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Bombshell! Barack Obama High School Classmate Reveals That He Was A Well Known Homosexual,massive cocaine user and a lying bum VIDEO & AUDIO)

The truth finally comes out

It took awhile, but now childhood friends of president Barack Obama are now coming forward to reveal a past that included massive cocaine use, rampant homosexuality and uncontrollable lying. At the very least, the events related to Obamacare in the past 2 weeks show beyond question is affinity for relentless, pathological lying.

High school classmate and childhood friend, Maria Pope, has given an interview where she blows the lid of of Barry Soetoro’s wicked past. She reveals that it was open for all to see back then that he spent most of his time with the gay community, and engaging in homosexual acts with rich Hawiian businessmen for drugs and money. Miss Pope said that his use of cocaine and crack were common knowledge. Perhaps now you see why he spent so much money to seal and cover up his records from his school days. But even all that money and secrecy has not prevented the truth from coming out.

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For goodness sake....

These are the qualifications you need to become a President of America
What a leader is and what he does effects everyone else

.......I do know one thing for sure, we are moving forward a world that has compassion to beings, person , in our world, that are outside the box of common , collective believe for past few 1,000's of yrs at least. In order to have kind and peacefull world/personal reality, we must accept differences between us. Homosexuals, lesbians, hetero, transgender and bible thumping theorists, the fact remains that we must accept each other for who we are. One family, one brotha/sisterhood.....................I live in chi~town, Il where gay marriage was approved by the state. Kuddos to Illinois. 

I care less if Bushes are lizards, Clintons are drug dealers using airport strip in rural Mena Arkansas shipping coke into US of A, Obamas being what ever leftist commie f**~ our world needs change. Away from folks who are rulers, we must take back our human/e rights of terreiestral and galactic right~hood.......................we must learn acceptance of each other......................


Assiya:  Yes, we must learn acceptance of each other, but a LIAR in the White House?  I think not.

Nancy:  Are you calling me a liar?  I think the LIARS are those that CAN'T HANDLE REALITY.  They talk in MEANINGLESS RIDDLES. They deceive THEMSELVES.    Do you REALLY have something to work with Nancy, or is the only thing that you can comment on is my "caps"?  Can't handle the fact that Obama is a liar?  NOT MY PROBLEM. Oh, and by the way, what do you have to back that up with? You have name-calling with NOTHING TO BACK IT UP - how's that? (Sounds pretty DECEPTIVE to me).

Avatar:  What's so funny?  REALITY got you by the tongue?

This is what I read was posted by Nancy:

"Liar, etc. is in the mind and heart of the beholder, first law of projection, and you know, from personal experience, that this is true."

Your Lovely Spiritual response,,,  Nancy didn't call you a liar, she asked if your reasoning was do to personal experience.  You flew off pretty hard there to a couple of simple comments and a question, by avoiding them entirely, just like Bush did about those WMD's.  ALL politicians LIE to us.  Some are a hell of a lot worse than others, but they ALL do it. 

What, exactly did Nancy post that got your:

"NOT MY PROBLEM. Oh, and by the way, what do you have to back that up with? You have name-calling with NOTHING TO BACK IT UP - how's that? (Sounds pretty DECEPTIVE to me)."

Dan:  Listen, Honey, Nancy has called me a liar before, and I was  being attacked all day by Avatar.  (I am only a human being, and Nancy seems to talk in riddles).  I don't give a S*** about my "spiritual response"!  I was being ATTACKED ALL DAY BY OBAMANOIDS FALSELY ACCUSING ME OF BEING A LIAR BECAUSE THEIR GOD FELL.  And who the Hell are YOU anyway? Oh, and by the way Dan, are you an OBAMANOID?

Here here Assiya.

Nancy:  I would say that resistance to LaLa Landers should be our first point of issue.

Nancy:  I think if you replaced the word "hate" with "truth" you would be more accurate.


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