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Businesses Lockdown In Countries Should Be Total Lockups For Those Not In The Mode Of Goodness...VERY IMPORTANT

No Funding ...No Help . ..Should be given to those businesses that are :

1: Causing Harm To Mother Earth In Any Way ..Any business that is harming Earth, Oceans, Sky must be total lockup for good ... cutting trees, polluting  the oceans, polluting the air must no longer be allowed to open again.

2: Causing Harm to any living entities. Total lockup for slaughterhouses, butchers, meat sellers ...all junk food joints total lockup.. all alcohol joints , cigarette joints, drug joints like Big Pharma and all selling pharma drugs lockup....any business not good for health of all lockdown 

3: Any businesses holding back Ascension of planet earth by wrong mass mind control like some religious groups .. total lockup for good ...

Those businesses not in the mode of goodness all the staff need to shift to businesses that are in the mode of goodness

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By ban on space projects the extraterrestrials have adviced....DO NOT LOOK FOR OTHER PLANETS TO LIVE ON AS ITS YOUR DUTY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR HOME PLANET who can say planet earth is well looked after ..Polluted air, polluted oceans, contaminated soil, yes ...very nice lots of junk food available on this planet ..then there is places of worship that rip you off,lots of beings on big pharma drugs...the list is endless...beings on this planet really know how to look after their home planet well they are planning space projects so they can find another planet that they can mess up 

Space Force flag unfurling ceremony......nicely done Sergeant. Note the flag colours; pale blue, jet black, white & silver chevron....Lovely design with polaris star over Earth northern latitudes...;-]

Corrupt businesses should not be allowed to flourish but should be totally terminated.. the shift the change is for getting in the mode of goodness on this planet ...then Ascension is guaranteed

Giving funding ...helping those that are corrupt businesses is encouraging them to carry on and this time even more corrupt ....each business must be thoroughly checked and if it's not for the highest good of this planet and all living entities then total lockup ...this is the shift the change that should be made so Ascension is won 

Ok the extraterrestrials have warned that they will not allow 3 World War way so all time and money spent on nuclear arms total waste of time ..instead beings should work on living in peace and harmony with each other  

In London we have a food superstore called Planet Organic which sets a high standard of the approved and thoroughly checked food, goods and items a store should stock and sell ...OTHERS SHOULD FOLLOW AND THIS LOCKDOWN IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO REMOVE JUNK FOOD, TOXIC AND NASTY CHEMICALS PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS TESTED ON ANIMALS...any stores selling this unhealthy , junk and harmful products should receive no funding but should be pressured into total other words SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT ..ITS BETTER TO HAVE FEWER STORES SELLING HEALTHY FOOD THEN HAVE MANY STORES SELLING JUNK FOOD AND JUNK PRODUCTS 

( Note planet organic may be selling meat, fish and eggs but THESE ARE BEST REMOVED FROM STORES ) 

No, it's healthier and saner for "Planet Organic" to sell quality eggs, fish, butter and meats, for maximum nutrition and minimum environmental toxicity. I shall elaborate:

Battery farmed chickens are treated unaturally and consequently lay poor quality eggs. Pasture raised hens free-range, get exercise out on farmland, fresh air, happily catch insects and worms. They will also peck and consume grass, so their eggs are packed with every vitamin and mineral, except vitamin C. Also eggs, nuts, fruits and seeds contain prana life force. Free-range/pasture raised eggs contain the most prana/vitamins/minerals....Deep orange yolks are the sign to note. Most city supermarkets sell inferior eggs with pale yellow yolks [little iron content, for one.]

Fish contains quality fatty acids [DHA/EPA,] which absolutely needed for optimum health..Essential in the diet and unavailable in necessary quantities from flax seed oil [ALA,] still needing conversion to active form...

Moreover, vitamin D from sun exposure is lacking in northern latitudes in winter months and why fish has been an historical substitute, from eskimos to nordics...
Which explains why some catch a flu virus and HAVE MINIMAL TO ZERO SYMPTOMS, while others suffer shortness of breath, cough, lung destruction and unfortunate [but preventable] death....

We call it 'seasonal' for a reason...

Consume wild-caught fish, over farmed and select smaller fish, over large, to avoid mercury toxicity.
As an example, avoid tuna or swordfish, as they live longer and accumulate more toxicity. Healthy alternatives are sardines, mackrel and wild salmon. Selenium is also abundant in such fish, which detoxifies mercury and other pollutants...

Humans cannot obtain vitamin K2 directly converted from grass. K2 is an active form of vitamin K1, which our system can absorb from plants, such as spinach. K1 aids human blood-clotting. K2 from grass-fed cows, producing butters and cheeses, is essential for health and has a combined function in metabolism; K2/D3......Active forms are obtained from beef/fish/butter...

Butter also contains retinol, needed for eye-health; the ACTIVE FORM of vitamin A. Carrots do not convert to retinol in sufficient quantities for preventing macular degeneration. A good scoop of butter, such as Irish Kerrygold, does provide good nutrition....

Likewise, grass-fed beef over nature intended....;-]

Funny your last words.   as nature intended. ...Planet Organic have bought all the branches of As Nature Intended stores in London 

It's up to you to make the changes for a better planet ...what is not healthy and harmful should no longer be for sale ..meaning in most stores 75%+ products out of order ..meaning junk food and items laced with chemicals and toxins... It's up to you to make the change 



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