The credit of this info goes to our own Dechen, who emailed this to me.  As of 8/28/2012, Galactic Free Press will no longer have messages from Greg Giles on their site.  Here is the link:


The messages states:


While we haven't had messages from Greg Giles up on the front page of the GFP for a while now, we've decided to no longer have his messages on the user-submitted blogs section as well. We've felt his messages we're a bit off for a while, and yesterday's message, which called for violent removal of Cabal members, is not something we want on our site at all. 5D Beings would never advocate that sort of thing. Those who wish to continue following Greg's messages can do so on his site:


Those of the dark cannot hide their true colors or intent.  It was only a matter of time that Greg would step over the line as ascension draws near.  As more and more people's consciousness are awakening, it is our responsiblity to protect and guide them.  To continue to allow his messages to lead astray good-hearted individuals is something all lightworkers here must be accounted for.  Other sites have answered the call and stood up to protect their site and their members!!  It's time we done the same!!  NOW, LET'S DO IT!!! 

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  • I have stated before that my patience is limited lately, I cant seem to get enough sleep. Im going to throw my slightly incoherant thoughts out here just the same.

    The GFL channelings that are outright lies need to be exposed. There are so many young impressionable youths out there, and a few older people, that are looking for answers, hear these false channelings and hold on as tight as they, GG/GFL is telling these same impressionable people to get violent? And you just want to forgive and walk away? 

    Im sorry I had more but again, I need more sleep. 

  • last time i looked at a gg post had heaps of views  200 + in one day

     but bugger all comment. no negatives

    does this post give gg wings so more people see

    does it silence the people who would other wise comment

    or have we decided to see for ourselves and be respectful to gg

    or all three, none of them or other reasons


  •   Well, this could well be my last comment here...

      But before, I'd like to put my question in an other manner.

      Let's assume that you're a good, enlightened  teacher, and going against the flow, and are teaching what you think is the truth. You have a handfull students, so  you put all of them in the same room.

       Each time when a NEW student arrives, you are trying to do everything for her/him to keep up with the rest of the students. Meanwhile, you are asking that some old students would help the new one. There is no doubt, that the old student will explain/teach everything according to what he has heard from the teacher. 

      Then one day, the teacher finds out that the old student was teaching things to the new one, that were against his beautiful, Love and Peace  spreading teachings. 

      Being a true Lighworker, the teacher did not punish the new student.  He banned the old one from his school, by thinking - "If after all I taught him, and he did not believe/accept my ideas/teachings/knowledge , why should I spend another time on explaining him what's right and what's wrong?" 

      "However, the NEW student has done nothing wrong. So, it's my duty as a teacher, to do everything to pass her/him all the teachings I know".

       This is what's going on in here.  We have some NEW awakened students, who know so little.  It is our DUTY to show them the way, and tell them who/what  is the truth. And there is nothing wrong to say that Greg is out of touch with the Light. It should bother everybody. I feel sorry for him. He needs help. You want to protect him, go ahead, and tell him that he should question those sending messages to him.  

      How long can you stick your necks in the sand?  Look around you, people are getting more and more  sensitive to this kind of negative messages. And those protecting him, show that they are still in a deep  sleep. 


      In short,  I  agree with you John. Bravo!  Well said. And  you express yourself as a well educated, well mannered persons.  I guess you are a writer, if not, you should start writing.  Good luck!

      I am out from here.

  • yeah

    twould be good if she felt comfortable staying but bless her beautiful soul


  • What I'm talking about, is the same spirit that Dennis Kucinich had when he issued articles of impeachment for George Bush and Dick Cheney. It's that same spirit, of holding people accountable. And you guys are acting like the Congress did, and saying...well they may have been wrong, they may have been given faulty information, they may have skewed the information they got through their own ideological filters...they may even have outright lied....but ehh...let's turn the other cheek, let's not cause any trouble.

    Don't you understand, it's our responsibility to hold people accountable. Especially if its the real GF doing this, we have a duty to hold them responsible. Or if it's some higher dimensional being or beings doing this to mess us up and confuse us...they have to be held responsible. Even if it's just the channelers themselves who are mistaken, they have to be held responsible and say, yes I was mistaken.

    And I don't see any of that from any channeler, they'll even go so far as to blame us for it and say how it's our fault for reading it wrong, and how we should just ignore whatever doesn't "resonate". Again, we are a manipulators dream come true.

  • Sigh. You make all these rationalizations and overanalyzations of what's happening, but at the end of the day, it's all very simple. Many beings told us, August 4th....there was no August 4th....they have to be held accountable. Sheldan Nidle laid out a timeline for mid spring, summer, and fall...absolutely none of it happened....he has to be held accountable. Greg Giles put out one false message after another, each getting worse and worse....he has to be held accountable. What is so hard to understand about that.

    I really don't like saying it....but we really are a manipulators dream come true. We'll just find any and all reasons why we don't have to do anything, or say anything, or make people accountable in any way. It's really no big mystery how these dark forces and elites were able to almost completely take us over. And if most people took the line of thinking that most people here are taking...of just passively accepting everything...we very well might've been completely taken over.

  • AGREE!

  • And if we "banned" your messages, how would you feel?? 

    Every being has the right to express or channel their "Truth" in the way they feel is right.  

    If you don't resonate with something or some-one the best thing to do is to disconnect from that energy and not comment.  

    To rejoice in what can be hurtful to someone is not enlightened or "aligned" with light in any way.  

    It's just being selfish and a distraction to your own personal development.

    Best to not wish for anyone's downfall, Karma is never too far behind those kinds of motivations!

  • You rock Andy, my thoughts EXACTLY, i give you a a big Sammy hug. flick me an email... i would love to keep in contact :P :D

  • No, it's not the same at all. When we have 5 or 6 different channels, telling us get ready for first contact on August 4th...and all of them know they're lying....that's not the same as me telling you to hold them accountable for lying. When they say sea walls are going up in 3 weeks, and after 5 weeks, there's no sea walls...that's not the same as telling you to question why there's no sea walls. When they put out a timeline, for mid spring, summer and fall...and absolutely none of that timeline's not the same as telling you to tell them to apologize for putting out a false timeline. It's not the same at all, to say it is, is flawed reasoning.

    And you can smile and walk away from it, fine. But not everyone should do that. We need people to be up their butt about it. Surely you can understand that. I mean this is important. This isn't something you can just shrug off....this is a whole race, or conglomerate of races, here...potentially lying to us...about very big things. You may not understand how big that is, but it is. And no, we shouldn't just forget about it, and walk away from it. That's an irresponsible thing to do.

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