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As we see the world changing on a cosmic scale never seen in Human history many people are connecting with the Ashtar Command around the Globe. Its absolutely beautiful to see many generations of the Command coming together and interacting as one within the Christ Consciousness of the Great Central Sun.

I am experimenting to see about bringing the USA Site together with the Global site here that has helped and is helping many connect on the mission/s we all have or are learning about as time continues onward.
Rapid is the Cosncious shifting now before our very eyes.
For we are all going to see the New Earth Conciousness together .
As we see the Ashtar Command websites continue to expand and grow .
We also are connecting one nation with another one light with another light .
Our Ships are here near Earth and as we approch the time of Cosmic Direct Contact now is the time we help our Brothers and Sisters around the World and through this level called the Internet.

So my experiment is to see how many of us can join both Ashtar sites and bring that oneness of Light to the highest levels ever.
So let the Lightworkers create the Light web between this site and the USA Site .
If you wish to come and visit or be part of the USA Site of the Ashtar Command we welcome all with open arms and cosmic hugs around this orb.
Here is our USA Ashtar Command site link page .
May all have hugs from me to all of you .
We are one Brothers and Sisters of the Ashtar Command Ground Crew .
Blessings In the Light of The Most Radiant One Always

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Great idea :) I am already member on both sites from the very beginning :)

Just yesterday I heard from GFL that 92 percent of lightworkers are already awake now.
Soon we will be at 100 percent :-)

BTW here is an interesting website about UFO technology, a few men in the 1950ies
already made craft that can fly with anti-gravity technology >>



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