a whole then hold your money in your pocket for 1 day. Let's get more people to take notice of our cause, of our views. Lets bring more people into this wisdom, all it takes is a little nudge to start a revolution in this fragile world. People are losing jobs, benefits, wages you name it and the negative effects of this system is at a tipping point. All it takes is a few to take action for others to join in.

Everyone can see the issues, & no one is doing anything about it other then complaining and hoping for help to come from outside themselves. Believe me when I say this is only one of many events being planned for this coming week of action and the months to follow. You want change, you want peace, you want harmony then you must do something to get there. You are looking for a sign from whomever to know if this is right, this is the sign, this is the help, we must show the universe we are willing to try & help ourselves. We must stand as one together as a world people for the first time against the evil that oppresses us.

This revolution I'm afraid will turn a bit ugly, there will be those filled with anger who will destroy shops and turn off cars etc. We can not help this, we can only be an example by holding protests in peace in our own cities. I plan on Organizing a peaceful protest in my hometown of Brampton as well as another in the major hub of Toronto around malls.

Anywho whether you start a protest or just take part by just not spending money on those days, 26th for North America, 27th for International beings. know that it will help the cause and process to enlightenment. Time to send out stronger messages to wake people up including our oppressive governments.

A link to the site is at the top but in case you misses it here it is again:

What are your thoughts?

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  • not bad.... one day per year is not much..but it is something...i hope it gets bigger...
    • Everything progresses, it just takes the right experiences to get it. It will grow with time and more people are exposed to it. Remember movements like ours towards love and peace are not on the news. If you want love if you want peace, if you want to understand life, understand the universe, and most importantly understand yourself, which not so coincidentally you soon come to find out that they are all one in the same, you must be seeking it out. That is why people who are alreayd seeking answers through knowledge, through ciriticall thinking, people in this forum for instance, they may not fully get it now, but they will get it & it will happen though choices and other peoples ripple coming from love, from good intention.

      This movement for instance is to help wake people up from materialism, from supporting asocial structure that does not hold up to humanities needs. Consumerism is a plague to mankind and it comes only because it is adopted by us through being taught it through media and the entire societal structure of the need for money. It is greed. Every single problem in this society that has enveloped the world at this point is from money. It does not explain all things, because it is one with the entire situation. I say society structure and you see a word held within a label, I say society structure and completely break it down at it's smallest levels. Money is our fears put into manifesting. With money comes competition to be better, to have more. Abundance leads to poverty because the money doesn't get shared equally. Thus the higher class you are the more of human/godly consciousness' benefits you get to experience. For instance you have all the money, you can take perfect care of your body, massages, more expensive healthier foods, travel, etc. These things should be a right, together our shared experience helped shape the mind of the person who put all there love into creating something to make the world better and more exciting, knowledgeable, healthy, safe, etc.

      Why is there a drug market? Because people in the poor areas need something to escape life. So with demand there needs to be supply, so the same people living in that poor neighbourhood with no job or a shitty paying job decides to invest into his own little business. Now he can finally feed his family and have time to experience life. That's just one extreme. There are many other relationships that can be connected to money that lead to negativity in the world. Just look at all the fear unfortunately there is also a feaer of having a lack of money, why do you think there are so many people still working at there original factory job. They probably started working there with the intention to stickthere until they had enough money to pursue there dreams. So what happened? They got lost in the trap, the more money they got the more crap they bought, and they always needed mor because it never gave them enough happiness to fill the hole from real happiness that giving up there dreams left ( and alot dont even care about the dream anymore). So they protect the existence they have. With bolts on every door, probably more then one.

      Anyways that's one aspect. Trust me when money and fear is replaced by sharing. giving and love we will finally have peace on earth, we will have brought peace on earth. After all heaven is a state of conciousness so is hell, make the connection yet? You know you have heard a ton of people when complaining about life saying that this is hell. Well it is, if you are seeing it and living it that way. Money is not love. Working like dogs 5 days a week and only having 2 to ourselves to enjoy life is not love. Unless of course you get life toa degree & have made sure you are doing somehing you love for a living. Then you are experiencing life. You see you need to bring the things you love into you life. That is being god, that is being the universe, that is experiencing an direct aspect of the prime creator. That is the god experience, that is the realization of one.This movement has been building for a long long time. you are hte way you are becasue someone was the way tey were before you. They made a path, they created ripples. Ripples in our thought, in what was acceptable in here decendant circles and sorrounding world experience. That is the one you must see within humanity.

      The same can be said for this, One day earth will just remember this movement this change in thought as a religion if we develop that way. But with that said, it wont. This is a major shift, we are at a time when we are truly all connected on earth, no information will be lost on whats happening now. This is it, heaven on earth.

      Sorry I digress haha. Went into a flow, I love it when that happens, that's teh good stuff. Choose to believe or not at your own free will. Keep what resonates and throw out the rest without label.

      Any who point is, this is a good thing, participate & if you feel strongly look into The rebellion week is fast approaching and to gain awareness in a good way incase some people are planning to do bad things like smash store fronts etc, plan a peaceful demonstration in your home town, if you feel up to it, talk about your philosophy on life and relate it to the way you see the world. That voice you have inside when you talk to yourself, when you are figuring out life, thinking about the problems within society and the experience you are being, that is god, that is the universe, that is the next level of consciousness, be that. Or maybe thats just my passion haha.

      Rest assured peace is close at hand, you are part of this. Be yourself.
  • This shouldn't be hard for me as I practice frugality/simplicity; these days its become a necessity. The benefits are endless, ignore consumerism, save money, work less, reduce/reuse old items, environmental advantages...mind you having a little kid has sort of forced me into it but it is wonderful! I've been supporting this buy nothing day for years now. So, as the saying goes, "united we stand divided we fall". We will get united on this because the capitalist system is corrupt to the core and most people have become angry enough to stand up and unite.

    Peace and love all around!
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