Bleeding from the lungs

I rushed myself to hospital yesterday at around 3:40 AM coughing up lots of blood. Tests showed a clot in the lung/lungs, but 1 of 3 tests were inconclusive, so they sent me home after a harrowing 18 hours being poked and prodded (tubes hanging out of me everywhere).
It's my sons 16 birthday next Monday, and I'm a single dad, and tonight, my lungs started bleeding again (3 large bleeds since midnight, now 2:25AM), and I'm not sure whether to wake my son and take him back with me to the hospital, or just ignore it, disbelieve in it, and have it go away like all other illness except for my constant migraines. (My son would panic if he woke up and I weren't here and he wasn't told)
The medical staff at the local hospital all told me yesterday I wouldn't be home for my sons birthday, and I told them I would be out that evening, and much to the surprise of many I was, (I didn't argue and sign myself out, a Dr consented to my being released without me asking),  but I'm not sure if that's the best thing right now.
Should I go back to the hospital?
Should I risk going to sleep, knowing if the bleeding starts again while I'm laying down I can actually drown?
I'm honestly trying not to stress my son out, but he spent all yesterday with me, after only having 2 hours sleep before I woke him, and he slept last night, and I'd like him to sleep tonight without disturbance, though he came out 30 minutes ago to check on me because the bleeding started again tonight just after getting him to bed.

When the bleeding started yesterday, it was 3 months to the day from when I was given a warning.
The warning: I had a short time to get my affairs in order, and this warning was given by 3 small childlike humanoid non earthlings who tried to take me one night, but returned me after I objected on the grounds my son still needing me.
This isn't an over active imagination, and I haven't just thought this up, I actually posted here about the alien visitation that night, the morning it happened.

I'm concerned for the welfare of my son, and concerned that my lungs constantly bleeding isn't a good thing.

Any suggestions, apart from the obvious, get to the hospital?
Even better, thoughts of my immediate healing would be most appreciated.
 I refuse to have this wrong with me, and refuse to accept it.


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          • I am so glad to hear that you are on the turnaround. Many thousands of good breaths to you.
    • I go in first thing in the morning for a biopsy at my local hospital. The specialist fron Sydney is performing the procedure, and though I really don't want to know what's wrong, something is wrong, and it can't be diagnosed without the biopsy. At least, unlike last week, when they shove the tube camera up my nose and down my throat I will be out to it with a full general anaesthetic. This time it does penetrate the lungs, the one I had a week ago was just for a visual of the lungs, and despite spray to numb the nose and throat, I kept gagging.
      I'll let you know how everything went when I get released tomorrow afternoon (all going to plan).
      As I told the specialist today when he said hopefully they won't find anything, I told him the last 3 brain scans I had, no matter how hard they tried, they didn't find a thing. He laughed.
      Actually, it's nice to meet a top level specialist with a sense of humour instead of a God complex.
      • lol..funny....
        i hope all goes well Leo....Best wishes for quick and good recovery!!! :)
  • Leo, sorry I nicked your discussion.
    • yes..i totally agree with Frank..
      u should check out MMS.....but i dont know if it can do anything on lung problems...but anyway looking at his site wont do any harm...u can find lots of info for it, and maybe its good for your situation also...
      Best wishes for recovery.....
    • Not my discussion Mo, this is a public place with many caring souls, and the discussion is open for all to join in and share.
      I believe we all gather our strength from those around us, and in doing so we make each other stronger, and there is nothing more bonding than sharing and caring, with a great big side serving of true love from the heart!
      Hugs Mo!
  • Thanks Shelly, I can do this and will prove them
  • Blessings

    But wat will be will be i was nearly killed the other week with my son in the car i was oblivious to a red light
    im not sure but im guessing my soul makes the final decision to finish this earthly journey and that is my soul at a higher level of conciousness not at 3rrd dimension im guessing i sitll have work to do im guessing you do sill but dont stress as wat ill be is already as is
  • Leo, I see you live in Lithgow.
    If you are able, get yourself into see Dr Carole Hungerford, she works out of George Street Medical Centre in bathurst. She is the only doctor I will ever recommend to anyone, anywhere.
    She is a GP but works with holistic, natural therapies. If anyone can help you - she can!
    She has a long waiting list, so if you're able call asap to make an appointment!

    Good luck brother.
    • Update:
      I got rushed to a Macquarie street specialist in Sydney (recognised as one of the best in the country) on Wednesday Evening (He came back at 6PM especially for me), then ended up in Sydney hospital (180-250K's from home), and only just got released again today. If the bleeding resumes, I'm to contact the local hospital, and they have strict instructions from the specialist that I'm to be flown by the emergency chopper immediately back to Sydney for explorative surgery. If the bleeding doesn't resume between now and next Thursday, I go in at the local hospital again, and the specialist is coming here to perform a biopsy on my lungs.
      I'm happy to be home, but terrified if the bleeding starts again, I lost around 200ml from my lungs Wednesday morning in 1 five minute episode, one of about 6 that night.
      Apparently, it's not good for the lungs to bleed, and especially in those volumes.
      First thing Wednesday morning, since I hadn't slept/couldn't sleep all night, I got to my local doctors, and though I didn't have an appointment, as soon as he saw my jar of fresh blood from my throat, he took me straight in and spent at least 1 hour going over the documentation from the previous day from the hospital, and arranging to get me in to see a specialist that day, a system which usually takes around 6-8 months to get an appointment, then another long period before a bed is available in hospital.

      [B]Never again will I complain when I have an appointment with my doctor in the morning and he's running 15 minutes late. He threw his whole day out of schedule on my behalf, then performed miracles getting me straight in to see the E-N-T (about 90K's from home) and the lung specialist, both top in their fields.[/B]
      I will be on and off here, but most probably more lurking at the moment than doing much, but right now I have to reply to a couple of emails, then try and get some sleep since last time I slept was 6 days ago.
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