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OK AS WE ALL KNOW WE CANT WAIT TO MEET OUR SPACE FAMILY ]. BUT WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE EVIL DARK ONES HERE. GREYS, CABAL, ELITE. THEY ARE GONNA STAGED ( ACCORDING TO DOCUMENTARIES) A FAKE STAGE ALIEN INVASION KILLING OF HUMANS BEFORE GFL GETS HERE IN THE ENDING OF 2012!!! Now as we all know the GFL is very strict about dates and times so from my understanding they are all going to arrive here at a specific date and time. which means it may give the dark's an opportunity to strike a good one, one last time. This being Project Blue if this happens and GFL is not schedule to fully disclosed their self's  CAN THEY BREAK THE SCHEDULED TIME TO HELP US???? THEY ALREADY HAVE SHIPS HERE BUT WHAT IS THAT ISN'T ENOUGH!?!?  I am tired of these Evil ones!!! They NEED to go!! NOW So please brothers and sisters help me out here. Tell me something!!! 

Good V.S Evil

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Not all documentaries are true.  You should look at different sources of information and then draw conclusions to figure out what you believe in.  

Then maybe we as a people should eliminate the elites instead of waiting for ascended beings to do it for us.  No wonder why extraterrestrials don't have open contact with us and don't materialize on Earth.  We can't even fix our own planet.  Let's make the GFOL proud and do it ourselves!

I so much agree with U Marianinia...

A discussion of whether GFL will arrive soon or when they/we will arrive is pointless as WE ARE ALREADY HERE

Standing ovation for you and Marianinia and all of here for seeing things clearly.  We have to be the ones to do the changes because we need to be our own "saviors", why sit back and wait for someone else to do this for us.  Easier said than done though, so we are really as a whole race going to have to get very creative. 

I would have to agree with marianina...........dark ones have power if we give them such but on personal level , full of love and compassion and kindness level they are powerless and lost. even if they come up with some events that might hinder our sanity that is becouse you gave them this power to affect you.

"Sweet Awakening"
From your previous post you said, "But I been awake for many years now!"
Is that so?
It seems to me that if you've been awake "for many years now", as you state, then a question as basic as this one would hold no interest for you. Read the replies of the other members. They know, and have known, that our stelan family is NOT strict about dates and have stated this several times.
If you've been awake for many years then it seems to me that YOU would tell US something. And yet, your last sentence is "Tell me something!!!"
So now, as a seasoned lightworker which you claim to be, how about YOU tell US something of value and meaning?
Why would a lightworker that's been awake "for many years now" have any concern about the arrival of our stelan family or when it might happen? Seasoned lightworkers have a deeply developed sense of patience. You don't seem to.
So, "Sweet Awakening", bring something to the table. Let all of us hear some of the wisdom you've gained from being awake "for many years now."
Then maybe WE can ask YOU some questions.

But from my prior post as well I said I was new to this.  I never stated that I was a seasoned light worker. What I meant buy "new" is this website and on the first stages of know GFL fully! I have more knowledge on it than before.But from your interpation of being awake was different from mine. I meant being awake as seeing throught the lies and deceit and space events and other beings as such And being HIGHLY open-minded and free thinker. & even other information I do not see posted on this website. im not the "Everyday SLave" in american if you will.   of course I have to go towork but im not a convor belt human being! And when I ask a question I ask it for a reason. TO learn more  from others who been on this for way longer than I have. I dont need  a person to tell me who I am or who I claim to be. Because if u look at my information I strive to have even higher knowledge. And I say brothers and sisters instead of folks or people because I feel as though we all connect on a mental level here. Everybody has the same goal. Once again you shared something I didnt know about "Stelan" family. I would to know to more. But your idea of helping is bring up mis interpatations of what others said  and using them against them. When in all MY intentions were different. SO yess Tell me something I never claimed to know it all. You interpated that!! Im still in the learning process. im only 19, your saying wisdom like im 40 50  60 yrs old!! These are all Grown ass men and women on here. I still have life to live I graduated high school this year. So I clearly havent experenice life yet. So before you write a narrow minded comments YOU NEED to think first thats all im saying. Cause the fact you wrote YOU" in caps makes me think have some sort of aggression and not allowing others to feel what they write or ask with out YOU having a problem with it.

Mike how sad that you feel the need to tear and nip at someone like you just did to Sweet Awakening.  It came across as very arrogant and mean spirited.  I cannot understand why you would behave this way toward her.  She has simply asked how we feel about something, there is no sense in taking her head off. We all get discouraged at seeing the way the world is now and get impatient for change, she is certainly not alone on that score.  Channelers keep singing the same sweet songs about how the GLF is going to come to the rescue and taddytaddy dah for many long years now, so why so surprised that people would get discouraged....  Bark and b**** at me if you want, I have been getting verbally pounded all week anyway.  I am a lot older than her and have been here since the site began, so if you feel a macho need to flog someone, I am at your disposal, and give it your best.  But leave her alone, there is no need of it.  How bout showing some love and understanding instead of mouth and sarcasm.  I thought that the GLF you seem to worship advocates unconditional love, but you sure missed the mark on that attribute just now.     

  I think one way is to pray for Divine Intervention,also ask our guardian Angels for help, they won't help if we don't ask, Any messages we get we naturally post them.Love and Light Janet Hunt

Of cource, the Evil cabal cannot fool us, but a fake invasion will fool 90-95 percent of the population. So a fake invasion cannot and will not be allowed by galactics. They know this.. I believe that if they try it will be prevented by the galactics. Because; Otherwise, operation Terra would have been a fiasco, and i do not believe the galactics are here to allow the dark satanic Cabal to win this game.. Do not worry !!



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