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Before the start protesting they should know that all lives matter and probably most of them are dead animal flesh eaters and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

This corrupt group is supported by one of the most corrupt person in the world ...Soros so as the head so the tail.

SOROS Starts Race war - Funding Black on Black CRIME!

SOROS Starts Race war - Funding Black on Black CRIME!

The Soros Army Burns Down America Globalist forces making their move to derail America

40 plus cities face an army of mainly leftist crybaby millennials that have descended on America. Rather than respect the First Amendment that states. Who are placing pallets of bricks out in the area of the Riots? We do know George Soros is funding all of this!

Former Black Lives Matter Organizer Explains How The Movement is Being Used by the Elite (video)

Chaziel Sunz is a former Black Lives Matter organizer who was involved in the Ferguson protests of 2014. In 2017, he posted a video explaining how he discovered that his movement was infiltrated by people who sought to push BLM members towards a specific, extremist ideology. He goes on to explain how BLM and other movements such as Antifa are funded by the elite to serve its political interests.

In 2020, this video is more relevant than ever and what he describes is more obvious than ever. Here’s the video.

Those who came up with the names “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” are marketing geniuses. Because, of course, black lives matter and nobody can disagree with that. Also, of course, everybody who likes liberty is anti-fascist. But the names are misleading. If BLM was named “Black People Being Duped by the Elite to do its Bidding”, it would be less popular. And if Antifa was actually called “People Being Paid by the Elite to Destroy the Country from Within”, mass media would not be praising it.

But that is not the case. There’s a massive media push, fueled by celebrities and even corporations, to endorse these elite-funded groups. It is actually rather staggering to see how media went from promoting a complete lockdown of the country to encouraging rioting and the looting of communities. And it also is rather staggering to see how masses of people are going from one extreme to another without displaying a shred of questioning or critical thinking.

Right as the COVID panic was fading away and small businesses were reopening, riots literally and physically destroyed them. Furthermore, as the country is “healing” from the COVID panic, a wave of hate, anger, division, and violence has swept over the country and is being amplified by mass media. This year, the elite’s agenda truly went into high gear and the evilness of it all is highly apparent.

In 2020, Chaziel Sunz’ explanations are more relevant than ever and need to be heard by many. We’re living in treacherous times where deceit and manipulation are rampant. The current events are being used by the elite to recruit and radicalize well-meaning people in order to place them right on the front lines. In other words: Cannon fodder.

To them, black lives don’t matter at all.

Obama was found to be the most corrupt PM ever in American history 

Put all the Black Life Matters in one area and enclosed it all around with a high wall and make them repeat daily ALL LIVES MATTER and make them repeat WE ARE WHAT WE EAT to teach these fools a lesson....they have no right to protest if they don't know that all lives matter and you are what you eat. 

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YES, ALL LIVES MATTER.........Never let Comrade Satan divide the people by race, gender, class, faith, sexual preference, wealth, education, generation, etc....

Yes Drekx Omega if this group protested under the name of ALL LIVES MATTER then people should listen but when they come under the name BLACK LIVES MATTER straightaway you know it's black protest against all other lives all the non blacks should get together and teach them a lesson ... notice in the news the blacks have started looting which they are good at 


Soros is being watched by the Galactic  Federation...crimes against humanity.

So is Bill Gates..his population reduction method ...he is right that this planet is overpopulated but his method of reducing population is out of order. 

There should be a clash between BLACK LIVES MATTER AND ALL LIVES MATTER ( MEANING ALL THE REST so that the black lives matter exist no more 

Just passed Trafalgar Square and a group of crazy Black Lives Matter protesting to ignore them 

Anti-US & UK George Soros operation....Since when was London responsible for black Americans...?
We don't need idiots running riot in London....Obviously, they are just lefty loonies, pretending to have an issue with Britain.......Hope it fizzles out...

Yes they are loonies ...they just want to riot and draw attention to black people ...the name BLACK LIVES MATTER is wrong and all members corrupt funded by MR CORRUPT SOROS ...THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROTEST is news about their protest in London today @

FEMA camps is the right place for all black lives matter 

Violence is never the answer.


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