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there is so much power and details of knowing that can be added to this topic

all the therapies in the world ...all the diets ...all the healing modality's might well be seen to be usurped by this simple fact and awareness.





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You’re breathing now! Breath is the first and last thing we do in life yet few people pay it much attention. Bringing your attention to the detailed fact of your breath is a wonderful opportunity.

The rhythm and the depth of your breath directly reflects and affects the health of your body and mind. Being mindfully aware of your breath can help you manifest extraordinary improvements in your life.

Breathing is fundamental to energising your life. The more deeply you breathe the more energy you get. The more energy you have the fuller the life you can lead.

Slow deep breaths, with a particular reference to the exhalation, releases the tension in your body and mind. When you’re more relaxed you can think more clearly and in turn better release or resolve the conflicts that set up the tensions to begin with.

Less tension in your body and mind means better recuperation, regeneration, and healing. You’ll also absorb nutrients from your food better.

Diseases thrive in an acidic body. Breathing deeply increases the alkalinity of your body thus diminishing the foot hold disease could otherwise find.

Mindful breathing doesn’t just add quality to your life: it adds years to your life as well!

Breathing mindfully helps you become more aware. When you focus on your breath you’ll more easily hear the inner voice of intuitive wisdom within you. With your intuition available you’ll always know your best way to go.  

Being mindful of your breath will also improve your relationships. When you’re calmer, more grounded and more in touch with your confident inner peace you’re also going to be less reactive. Another way of saying that is you’ll be wiser and more loving.

When you pay attention to your breath it’s typically the case that you’ll breathe more deeply. As you breathe so it is that you are. Your deeper breath will immediately and demonstrably improve your life and gradually coincide with your experiencing a deeper, more effective and more mindfully meaningful life.

One of the best things about breathing is it’s as free as the life you were given to lead. Simply pay more attention to your breathing and you’ll find within it many vastly empowering gifts.

Martin Hunter Jones is an honorary member of the Australian Counselling Association.






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reinforcing info.

i appreciate your contribution.



ey ey captain :)

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