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Black Lives Matter protests spread coronavirus among black people, but media blame Trump instead

again the blue state politicians allowing the giant mobs to destroy Trump-us;

Black Lives Matter protests spread coronavirus among black people, but media blame Trump instead

Image: Black Lives Matter protests spread coronavirus among black people, but media blame Trump instead

(Natural News) Los Angeles County is reportedly seeing a sudden increase in new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and the area health department says that the George Floyd protests are more than likely to blame – not Trump rallies, as some fake news outlets are now claiming.

During a recent press conference, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health explained that there really is no other explanation for this uptick other than the protests because Los Angeles has been under heavy lockdown for months.

“What we haven’t really been able to do because we have such a high volume of cases coming in is really pinpoint whether or not the exact source of an exposure was a protest,” stated Barbara Ferrer, director of DPH.

“I do want to say that it’s highly likely, given the increased numbers that we’re seeing, that some of this is, in fact, people who may have been in a crowded situation at one of the protests where there was spread.”

All public gatherings of pretty much any size have been prohibited in Los Angeles County for a while now, the only exception being when roving hordes of people began to flood the streets with protests, rioting and looting. Since the county stood down and allowed this destruction to take place, the apparent consequence was more cases of the virus.

“While some of this may be due to lags in reporting, the numbers do tell us that we’re seeing an increase in community transmission,” Ferrer went on to state.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks with Sheriff Mack about a so-called “second wave” of lockdowns, and how Americans are prepared to resist it:


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All lives matter, not just black lives. Nature has provided whites with a healthy ability, to manufacture good amounts of vitamin D, from sunlight.....essential for immune response to Covid-19, or any virus.

The darker the skin, the higher the pigment; melanin, the longer the sun exposure time needed, to make vitamin D, which regulates immune function, T-cells and provides a hormonal role in healthy immunity.

Maybe BLM Marxists will be angered by this God-given "white privilege...??" I'm not apologizing for having nordic genetics, blond hair [golden,] superb health and currently a golden/brown/pink SUN TAN...

Moreover I don't slavishly wear a mask, mandated by VERY STUPID GOVERMENT ADVISORS>>>LOL

Wearing a mask is a sure way to prevent attaining healthy immune function, during peak sunshine period, making the weak, even weaker, as they enter "flu season" [autumn/winter.] Obviously this entire Chinese virus scam has nothing to do with public health and safety, BUT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH STOPPING THE RISE OF NATION STATES>>>POPULISM

Watching BLM Marxists topple statues of everyone, slavers and anti-slavery, demonstrates their sheer loathing for history, culture, art and civilization itself....THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK>>>SICK IN MIND>>>SICK IN SPIRIT>>>accursed.......'CURSE OF THE GOLEM' [actors, loonies, crazies & extras.]

brainwashing begins in the secondary shools and if they go to ANY university, save a few Christian universities here, they go out into world manufactured leftists that are just bug eyed crazies on dope


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