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Bolivia Rejects Fast Food, All McDonald's Restaurants Closed...OTHER COUNTRIES SHOULD FOLLOW...BAN ALL JUNK FOOD JOINTS

Bolivia Rejects Fast Food, All McDonald's Restaurants Closed

Bolivia Rejects Fast Food, All McDonald's Restaurants Closed

It’s no news the fast food is bad for people and is the cause of the obesity epidemic that many countries are starting to be affected by.

When McDonald’s launched their brand in Bolivia, they had no idea what they were in for. Bolivia does not trust food that is made in so little time and seems to be rejecting fast food altogether. Although many consider McDonald’s to be affordable to most families elsewhere, Bolivia just would not have it. When surveyed, 60% of native Bolivians said that they did not think it was worth their time or money to set food in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Bolivia Rejects Fast Food

After nearly fourteen years of failure, McDonald’s is leaving Bolivia for good. Each year had been showing a loss of profit for the Bolivia branch, but McDonald’s keep fighting for their business. This company is nowhere near in danger, and can afford to support several hundred failing restaurants. Many claim that any smaller business of the same type wouldn’t have lasted over a year in the red, as McDonald’s did.

The people genuinely do not care that McDonald’s is leaving. Many of those who have been anywhere near a McDonald’s having had bad experiences and swore never to return.

Wittingly or not, the Bolivian people have made a very intelligent choice. Documentaries uncover how disgusting the production of McDonald’s food is, and how undervalued their employees are.

Also, it has been proven that this rejection has nothing to do with the type of food that McDonald’s has been providing. Many are willing to eat a burger and fries. They have a preconceived idea or how a meal should be prepared, and the fact that fast food is so fast thrown a red flag to the people. They do not believe that food prepared that quickly could be good for their bodies.

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All the junk fast food joints need to be closed ..and only healthy food places allowed ...junk food makes junk people 

That's good. Express all that anger. Fight the bad burger people!



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