• Ohhhh yes. Thanks Luke. :))


  • innocence ...certainly brings bliss ...

  • ANDROMEDAN: my clarification: "I feel something may happen in the near future that is very violent in the general environment of where I live (i.e. U.S.) and something more terrible than other acts of violence compared to other acts that have taken place in such general environment per recent history."


    • I sincerely hope you are wrong, Malcolm. as if 9/11 (for example) wasnt horrific enough. However, I think whatever you focus on e.. x.. p.. a.. n.. d.. s, indeed, where thought goes, energy flows and other clichés but they are all true. If we create our reality, then lets speak and write about what we want to see unfolding instead of contributing to the manifestation of something low vibey or "terrible". I prefere part of your original comment about staying positive and thinking positive, thats certainly a step in the right direction but I do understand how you are feeling, the world is like a pressure cooker right now, anything can happen and we are all literally hanging on by tender hooks which is even more reason to stay positive and think positive. As I see it, the moment we think something, we give it energy and the more energy that goes into it, the more it begins to manifest itself "physically" until so much energy goes into it that you literally come 'face to face" with it. The Universe dosent care what you think, it just wants to prove you right. The Universe always provides, it provides you with evidence of what you are thinking, speaking, in your actions and in your written words. The Universe dosent care if you are thinking positive or negitive, it just gives you the results of your own thoughts based on the frequency of those thoughts because it responds to those thoughts on a vibrational level, its "job" is to provide you with "physical evidence" of your thoughts. If your thoughts are "scattered" then you going to get scattered results.The same principle applies whenever someone writes anything, because the written words themselves are just an extention of the persons thoughts. When you write something down, those words get "cemented" into a conveyor belt that goes straight to the Universe which reads it like an "order" and the order is delivered straight back to you via signs, symbols, opportunities or warnings (depending on the quality of your mental state of being) until whatever it is on the wish list gets fullfilled. Whenever something negitive happens to a person and they say: "Why did this happen to me? I didnt ask for this", its because the Universe previously received the "order" from the persons mental focus and immediately set about searching for its matching equivalent. As soon as a matching equivalent is found, it is bubble wrapped and sent back to the person by express post, the Law of Attraction in action, courtesy of the Universe! If it dosent appear in your reality straight away, it dosent mean its gone on holiday either, it just means that the circumstances are being preparred for its eventual arrival. However, we may consider ourselves "blessed" that we have the advantage of a time buffer, which quite literally gives us the opportunity or "time" to change our minds, and in doing so, it delays the delivery of our mental order. We can, when we realize the importance of getting aligned with the Creator and by staying positive, actually detour the delivery altogether, whereby it gets "lost in the post" permanently. Where thought goes, energy flows! The Universe responds to frequency, positive or negitive and it "must" provide and it always does. Part of being "in tune with the Universe" is also being impeccable with your words. We are powerfull beyond measure, indeed, we have the ability to walk on water but we dont do it because we dont really believe that we can. We do however tend to believe in and act upon what we dont want to create, by conjuring up enough scary scenarios via our imaginations of what "might" happen in the illusary future, thus providing the Universe with an unwitting wish list of shite that keeps getting presented to us in the eternal present. Perhaps its all meant to be, maybe all the negitive shite we have made manifest for thousands of years will serve as a rude awakening until we realize what we can actually do when we put our minds to it, instead of playing with fire and getting burned in the process but dowsing in real alchemy and being the spiritual magicians we were meant to be and already are. For further reading into the power of creative expression, I recommend "The Four Aggreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, an essential and "thought provoking" reminder of the powerfull magnets that we truely are.

      The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book): Don Miguel Ruiz:…
      The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) [Don Miguel Ruiz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offe…
      • LUKE: no assumptions here. I hope I'm wrong too. But I've been in this astrology racket for 29 years now, and as I've said before and I'll say it again: "I call 'em as I see 'em."

        It doesn't mean I am not thinking positive about our current situation (of which indicates we will overthrow the dark forces seeking to control us in the long-term picture, but only after it gets really ugly). I'm just realistic in my analysis about possibilities about current times and what the short-term future holds.

        And yes, I've been wrong before.

  • Awww, that's nice :)

    • Beautiful :-)

  • Nite :) 


  • ....Lol....You Feed Off Each Other......

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