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Breaking News; Magnetic North Pole Splits Into Two Poles-Earth's Equator after 40 degree Axis Shift

More Crazy Weather!!!

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I live in Milwaukee, and we do not have any snow on the ground - VERY UNUSUAL.  Also, I heard that it is snowing in Arizona - do you think that this could be because the magnetic pole is changing? 

I don't know darkstar but the magnetic poles effect the jet streams-my parents said that they had lots of snow evry year in NYC area in the 49s, 50,s 60,s then in the 70,s and 80,s not much-half a foot was a snow storm-then in the early 90,s we had 1 -2 foot storms every year until this year-so far

Thought I would let you know what Dr. Cloudia Albers [professional astronomer] has put out a vid on u tube had to say about the poles splitting. She said basically that Planet-x system is the cause of the poles splitting. A large planet is over the n.pole very close and is pulling on it with magnetic energy, the planet is so strong and huge, it is causing it to separate or split into two poles ,one going s. West and the other is going s.east . She has diagrams of the possible splitting, more of the earth into two cores, eventually becoming two smaller out of shape planets. She claims if this does happen then no one or nothing, man, animal or plants could survive but she does not know about the new earth in a higher dimension and the people who will ascend also being into a higher Dimension, at least high 4 D or lower 5D. She is of the old school but does believe in the revelations of the old earth and heaven passing away and a new earth and heaven born. This is one possible explanation of how this all could happen more info coming as I do some research on this. The research I have done so far, suggest that it is possible but dangerous,huh. Adonai

could be-i've seen planet sized objects in the nigh sky with my small telescope-kind of shrouded but visisble-there's also a wierd orb blinking and spinning with some type of device on it-I don't have a video cam with a large lens to film it-I may rent a set up and post it here

im not able to touch my toes anymore... somethings  not right. very strange! i can feel it



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