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Clinton and Teresa Barnwell 

Hillary Clinton and Teresa Barnwell 
911 Memorial Ceremony and 
Chelsea's (former) Apartment 
Published on Sep 14, 2016


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Theresa Barnwell is a comedian who does impressions of Hillary.  She has been at lots of Hillary´s campaigns and comes on stage and tells jokes.   All the Hillary people know her and would recognize her immediately.  She was in LA on sept 11 not in NY.  This is just more fake conspiracy stuff....the alternative media is full of fake news.... people lap it up and spread it around.....they are that easy to fool... seem to prefer gossip to facts. 

Same gaggle of half baked morons who latched on to the birther movement & pray at the alter of deeply disturbed & Archontically infected, Alex Jones...

H's 08 campaign started the birther thing stick look it up

I looked it up and found that  is not correct...You know that Trump has a less than 20% rating for truth, so does Hillary.  Neither one of these candidates is honest or qualified for the job of president.  Btw, no matter who gets elected nothing will change for congress makes the policies and most of the congress works for the corporations, bankers and the war machine instead of working for the people.   The congress works against each other with this partisan politics, too.  Time for a change in the whole mindset..

anther lie from the main stream media fw;

and let's stay on the real issues-H wants to raise taxes 1.4 trillion Trump wants to cut taxes

Hillary will raise taxes $30 billion a year....much of this on the super rich. She has a plan to fix the infrastructure with this extra money. Trump will cut taxes by $545 billion a year, this includes a big tax cut for the super rich.  Guess his tax cut will mean that the government has less money for schools, infrastructure and veterans..... not sure if it is a practical plan.  It should increase the national debt, too.  Congress has to approve the plan and no doubt they will change it a lot...I´m curious to see if Trump can deliver on any of his promises....

FEATHER WINGER: the super rich keep their money in offshore accounts where the government can't touch it. Hillary will destroy what's left of U.S. small business with her tax schemes; Obama has already destroyed most of U.S. small business with his Obamacare provisions that force such small business to purchase insurance for their employees, and only "qualified" insurance plans (a.k.a. overpriced insurance from companies that contributed to Obama's campaign).

C'mon people. The birther mess started when law student Obama stated in the Harvard Law Review that he was born in Kenya, and this was a lie to cover up the fact that his father was anti-U.S. communist party member Frank Marshall Davis. Obama looks NOTHING like his so-called Kenyan father, who died in Kenya due to the brakes in his car failing while driving.

I have absolutely no doubt that Alex Jones is two pennys short of six pence, he comes accross as insane, totally off his rocker! I aggree with Stick that Alex is disturbed, and Archontically infected. I used to watch Alex and thought he was funny, but clearly something is not right about the guy. InfoWars is full of fear mongering, and Alex is aswell.

Alex Jones- Making Fun of The Queen of England...Funny!!! HQ

LUKE: so what you are hence saying is that alerting everyone (in an outlandish manner) of potential dangers presented by our so-called truthful establishment is fear-mongering.


Malcolm, yes, in my opinion I think Alex is disturbed. We all know how screwed up the shitstem is, but there are calmer and wiser ways to deal with it without the risk of having a heart attack. People die from severe heart attacks because they have uncontrolable anger issues. Where does anger originate? It springs forth from fear. If you go around aggressively screaming and shouting into a bull horn on the street about how badly [email protected] up things are in the world, and have loud angry rants on TV, in one particular instance, threatening a woman on his podcast show by saying "I´ll smash your teeth in, whore!", (would you consider that a heart centered thing to say?), because sooner or later, you will attract a reflection of that negitive energy into your own personel physical space, is it any wonder he gets confronted and threatened in return? Who is he alerting about the "illuminati scum" as he puts it? Hes just ranting about the shitstem but his heart (the actual organ itself thats beating in his chest) is at risk of shutting down, without warning, boom, out like a light. In other words, he is at risk of having a heart attack and potentially dying from it as a result. Most people who watch InfoWars laugh at the man, many who consider him mentally inbalanced but they love him for it because he keeps them amused. A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, a friend of mine was bored one evening and suggested we go down to the 711 and buy some popcorn, return home, skin up a nice big fat spliff and watch Alex Jones having epic meltdowns on Youtube for a while, to alleviate the boredom and have ourselves a laugh! There are ways and means of dismantling the control shitstem, but Alex is unwittingly feeding into it, by exploding his tits off every other day. Bottom line, its his own health he is putting at risk. If everyone got "mad" at the system in the same way he does, there would be a high rate of sudden deaths caused by heart failure, and would the world change dramatically if everyone got that mad? Yes and No. Yes, it would trigger a massive change but a negitive one, because you would only see more fear and more violence as a rapidlly enforced police state is put into place all over the world, encouraging psychopathic riot police and psycho cops to use force in ever greater numbers, resulting in more injury and death against the target population, strenghtening the stranglehold of the control shitstem against the target population while the wanker bankers profit off the chaos, (classic problem, reaction, solution scenario) and no, it would do nothing but continue to sustain the Archontic agenda, the mind parasites who manipulate humanity from outside of five sense perception, outside of physical light who would suck off on it like the vampiric parasites that they are, how about that...

Do you think these (following videos) display normal, balanced, centered and peaceful behaviour? The second video is especially amusing, albeit insane, and will no doubt get the techno remix treatment for future Youtube entertainment value. The man is disturbed, even though he wants to destroy the shitstem, he is heavily influenced by his reptilian brain. He is a one man, goddamn slaughterhouse on a mission, like Lieutenant kilgore in "Apocalypse Now", who loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Imagine getting into an argument with him, what would be the wiser move, to get embroiled in it with him, or to remain calm as you watch him blowing off steam like the kettles whistle?!

BALONEY LUKE. The establishment is run by sociopaths with no respect for society, and sociopaths do not and will not respond to the "calm" methods you are proposing. You have great thoughts and possess great knowledge Luke, but your street sense really sucks dude.

I worked at a psychiatric hospital for six years, and can say this from my experience as a psych tech who worked with the worst in Texas. Sociopaths with anti-social personality disorder (i.e. 60%-70% of U.S. politicians and major corporate directors (especially banking)) can charm their way into your younger sister's bedroom and into your father's wallet after you are convinced they are "on the level," and then they will kill you in cold blood. These are the people running things today. If Alex Jones has visible fits trying to describe them, then there must be a method to his madness due to the types of sociopathic individuals he is having fits over. I can't think a better way of getting someone's attention of demonstrating how serious one is; your proposed "calm" approach would be viewed as a healthy approach but will be one with little viewership due to this approach being viewed as a possible boring one..

And I am still waiting for you to post something to reveal how you think, as opposed to going to other sites and criticizing others.

Luke, I recommend this 4-minute video by comedienne George Carlin for you. Maybe you'll understand why people like Alex Jones (and Carlin) and myself feel it's important to alert the public about these sociopaths, regardless of calmer solutions proposed by people like yourself who will have no impact on others, unlike the madness displayed by Jones and Carlin that does impact others..

Click for video; it's quite funny.



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