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Clinton and Teresa Barnwell 

Hillary Clinton and Teresa Barnwell 
911 Memorial Ceremony and 
Chelsea's (former) Apartment 
Published on Sep 14, 2016


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~Wow!...Comparing George Carlin to Alex Jones is like comparing Mozart to Justin Bieber, for crying out loud ;-) Gotta agree with Luke here, brother Malcolm. As I've said before, Jones has morphed into a caricature of himself, which in his case is a serious feat. There was a time when his voice, despite his over the top bluster, actually resonated as a meaningful force for deconstructing the shitstem. Simply not the case anymore... he's little more than a cartoonish blowhard, more interested in his own reflection than anything else these days... his support of the half baked moron, Trump, speaks for itself. If you want to compare him to anyone, Glen Beck & Rush Limbaugh are more of his ilk... useless bombastic mouthpieces, happily providing ample amounts of fear-based slop for the sheeple to feed off. At least in small doses, it can be entertaining ;-)

WRONG STICK. You don't know what you are talking about. Carlin and Jones both expose the types of sociopaths that are running things in the U.S., and you and Luke define this alerting of others as fear mongering.and fear porn. Not true whatsoever.

Alerting the public about the dangerous consequences that may surface due to the types of sociopaths running things is something BOTH Carlin and Jones did, but in different styles. Hence you're comparison of artists Mozart with Bieber with commentaries of Jones and Carlin is not only way off; IT HAS NOTHING DO TO WITH EXPOSURE OF THE CONTROL FREAKS THAT JONES AND CARLIN BOTH DID. HENCE, YOU ARE TALKING APPLES AND ORANGES PER YOUR RIDICULOUS COMPARISON. You would have done better comparing Lucille Ball with Zsa Zsa Gabor. .

Your analysis of comparing Jones and Carlin to be similar to comparing Mozart with Bieber is hence off the meter as far as bullsh!t is concerned.

~Different styles? That's the understatement of the century, Malcolm. That you actually believe Carlin & Jones are in the same sector of the Awakening/Disclosure Movement, let alone the Omniverse, is mind blowing. What do you think Carlin would have to say about the rise of a half baked moron like Donald Trump to inches of the Oval Office? He'd be tearing down the whole political charade to the lowest common denominator, which is exactly what Trump is. No, they're not on the same page, brother... truth is they're not even reading from the same book. So yeah... different styles, indeed. Carlin, a comic genius with the intellectual precision & insight of the highest order. Jones, a deeply troubled blowhard (like his hero Trump) with the temperament of a spoiled child throwing a never ending tantrum. Nuff said...

When I check my Bovine Excrement Meter... the primary thing sending it off the Richter scale is the info in the laughable video that is the focus of this utterly absurd corridor of the Rabbit [email protected] Funny, it tends to do that with most of Kalki's posts.


Malcolm, Alex Jones is but one person out of a possible seven billion people on the planet. You must try to understand, everyone on the planet has a different form of self expression, each one is unique, not everyone feels the need to take to the streets with a bull horn because they are unhappy about the status quo. There are many people in the awakening movement who don't need to have a meltdown (as Alex Jones does) in order to relay infomation regarding the control shitstem and how corrupt the establishment is etcera. You blasting me because I don't resonate with the way Alex Jones behaves, only reveals that my opinion is "highly unacceptable" to you. You do the same thing with Stick, as you don't accept his opinion either, in fact, come to think of it, I don't think anyone elses opinions are acceptable to you, Malcolm, You know, you tell me that I critisize, but when I read your comments, there is always a large portion of criticism aimed at others in them, towards those who disaggree with your perspectives. I am preparred to stand corrected if I am, as you often put it, "wrong". I think you are a good soul regardless, and a sensitive person, Malcolm, although to my observation, you appear misguided quite often, but please, dont have a freak out, okay? Remember, you are fairly adept at being the critic when it suits you which is more often than you may realise.

You know, Stick is 100% correct and I aggree with him, Alex Jones has a "cow" every time he opens his mouth, whereas George Carlin is on another level altogether. George was able to steer himself through the matrix without having an enormous diarrhea session in his underpants, pointing out how shite things are in the world but with a twinkle in his eye. Alex runs out of gas before the first hurdle and ends up foaming at the mouth, lashing out at the television screen and generally getting his panties in such a bunch that his sweaty balls have probibly twisted out of shape and beyond his own recognition. George Carlin was a gifted comedian with a brilliant mind who had the natural ability to blend critical thought with a quick fire sense of humor, often immitated but never surpassed. Alex Jones is a "rantaholic" who resembles a bitter, seventy two year old ex docker who can't get laid. George was naturally funny, Alex tries to be funny upon occasion, but you can clearly see he's a deeply troubled man. George Carlin was "calm". Alex Jones "explodes", can you not see the difference? Alex Jones isn't in the same league and never will be, aspects and reflections of each other indeed they are and yet, there exists a rigid dichotomy between both men. Lets face it, George Carlin, an incredibly sharp intelect with a conspicuous wit that is unparalleled, indeed, a dinamo who shinned brightly amonge the human community. Alex Jones, an old fart with problems and a bull horn in a room.

There are ways and means of dismantling the shitstem. Lets turn our attention to Eckhart Tolle. Probibly the most humble man in the awakening movement and one who "commands" your attention simply by BEing still and finding "presence". Reknowned as one of the most pre-eminent and transcended spiritual teachers in the world, Eckharts "primary objective" is thoroughly based around his remaining "calm" in the present moment. Eckhart would tell you that BEing in a state of concious stillness, we open up to new experiences naturally. When we are calm, we open up more of our awareness and more multi dimensional gems are thus revealed to us inside the Rabbit [email protected] Alex Jones hasn't reached those levels because he is clinging onto his "pain body" as Eckhart Tolle would say. When we feed our pain bodies, we block the flow of positive energy into our own system resulting in physical "dis-ease" (not being at ease with yourself). Alex is clearly not at ease with himself, therefore, he is not centered, not balanced and shuts the otherwise open doors of perception, indeed, missing out on a golden oppurtunity to gather a larger "viewership", of awakening souls who are intrigued about the control shitstem, instead of merely screaming and shouting in a room about how [email protected] mad he is at the Cabal who he believes, through his own paranoia, will snuff him out one day. Eckhart Tolle is able to reach more people because he goes deeper without trying. People naturally come into their own BEing by finding presence through stillness. Alex Jones on the other hand, just rants and is far removed from remaining still. Eckhart is at ease with himself and the world around him, thus his conciousness is filled with higher knowing. Alex is not at ease with himself and with the world around him, blocking his conciousness from deeper truths that are always, constantly available. You dont have to imitate or emulate Alex Jones, or his "method" of self expression, Malcolm, he's not the rebel rousing, trailblazing warrior pioneer you might believe him to be, find your own way and most importanty, find peace with yourself, and in that way, you'll find peace with the world around you, same can be said of Alex Jones, he needs to calm the [email protected] down, its not rocket science, its common sense, and thats the nub of it.

no body double -her nurse pumps her with opiates and she waddles around for awhile then collapses again


Here's Hillary's body double on the right, The real Hillary is on the left.

She's kind of sexy in that first shot ;-)

STICK: the photo on the left looks like someone on a lot of serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor  (SSRI) type drugs, as given for someone with Parkinson's disease.

Or someone who's just feeling the effects of their first hit of MDMA...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DEBATES BETWEEN HILLARY AND TRUMP. Sorry people, but it does not take a long time to get over the claimed "diagnosis" explanations that included pneumonia (per ABC, CBS, NBC) or the flu (per Bill Clinton) or heat exhaustion (per MSNBC (with 9/11 New York temp at 74 degrees)) or general exhaustion (per CNN (and note that she cancelled all of her California speeches the week before the 9/11 speech)).

Hillary has to be able to stand and face Trump for an hour like she did with Bernie Sanders. Otherwise, the "conspiracy theorists" are correct and she has serious health problems that are neurologically based, as Dr. Drew Pinsky of HLN has claimed.

I heard Dr. Drew had his show cancelled because he spoke about her health. 



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