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British Policeman Investigates the Rendlesham UFO Case and Concludes That It's A Genuine ET Incident


Dear Seekers of Truth,


I can provide esoteric and exoteric answers anent the Rendlesham forest "UFO" incident, from a Galactic Federation perspective, in so far as it was an emergency GFL operation...albeit, in a pre-First Contact phase...


However, I also want people to look at the testimonial and hard conventional evidence itself, and there is much, in the form of documents, photos, geiger readings, soil samples, described starscope signature heat sources on branches, witnesses of tree damage, audio tape, eye witnesses statements, plaster cast, etc....The forensics was not thorough enough at the time, because of a coverup...yet, even now, a good Police investigation, carried out by DC Gary Heseltine, has proved the case, which if on trial in the court of evidential truths, would be found to be definitely of extraterrestrial/extradimensional high tech, in nature....So there is no mundane dumbed-down explanation that really fits this incident, as some skeptics seem to want there to be...


Additional evidence in the form of soil samples, taken at the scout ship landing site, Capel Green, in 1988, prove that a strong magnetic field had been present, which caused the iron content to be drawn towards the source, and resulted in it being much drier than normal control sample soil, outside of the circle of discloured earth in the farmer's field....Independent labs tested these samples, as described by Peter Robbins, who with Larry Warren, made this discovery...


Here is a thorough investigation of the Rendlesham case, using the skills and methods of a professional Policeman.....See this video of a serving British Police officer, a detective constable DC Heseltine, who provides real proof of the unusual and extraordinary veracity of what happened, beyond any skeptical arguments...such as the absurd "lighthouse" theory.


So this discussion forum is not a part four, to my three blogs already posted...As I have described all that was needed to be covered, from the GFL message and actions taken at the time...However, this is a supplement to part three and provides the reader with valid examples of hard evidential scrutiny techniques, as practiced during police investigations...Thus you will be fully armed with suitable knowledge, to defeat even the most hardened of cynics of this important historical event.


DC Gary Heseltine concludes that the Rendlesham forest case could easily be shown to be of an ultra exotic/esoteric, ET (or otherwise) nature...And he utterly demolishes the skeptic's "lighthouse" theory, using good policing methods...

see the video embedded below...


Magna est veritas et praevelabit.....!!


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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what do you think of Steven Greer's "Operation Disclosure" from 2001 where he invited retired personell to the national press club in DC, to report of their encounters with UFOs?

A good try....good witnesses...Timing was lousy...

When here they HAVE TO BE PHYSICAL TO DO EFFECTIVE WORK...When travelling in inter-stellar space they shift interdimensionally to the 4th cosmic aetheric plane [buddhic plane] and so exceed "C" the speed of light "constant," X16......

This 'researcher' is clutching at silly straws....A space capsule, white, no less, bears no resemblance to the landed probe, Jim Penniston saw close-up, walked around, TOUCHED with his fingers, observed markings scribbled in his Security Police notepad [issued.] Black, smooth to the touch; "LIKE BLACK GLASS."......

Moreover, both Penniston's team and later Charles Halt, comprised TRAINED MILITARY OBSERVERS, kept updated anent aircraft designs KNOWN, including Warsaw Pact....Even a little boy would be able to correctly identify a conventional space capsule, of the type in the idiot 'researcher's' photo....

If out of place, base security WOULD HAVE KNOWN and triggered alarm bells....they not stupid, like the 'researcher' assumes...




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